Asian HB8 left me alone 30 minutes (phone call)
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    Asian HB8 left me alone 30 minutes (phone call)

    I went out 3 times with this girl, we only make out every time, she went in my home but I didn't fuck-close.

    Friday night I met her and her friends after she had finished working.

    So we went in a pub and we ordered some food and drinks... after 1 hour she got a phone call and left me and her friends who doesn't speek one word in english ALONE for 30 minutes!!!

    When she came back, I took her out the pub and I told her that I don't have time to waste, I can have fun with my friend instead been here!

    she sayd : sorry

    I asked for the bill, split it and we left the pub!

    On the bus she kiss me,And actually I falled down in her arms.. I told her that if she want to see me again she have to call me because I'm not going to do that.
    She told me, Ok I want to see you again .

    This is the problem: I know I fucked up

    I should have gone the put and left the bill to her.

    Now I'm not going to call her and I'm sure she is not going to call me...

    I don't know why, but I like this fucking bitch!


  2. You just forgot the game, Do not do this next time
    Don't let AFC take you over
    Try to get with her one more time

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