Did I approach the time issue right?
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  1. Did I approach the time issue right?

    In a nutshell, I know my girlfriend's interest level in me is high. She gets very offended when she feels like I am not taking our relationship seriously and she always speaks about our relationship, even in the distant future. Whenever we do spend time together, she is very affectionate and attentative. However, the problem is we do not spend enough time together. We have been seeing each other for about 2 months and we just got out for summer break. This last semester at college when we started dating, she had already started a commitment that I cannot talk about but it took up a lot of time and I understand that. However, she is also a very social person and very active in activities and because of this, I am not sure if we will ever able to spend as much time together as I want.

    I brought this up in a talk the other day. I referenced that I will not be able to ever see this relationship going anywhere without that issue fixed. She seemed to be upset that I already did not think that this relationship was serious. Since this talk, she seems even interested than normal. However, did I approach this right or should I have just going on with the relationship without ever bringing this topic up?

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    She's talking crazy. You're teenagers. You've been dating FOR TWO MONTHS. Talking about the distant future is absolutely bonkers at this point. You are still getting to know each other.
    However, the problem is we do not spend enough time together.
    What qualifies as not enough?

    You guys need to calm down, focus less on the future, and more on getting to know each other.

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    stop whining about seeing her more and start seeing her more. boom, solved

    get a life of your own, you shouldn't be bothered that she is busy with friends

    how often do you guys hang out anyway??

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