Future Bootcamp - Chicago April 2010
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    Future Bootcamp - Chicago April 2010

    On Friday when I arrived at the hotel where the seminar portion was being held I walked in and was surprised. Future was the lead instructor and seemed just like some average guy at first glance... boy was I wrong. The crew at the boot camp was Future, Juggernaut, and LA2NY. These guys were amazing they OPENED my eyes on what was actually possible with girls who I had just met. Now I'm going to break down my nights and seminar portion and individual instructors.

    Future was the main instructor he knows this stuff inside and out; for the majority of the seminar he didn't even use notes he has this stuff down that hard. When we reached topics that different type of people who approach differently he asked the other instructors their input so that we could get varying points of view. I found this to be extremely helpful. Also any questions that I had he happily answered and went into them as deep as I wanted. During the seminar we could get a full debrief of the night before and our sticking points. This was cool because they would go over each individual person and really go in depth about what to do to improve their game.

    Night 1
    The first night we went to 2 clubs. The first club was a 3 story venue, but they ended up closing all the stories but 1 because there weren't enough people. The instructor ratio was 1:1 and i ended up being instructed by LA2NY most of the night. Some memorable sets I can think of are 2 sisters who when direct opened and they told me they were lesbians. By the end of the night this same girl I quote "Yea we say that to ward off creeps, but you're cool!!" I never would have known how how to do this stuff w/o the instruction. At the 2nd club we went to it was a really tough scene. Future ended up getting us into the basement bottle service area where ALL the hot girls were. I ended up directly opening a hot ass girl and within minutes she was qualifying herself to me, and letting me interact with her as if we've known each other for years. This is something that I didn't realize was even possible until this weekend. End night 1

    Night 2

    Night 2 was a 3 story venue as well. for the first half of the night I was with LA2NY he was the instructor I could identify with the easiest as far as his style so I liked that he was instructing me again. I would go interact with sets and talk with him and figure out what I could have done better. I ended up interacting with a countless number of sets and learned how to hit on dancing girls as well. Memorable set was walking up to four dudes who were all bigger then me and hitting on the 1 girl who was with them. I never would have been able to do that without the techniques i learned during seminar.

    Future is NOT a good looking man. That being said this dude is RIDICULOUS. he comes in like a powerhouse of energy isn't afraid to give that energy to everyone around him. His presentation of the material was golden and he would answer any question I had as in depth as I wanted which was great. When we debriefed about the night before during seminars he would everyone about how we did which I liked as well. He's not for self promotion so i'll do it for him; he got instructor of the year at the super conference for a reason cause he's basically the fucking man.

    LA2NY was the instructor I could most easily relate to. He had the ability to break down subjects in a logical manor that I could easily relate to. I feel like I have a very analytical brain and he was the easiest for me to relate to so if you're like me this guy is your guy. His game is slightly lower energy then future's so it was cool seeing him work. He was always willing to give me the feedback I needed in clubs to improve my stuff on the spot. Having him as an instructor improved the value of the boot camp to me 10 fold.

    What was cool about Juggernaut was his ability to identify shit right away that I was doing wrong and fix it. He taught me a lot about kino escalation and fixed my touching right in field after watching me open only 1 set. He is the one who also broke down for me how to hit on dancing girls. This guy just got really good at this stuff himself so he brings a fresh look to the material which was good.

    I just went out last night and was interacting with tons of girls. I ended up number closing 2 of the hotter ones, and as I write this she is texting me. I would not be talking to this girl right now if It wasn't for the skills I learned during the boot camp. I highly recommended it if you're serious about improving your game.

    - Mac

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    Chicago Bootcamp - April 2010

    What a bootcamp. It was so much fun. Prior to taking this bootcamp I had read some pua books and manuals as well as receiving some training form a former bootcamp student who is a friend of mine. I knew attending a bootcamp would be good but what I did not realize is how good it would actually be.

    I like baseball. The level of training I received at Future's bootcamp would be similar to what one might receive if they were to go to a three day bootcamp with some of the top major league baseball players in the game. The difference being that this covers the game of romance - specifically pickup.

    All the basics were covered: opening, transitioning, attraction, qualification and seduction. To go out with these guys in the field of play and have two nights to roll out openers and open sets was a lot different than reading about it in a book or talking about in class.

    In total I must have opened 30 sets myself in the two nights. To show you how fast the assistant instructors work I was in set with two girls I had opened. Juggernaut came in as my wing. I introduced him to the target's girlfriend (the obsticle) and turned back around to continue my conversation with the girl I was talking to. In no more than 60 seconds Juggernaut had the obsticle by the hand and was leading her off to who knows where leaving me and my girl all by ourselves - so nice to have private time with new friends.

    About Future and the assistant instructors: Future is a great communicator with vast experience and boundless energy. I can see why he's been called one of the leading instructors at Love Systems. Juggernaut had a way of explaining things so that I actually "got it". He is very good in the field. LA2NY is so much the chilled LA guy. I remember him saying to a couple of us that at some point you have to "drop that Y down in the beginning relationship" - like saying to her either we're gonna move this romance along or we can be just friends and I'll see you later. Squire is about as suave in the field as you can get. He got 5 numbers one night when we were out. The one he got in front of me was about 9.5 in my book.

    That's all I have to say.

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