Bonsai Phone Consultation - April 2010

Detailed Phone consult review with Dating Coach Bonsai

First off,

I'm what you call a midlevel/advanced guy.
I've gotten consistent with closing on First Dates.
I know alot of guys would stay in their comfort zone but I wanted to improve for myself,take it to the next level.

I'm very picky and skeptical when it comes to working with "Pick-up" coaches.

So I was seriously looking for someone at an advanced level to help me.

I seriously didn't want someone to feed me back generalizations that were being repeated in "the community".

I decided to take a phone consultation with Bonsai.

I was impressed by his posts on his Blog and heard of him before.
So I made the descion to set up for a phone consult.

Guys at LS were very professional and were not weird.
Transaction went smooth.

Bonsai immediately contacted me to set up the call.

For the busy professional, businessman alike with limited time available to privately talk about women and get coaching seemed my time was limited.

Bonsai made it priority to make time available to fit my busy schedule.

This made a big difference for me.
It showed true professionalism and showed how responsibly serious he is with his clients.

Phone call:

WE ended up reviewing Sticking points, in Stripper game and Calibration.

Right from the start as I was explaining to him certain scenarios he recogonized certain sticking points and helped me to correct them without me overexplaining it to him.

Only a person with advanced experience can be so precise and straightforward spot-on reckognizing the sticking points and being firm to help me correct it.

I noticed He has this honest quality of making sure that you understand what he is explaining to you.Most impressive.

The vibe talking to him, I knew he was legit and talking from experience.

He didnt use any weird "PUA community" terms, which to me is important.

If you are a guy that have slept with alot of women consistently and know what you are talking about.
You can tell right off when you are talking to a guy that's getting laid.

I could tell from this call that Bonsai is LEGIT.

At the end of the consultation, when we went abit over the minutes ,
He went over the material briefly ,just to make sure we were both clear.

There are alot of freelance "pua coaches"
some even claim they are best at stripper game
and talk like they've read it out of an ebook.
They have no professionalism and just want to take your money.

Overall rating: ***** Five Stars.

Comment: Bonsai's feedback and intuition is superb.
Look forward working with him again.

I would definately recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their interactions with women. In their "Game".

Even if you are a midlevel /advanced, he can easily help you improve to become better.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.