Facebook Game (cold contact friends of friends)

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    Facebook Game (cold contact friends of friends)

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    Was wondering if I could get a critique and suggestion on the following encounter. Thanks ;-) (not sure why this text is underlined)

    This conversation started from me posting a note underneath a friends comment on facebook suggesting he go to silver dollar city while in Branson MO. She posted underneath with excitement and agreed. I sent her the following private message in return:

    Note: wouldn't usually go for this kind of girl.. just practicing social circle and FB game

    May 15 at 1:56am
    when you mentioned powder keg I suddenly wanted to get in my car and drive to Branson. Did you know you can get a season pass for 65 dollars at the credit union next to the papa john's in (edited)? :-)

    her May 15 at 1:33pm Report
    nope lol i didnt know that... but i cant afford it anyways

    Me May 15 at 2:33pm
    I didn't get passes this year either. So how do you know Brandon anyway?

    Her May 16 at 2:13am Report
    I used to work at the e-z mart right next to his work. how do you know him?

    Me May 16 at 6:51pm
    I met Brandon at woodland Jr High in the eight grade :-) We realized we lived right next to each other so we started hanging out, planning new ways to terrorize the neighborhood, lol. I miss those carefree days (smiles reflectively). I noticed you like the outdoors. That seems pretty congruent with your profile picture, lol. Where do you usually hike at?

    Her May 16 at 9:43pm Report
    well i havnt hiked in a while... but i used to go to eureka springs and out towards garfield....

    Me May 18 at 4:15pm
    eureka springs is where I'll be running my triathlon in june. Devils den and lake weddington are good places to hike too. So you used to work at a gas station. What are you doing now?

    Her May 18 at 4:20pm Report
    im now working now... im still looking for a job

    Me May 18 at 4:21pm
    If you have a car you can make good money driving for dominos. I do that part time

    Her May 18 at 4:23pm Report
    i have a truck that sucks gas like no other and i smell like exost every time i drive it b/c its cut off right in the middle of the cab... belive me ive thought of that

    Me May 18 at 4:24pm
    lol, thanks ;-) You made me feel a whole lot better about my car all of a sudden haha

    Me May 18 at 4:27pm
    have you ever thought about security? Great job to have. Pays well if you find the right company

    Her May 18 at 4:30pm Report
    lol actually yeah i have.

    Me May 18 at 10:17pm
    I was out of work for 4 months myself... I had apps in everywhere and nobody was hiring... even for a delivery job, it was ridiculous. It was a very tough time for me. You go to school? You strike me as someone interested in social services like a teacher or psychologists or something.

    Her May 19 at 9:21am Report
    actually nursing... i wanna be an RN in the trauma unit

    Me May 19 at 12:23pm
    It's really funny you say that. Every girl I date without fail always seems to want to be a nurse. Where are all the education and photography majors? You and I would never work, I can already tell. I went to school for paramedic science. I'm about to go back for either cardiovascular tech or radiological tech (even though the job market for them right now is scary).

    Her May 19 at 12:36pm Report
    see i love to weld, work on cars,trucks,and motorcycles, i love photography also i am great in marketing.... but RN is the best major i could have an almost guaranteed job! and who said we were going to date?

    I was attempting to flip the frame into an "us" perspective as a precursor to the first outing (probably invite her hiking next time I go). I think she took the bait but my next move could make or break it I think.
    I need something cocky funny to respond to her test. Any suggestions?

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    I didn't think about it but I could just ignore her response all together and launch into something else. I think a qualifier piece would do nicely?

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    woa, slow down turbo... who said I was implying that we should date? Take me out for coffee first. Jeez, that's all girls ever think about.

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    Dude this is such a dull conversation. You haven't come up with one funny comment so far, and you come across as the most serious guy on earth. You HAVE to be funny when cold-adding girls on Facebook, or else she'll just go along with your conversation and eventually stop replying.

    I'd try and turn it around pretty quickly with this one if I were you, come up with some cocky-funny comments, and if you can, role reverse. I usually go on about how they're the ones who try and pick up random, cute guys on Facebook. Not yet received any other response than ''Hahaha!''.

    Give an update when you've progressed.

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    what are some good cocky funny lines to use to get the vibe humorous and light?

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