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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH
    My expierience is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF YOURS !!!!LOLOLOL
    exeption to the rule, that proves the rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by fad3r
    I'm white and I think Latin women take the cake are as sexuality. I think party girls (black white or otherwise) are the filthiest in bed. OUt all the girls i have slept with by the worst have been asians with the execption of a few.
    Btw good job keeping the thread non racist so far.
    Those party girls are dirty (YEAYYYYYY)!!
    But what it does come down to is the girl.
    I personally love dirty chicks!

  3. I personally love asians, one just got to be aware that just about every asian I've touched comes packed with lots of LMR...

  4. my experince with black girls: they are awsome in bed .... BUT the best sex i have ever had and i mean mind blowing ........... was with an asian chick ( chinese ) she looked like lucy lui, maybe that was part of it!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDS
    Of course it depends on a woman, and nothing is 100% for certain. But, to say that all women of different races are the same in bed or the way they act is crazy. Each culture has its own customs and ways they do things. It does not mean it's better or worse, it's just different. Then it'll come down to your own opinion of what you like more or what you're more comfortable with. From my experience black women are different in bed from white or asian. And no, not all of them, but most. A lot of my friends who had a chance to sleep with different races noticed the difference also. Black women are more aggressive in bed and not shy to tell you what they want to be done. White women will get that way eventually, but not usually from the 1st time you're having sex. Asian women tend to act more submissive in bed.
    What is wrong with noticing and pointing out the differences, again it doesn't make one culture to be superior to another.
    LMAO this one asian girl I had sex with threw me down and got on top of me for 45 minutes. Goes to show you how far stereotypes go.
    My general thoughts on the black woman thing is that they are more likely to tell you what they think to your face and this aggressiveness tends to carry over into all other aspects of their lives (sex included), but by no means does this make every black woman "a devil" or whatever. The reason, in my opinion, that you keep on hearing this is because it is rarer for a white guy to score with a black woman. This make white guys exotify the black race and then if you actually get a black girl it all seems that much better. The same was done by white minors in San Francisco in the early 1900's, asian immigrants, mostly chinese, had begun to come over to America and soon every brothel was advertising "Exotic beauties of the far east." People are excited by the idea of conquering some new challenge this makes many men feel strong attractions to anything from different races to S&M to all kinds of freaky bestiality shit. Because of this I wouldn't be surprised if one of your friends comes back from succeeding and tells you that the black girl was the best he'd ever had, if this is the case for you then by all means go out and get a black girl because it will probobly be an exciting new thing for you. I personally have never had sex with a latina womann, I would really like to and if I do it will be made better for me just by the fact that I got a Latina, but I won't forget that this is more about my perspective than it is about a certain race of women and its important to remeber this remember "she is no better or worse, I am just turned on by her race."
    Bottom line if you want a girl who's really good get a slut/party girl/stripper because she's had a lot of practice. Virgins will not be as good as sluts I don't care if their black, white, yellow or purple, it just doesn't matter.
    be cool and good luck with whatever race quest you want to go on

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    from reading this thread

    i see that most of you white guys have a fetish on asian
    i slept with mostly whites, fewer blacks and 1 asian
    my life experience is...
    the whites will give you head without asking and will generally be submissive or will at least negociate with you
    they will usually take the money shot if you just pop it and don t say nothing about it
    i believe white girls are satisfied with 10 to 20 minutes of actual penetration
    white women love getting their pussy sucked and when she l get comfortable she l ask a lot about it
    she has more of a " i suck you, you lick me, let s do 69 " lool
    the black chick is more authorative, she l pressure you into fucking her and perfoming...Performance THE KEY with black chicks
    she l do less 4play with you
    and will give you a hard time for getting head
    after fucking her a few times, when you own her ( i mean REALLY own her) she l do anything, and she l be REALLY intense
    black chicks will be satisfied with at least 30 minutes of penetration MINIMUM!!!!
    if you REALLY wanna have a blast with her fuck her for at least an hour to 3 hours if you can ( i ve done it with a black chick lol)
    asians are very submissive
    they lay on the bed like a turtle
    now the thing i believe where they can turn you on is their sensuality/shyness
    it s like a treasure you uncover...
    i believe she doesn t care about the sex at all, as long as your satisfied about it
    but they don t give me that animal rage ( unlike other women)
    so here are my conclusions
    to satifsfy chicks from different ethnicities
    20-30 MINUTES 4 PLAY ( if you lick pussy 30 minutes, i don t do it, so i stay with the 20 range)
    you only have to cum 1 time
    then she l cuddle you a little
    she l probably blow you after, and you can fuck her again if you feel like it or just come ( ON HER FACE )and let her swalow
    0-5 MINUTES 4 PLAY ( when she's naked she s usually ready for it)
    take a rest
    she wont be satisfied with that, she l want more
    do this 2 to 3 times
    FUCK HER HARDCORE ( that is if you can lol)
    cuddling is not important
    control ...
    have to find and fuck some i l tell you when i get there
    of course when we talk about a race we generalize, so don t come back with the arguement '" it all depends of the chick " yes i do agree but these are general guidelines i m giving you
    physically speaking i prefer latina chick or tanned white chicks with jlo kind of booties lol
    that s what turns me on sexually
    for a gf i like asians from the phillipines/ or thai chicks
    what i find attractive in black chicks it the fact they l look at you
    white girls will too but they usually bend their heads when your eye contacting them back, then they will get scared if i approach after this
    black chicks will challenge you and look you eye 2 eye or will even initiate the eye contact, then she might stare you when your moving towards her than turning her head last minute, or even open you with a " is there something? "
    i m black and i still have problems with them
    just stay unnaftected
    the black woman s BITCH SHIELD is stronger than the white hb because she gets approached more ( black men are more natural than whites and are usually less picky)
    plus she is usually thougher than the white chick because of severall resons such as upbringing
    so if a white guy can successfully f-close black hbs ( 9 and 10s ) the guy has 2 be a master PUA, because black chicks are not sexually open minded as white chicks ( white chicks like to experiment more) as they tend to stay with guys their won. If a white guy is able to do so, i will be left with no other choice then to shake his hand, and give the man well deserved respect lool
    rerember this " sucess in your community is not real sucess"
    so for me, you can t be a racist pua, ( racist meaning exclude women of particular etnical backgrounds) cuz pua s love women, and women are all colors, so until you can fuck women of every race in any environement/ country, your not a pua yet but only a padawan or still an apprentice lol

  7. I dunno really, I think that its true that some of the attractiveness of races different to our own is the excitement of a new thing, and me personally, I find black girls hott, In my opinion when you get a freaking fine black lady, and a fine white lady, id pick the black girl over the white, just my personal preference
    But like im saying, somebody mentioned that its harder to game a black lady. I dunno, but on reflection I see where hes coming from, they do have that kinda, I dunno... like they are more in the know about the whole pickup scene then other races, but personally... a challenge is a challenge

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    It makes for interesting experiences, I'll just say that. As long as you're enjoying their company and the time spent with them that's what matters more than anything.
    Girls who know how to fuck is international. As are the ones who don't know how to. Definitely cultural nuances should be brought up in a forum like this can get into more detail when we travel to other countries.
    Black women and Latinas like men with rhythm, although they'll teach you if you're cute and worthy enough in their eyes. That's the easy part. The family is another story. Older brothers are the same. Dads are the same. The moms are always cook better than your mom, right guys? And you thought that was her older sister, right? (just make sure that the real older sister isn't mistaken for her mom).
    Also remember a lot of mothers and daughters compete with each other when it comes to men. Every culture is like this.
    I'll just say that one thing about Black, Latina and some Asian women is tht you might wind up with someone WAY older than you thought,and they still maintain hotness.

  9. This topic is so sterotypical the white guy that started this thread probably gets no pussy he is one of the dumb white guys that always need to ask people dumb questions like this it depends on the person. THere are some dominate females you know.

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    hmmm, Ive been with latino, asian (japanese), lots of white and black chicks. The sistas (black women) and Latino chicks were the most aggressive when it came to intercourse, the white chicks where the freakiest that I had (left nothing to my imagination) The asian girls were rather passive but they weren't asian american. My g/f in '88 was Japanese, I was living in Japan at the time in the military.


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