Did I fuck it up already?
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    Did I fuck it up already?

    So last sat i went to this show. And this really hot 9hb was there. I saw her in the beginning. Had a good time at the show. Didn't approach her. But I come home and I see she added me on facebook. I accept waited to see if she'd open. She did. But did I fuck it up? I've been out of game for a year because of relationship and i'm not so good now. Don't wanna use that as an excuse but I can tell. Its legit. I suck now. Before I was able to close a girl and end up in day one at least. Two girls over the last week both fail. But this one bothers me because she added me and wrote on my wall. That is definitely and IOI? Heres how It went:

    HB9: Hey watsup?
    Me: Hey.. non much sitting in class bored as hell..thinking if i should braid my hair or straighten it.lol hbu <--- Horrible opener to her I know but It clicked.

    My wall fucked up so she messaged me.

    HB9: lol i cant write on ur walll
    i think i seen u at the show on sat...
    i think u should do corn rolls

    Me: yea i don know my wall fucked up. but yea i think i saw u too when i first got there im not sure

    but yea i might get corn rolls in the summer or some but im going to straighten it wed and see how that goes haha

    Her: i think u shud just stick wit corn rolls...i dun get y men straighten their hairrr...
    corn rolls look nice on guys...
    are u sure u saw me in the beg?? maybe u got drunk 2 LOL
    i was wearing blue n golden Dress.

    Me: I don't kno everyone wanna see me with my with hair straightened lol but i might just listen to u and do that =)

    But nah i think it was u. standing on the steps with 2 other girls i think when i walked in. after that im not sure lol and i don't drink too much miss i know my limits!

    Her: LMAOO omg yeaa that was me...
    my stupid cousin told me everyone is gona dress uppp all fancyyy n shit
    n then wen i got there IM LIKE OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    mad ppl wearing jeanss and simple! FUCkerS
    lmao i was soo madddd...
    buh it was fun...2 many guys though.
    yea n u should listen to me....cuz by the end of this week ur gonna b sweating cuz of the weather...n corn rolls look good...

    Me: (I fucked up here i guess.)
    Haha thought soo. Your cousin did a good thing. cuze you were def the cutest one there! u deff looked good =)

    and yea a lot of DRUNK guys there lol most of my group was fucked up! starting fights and shit. i was good tho. was fun overall.

    and my hair is already a problem cuze of the heat lol makes me wanna cut it all offf!! i dont kno how u grils live man! respect!!!

    Yea horrible topic i think. She wasn't hooked from the beginning? I don't know. She never messaged back. This was last night. She had a status update so she was definitely online and read it. Where did I go wrong? any tips?

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    My guesses, may or may not be correct;

    Is it a good thing to say that all your friends were drunk and starting fights? Because that is you by friend association (?DLV) - She also said there were too many guys, so it sounds like there were no girls in your group which is another potential DLV.
    Also repeating by saying your hair is a big problem after she said it (?DLV)
    Being bored (?DLV)

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