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    Quote Originally Posted by EgyptianPharoah View Post
    As an African-American male, I find this thread to be funny as hell. If your pops said this, he hasn't been with that many black women. No disrepect. Just being real. That's like saying, only white people go to operas. *LOL* I've slept with women of different races and cultures, and it really just comes down to if the female is good or not. Race doesn't have shit to do with it. Some women have the skills and some don't. I've slept with white females that were good and some were terrible. I've slept with black women that were good and some were terrible. I've slept with latin women that were good and some were terrible. You get the point where I'm going with this. Some women can put it down and some can't. Stop with the stereotypes.
    The black women your family and friends slept with were probably good, but let's look at another factor. It's a possibilty that it was good to them because they are trying a new experience or fulfulling a fantasy of theirs.
    Please be careful what you say in the future. You seem like a cool person, but you need to experience more things before you make comments like that.
    Dude, I stated stories that I heard and asked for opinions.
    By the answers in this tread aparently is true. So what you bitching about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH View Post
    I am black and have slept with Black , white , latin, and asian women. It all depends on the girl. Black women are not "super freaky" as you may think. But I will say that if you can pull a black HB (HB's are HB's ,color is never a factor!!) then I would say you have stepped your game up to another level. Most PUA's arent seen sarging black women. If you want to sleep with a black woman do so because you find her attractive not because you think she will be "a devil in bed".
    Which does bring up an interesting point. Some of the stuff that is taught in the "community" WILL NOT WORK ON MOST BLACK WOMEN.
    I will fuck her only cause I think she is a good fuck and for nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterio View Post
    asians are very submissive
    they lay on the bed like a turtle
    That SO made my day!!
    On topic: I have this thing with asian girls. It's probly cause I'm white. I've never fucked anything but a white girl.. Small town, there are simply no HBs of foreighn ethniticity here. I'll be going to Japan on vacation in 2007 with my friend though, so I can try my PUA-skills in english, and maybe even japanese. (:

  4. Yes, Nubian Goddesses for sure!

    The answer is "yes". They are better in bed than white women. For years I followed the traditional racial pattern, dating and marrying within my own race. Recently divorced, I began to date black women for the first time this year, and see no reason to go back. Black women love my blue eyes, are much more attracted to me in general, don't have any complexes, and have greater stamina. When I'm having sex with my black lover, I feel so powerfully close like "this is my woman." Leads to powerful orgasms. Jungle fever I guess.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mark2015omatic View Post
    Jungle fever I guess.
    Classy first post

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    wow, cant belaive i made it to this forum,
    anyway, this got my attention from google, so i decided to subscribe, am an african girl and i just wanted to say, that the thing they say about black women being better at sex is probably not true for all of them, i just had a discussion with my girlfriends and they were acting as if i am a horrible person just because i do somethings during sex, so see, they might be good, but most of them have too many taboos and stuff like that.
    i would just add that white women look more uptight and serious which can make sex sometimes boring because the man wont even dare asking for a blow job, but african women are more influencable, so if they ve never done something before they wld just do it to please their man, i mean that's how i started,lol

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  10. I don’t know how girls are, but I can say for sure, black men are really the devils for their endurance any envy )
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