Braddock Bootcamp - Austin, April 2010
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    Braddock Bootcamp - Austin, April 2010

    I don't know any other way to describe this bootcamp but with one word, awesome. Like many of the other people who read these forums or other products have always been one of those to read and think about doing, but don't actually do any of the things I read. Mostly because of my large, large fear of approach.

    I decided to sign up for the bootcamp with the hopes of doing at least 1 approach. Just 1 that was my goal for the entire weekend because I had never done a sober approach. The sessions were bombarded with a whole bunch of information that I was taking notes on but we also did some interactive exercises which was good because the instructors (Braddock and Daxx and some other people like LA2NY) watched how you would do an approach and tell you what needed to change. Braddock has his own way of teaching the bootcamp and I think it will work well for anyone who goes out and practices it, which is what I plan to do.

    The nighttime was when I was most excited because I felt like I might actually do an approach but I didn't know how my body would feel because it had always told me not to. Well nighttime came and we met up. I was still hesitant about approaching and the instructors told me to approach an old group of ladies to warm up, even this made me nervous, but I decided to just go for it since there was another participant talking to them already. I did the approach and was feeling ok but it didn't feel like a real approach because they were not girls I would ever actually hit on. Then on the next approach it was with girls that would actually make me nervous, Braddock recommended going in with a direct approach, something I had always thought about doing and never had. I bit the bullet and did it, to my surprise nothing bad happened. The girl actually stood there as if she was waiting to see what I was going to say next. My mind was going crazy because it was the opposite of everything I had ever imagined. I ended up doing around 20 approaches the first night alone and even pulled a few phone numbers, way beyond anything I expected to do.

    To sum it up, I would recommend a bootcamp to anyone who is considering it but hesitant. I had never done a sober approach in my life and I'm 25. Hell even in high school or college I never approached a girl I didn't know through a friend, I can just imagine all the time I wasted by not doing something about it. If you're looking for a reason to attend a bootcamp, take it from me it really, really helps.

  2. Braddock Bootcamp - Austin 4/10

    I attended Braddock's Austin bootcamp on April 22-23. Before the bootcamp, I'd read Love Systems' written materials (Magic Bullets and the Routines Manuals) but the live bootcamp took my understanding of the process to a new level entirely.

    In my view, one can only progress so far in the "game" without having the benefit of "live" instruction from a master, like Braddock. Observing Braddock's demeanor, hearing his tonality and speech patterns and watching his body language enabled me to get my head around the "vibe" that goes along with solid game. Braddock's game has a lightness to it, it seems to float along on a cloud of humor and good-natured playfulness that enables him to say very outrageous and direct things to women that would fall flat if delivered with a heavier energy. He showed me by his example what it means to be "Alpha" or "dominant" without being domineering - which I think is a critical distinction that one cannot grasp simply by reading. I also benefited from his observation - inspired by Tony Robbins - that the difference between consistent success or failure usually requires on a shift of only "two degrees" rather than radical, wholesale change.

    Braddock is a skilled teacher who puts a great deal of effort into developing and presenting the pick-up process. His game is constantly evolving. He has reached a point where he is able to teach the linear Love Systems model in a way that makes it seem "natural" and organic to each individual, and therefore seamless. There are a lot of competitors from other companies out there peddling "natural" game - based on my observations, only Braddock has succeeded in making that concept meaningful, understandable and useful through his substantive, lucid and cogent presentation.

    Like the rest of the group, I did dozens of cold approaches over the weekend. I didn't have a lot of approach anxiety going in but whatever remnants I did have were quickly extinguished. I left the bootcamp with greater confidence than I had going into it regarding my ability to run a pick-up off a cold approach and a clear understanding of the areas in which I need more work (for me, escalation).

    Although I did manage to get some phone numbers, I found Austin to be a challenging venue for me - I am 44 years old (or roughly twice the age of the average woman I approached). That didn't really bother me - I was more interested in the journey (i.e., practicing the skills) than getting laid off the bootcamp. But if you're in my age range and want immediate gratification, I'd recommend taking a bootcamp with Braddock in another, less-college dominated, city.

    All in all, money well spent. Kudos to Braddock, Daxx and their crew for a job well done!

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    Braddock Bootcamp - Austin, April 2010

    I took a bootcamp in Austin last weekend with Braddock, Daxx, and LA2NY. I had to wait a bit to post my review, partly because my schedule is pretty slammed, and partly because I wanted to take some time and see how it had really affected me.

    I can definitely say that it was a hell of a weekend - I'm still a beginner at game, but I approached more sets and got more to hook that weekend than any other night I've gone out. There were piles of hot girls in Austin, and the instructors were right there with us, pushing us to do our approaches and giving us pointers. LA2NY spent a lot of time with me listening to my approaches and giving me tips on body language and how to structure the conversation. Speaking of which, another thing I have to compliment these guys on - they were really good at telling us who to approach and watching us in a discreet way. As far as I know, only one guy got called out one time for "doing some kind of pickup artist thing", and he was able to handle it fine.

    The lectures were really helpful too - Braddock broke down a lot of the finer details that you might not pick up just from reading about game, and we did some really good exercises that I'm keeping up with on my own. It was especially helpful to have tips on stuff like body language and delivery from someone who knows what they 're doing and can actually see you.

    Now, what would you want to know as someone thinking about taking a bootcamp? Are these guys really that good? Yup - I was mostly focused on my approaches and they were mostly focused on watching us, but Daxx made a nice pull in the last bar of the night. Will they up your game? Absolutely, as long as you do your part. But you also have to remember, they're not magicians. You can't go into this thing as a near-total newbie and expect to be taking 10s home every night. And honestly, would you really believe me if I told you otherwise? But they will identify your sticking points (they're probably not what you think) and tell you how address them, both when you're actually in the field and ways to practice at home. The bootcamp is a great kick in the ass if that's what you need, but you've got to keep up with it on your own if you want to get good.

    It actually feels like the effects of the bootcamp on me are kind of subtle. I seem to find myself getting in longer and more involved conversations with people than before, and I'm starting to get a little better at creating and managing tension in my conversations with women. At the bootcamp itself, I was shocked at how long I could stay in set just by engaging in normal conversation without any teasing, cold reads, roleplays, or other game-y stuff. Like Braddock told us - you read a lot of this stuff and you can get to thinking that you have to be a constant laugh machine out there, spitting out lines nonstop, constantly teasing and joking, etc, but real game is more like 2/3 normal conversation with occasional spikes of push/pull, jokes, and roleplays.

    Another thing that I found really helpful is Helicase's post here It really helps your motivation to set realistic goals for every night and write down your results. Don't be a beginner and say that your goal is a bar makeout - you probably aren't going to get it, and that's just going to discourage you from going out. Set goals that you know you can achieve with a little work, like open 5 sets or 10 sets or whatever, or use this opener or that roleplay, and note down your results after every set so you can remember it. And do go through it the next day and think about what seemed to work well and what you need to work on.

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