How would you react to this?
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    How would you react to this?

    Hey guys

    I ran in to this situation a few days ago, and am just curious to know how others may have handled it. I recently read Cajuns post on being unreactive to certain situations and I feel as though this can relate to it.

    So a couple of days ago, I was at a church distributing flyers outside the door and beside me there was this guy who was collecting money and handing out flyers as well. So am standing on one side of the door and he is standing on the other. After like a minute, he asks me to move saying " am standing on private property, and I should stand on the sidewalk". I didnt think too much about it, since he was doing pretty much the same thing. He then tells me that by standing here am causing alot of traffic in front of the doorway, it's funny because he was standing like right there as well. So am like ok whatever ill move to the other side of the door so we both can have our own space. After like 30 seconds he comes up to me again and tells me to move. I just smile at him and tell him " its ok man, am comfortable here and we can both do our thing" next thing i know, he grabs the stack of papers from my hand and threatens to throw them. Again, i did not react to this, i was annoyed but not angry and simply told the guy, " dont throw my paper".He gives it back to me, after a couple of minutes he again asks me to leave and I ignore him this time.

    He then takes the stack of paper from my hand and puts it in between his arm and body, now am a little bit more annoyed. He then comes up to me, right in my face and tells me to leave. I look at him and now am actually kinda pissed because not only has he taken my papers away but he is now in my personal space.

    So i tell him " get the fuck out of my face man, you have no right to take my paper, this is personal property" and at this point am pissed so my tone of voice has gone up and people are now watching. So am like fuck this. I grab my papers and walk away.

    Now how does this relate to Pick up? well, how would you react if a guy continuosly amog'd you. I may have reacted wrongly to this guys actions but I was unsure of what to do in that situation. I later found out that the guy was part of the managment there(didn't know at the time) but the reason, I chose not to leave and be unreactive to the guy was because I thought the rule was stupid and I wanted to challenge. Why should he have been allowed to distribute the flyers on private property yet I have to stand on the sidewalk.

    Being unreactive in an important aspect in pick up with like shit tests and cockblocks and amogs, bouncers, etc.

    If anyone has any feedback for me on how maybe I could have handled this situation differently in the future. Am not really proud of what happened and am 19 so if I could find a better way to deal with this stuff in the future it would really help me in the long run

    peace guys


  2. Why didn't you simply ask him why he has more right to hand out flyers than you?

    Could've given you the answer right away

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    Ok man you just got amogged very hard, when you do what he says the first 3 times then his ego is growing and your threat level is lowered massively, it hurts me to hear you let it go that far?

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    Be unreactive when a girl says your a jerk, not when a dude is owning you!

  5. Should have asked him why he could hand out flyers and not you, would have saved you both a lot of problems.....

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