my situation, what's her deal?

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  1. my situation, what's her deal?

    hey guys this is my first post here and i'm looking for some advice. so here is my current situation..I have been friends with this girl i really like since sophomore year of college (i'm now a senior) and have tried to initiate going out/more serious stuff than just hanging out with friends. she isn't a big text person and when i called or asked her to parties she often said she was busy or we should do it again sometime.

    so from this i gathered she wasn't that into me. however i met up with her about 2 weeks ago randomly at a bar and we talked for quite some time, until my friends and her group of friends left. we were flirting heavily in and out of the bar. she jokingly said she was going to escort me back to my apt. and she was hinting at the fact she really liked me, even asking why i hadn't asked her out/been more serious sooner. once back home i invited her to stay over...and we hooked up.

    a few days after that i have texted her a little bit and left her a message, but like i said she isn't a big txt'er etc. so apart from small talk in the texts she said she was busy that week and couldn't do anything. so i haven't talked to her in a little over a week and was wondering where i stand with her. she made it sound (and act) like she was really into me, but now it seems like i'm getting mixed signals and she is one that i can't figure out.

    thanks for any and all help.

  2. what do you want to happen??

  3. Was she really drunk when you hooked up? She could be having buyers remorse.

  4. well, i would like to keep seeing her and hangout more

    and we both had a few drinks in us..but not blackout drunk

  5. Can't say for sure. However, do not push the point. You can't let on how much you're digging this chick. Nonchalance will get you far this early along. Absolutely no "how do you feel" or "where is this is going" questions. Laid back will get you laid, at least in this situation.

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