Not getting any responses...
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    Not getting any responses...

    I feel like I have been getting stuck on Match. Sent out 15+ emails so far and zero response. Tried to change things up in batches to test what works or not.

    Iteration #1
    Subject: Hey...
    So are you as interesting as your profile leads on? ;-)

    Iteration #2
    Subject: (Something they liked in their profile)
    (Sentence or two about likes in the profile) We could be total soulmates if you just liked the Golden Girls... You look like you may know how to let loose and have fun! Are you as interesting as your profile leads on? ;-)

    I am confused... 80% of the girls read the message, but almost none clicked on my profile. I figured with 15-20 messages I should at least get 2-3 responses.

    Could it be my profile?

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    Just a hunch, but if they aren't clicking your profile then you might need to switch out your main profile picture.

  3. Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i think you may benefit from reading this.

  4. might not hurt to post your profile and get feedback. I am on OK cupid and match and use it just to "keep my hand in" and send a few emails out. I get enough responses that it makes it worth me keeping in on these two online systems.

    Normally, more than anything, if you are not getting ANY responses you need to look at redoing your profile pics. You need fun ones of you looking good, having fun with friends and appearing to have an active and fun life.

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    Here is the profile... I am curious what everyone thinks.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DJOpie View Post
    Here is the profile... I am curious what everyone thinks.
    Id like to help but it won't let me view the profile unless your signed up. Maybe uploading a picture or just typing here what your profile says can help

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    Ok... Here goes:

    Have a Fendi Bag and a Bad Attitude?

    About me and who I'm looking for:
    My life is pretty crazy right now but I wouldn't mind finding an open minded partner in crime to run the streets with.

    About Me:
    - I wrote the songs that make the whole world sing.
    - Rarely do I wear underwear.
    - Loves my family and friends.
    - More often than not I wake up feeling like P. Diddy.
    - Was country, when country wasn't cool.
    - Loves dancing - but only by myself.
    - Regularly helps Oprah pick her favorite things.
    - Doesn't use Twitter - I just walk around yelling out status updates.
    - Has been invited to Mr. Hefner's residence on multiple occasions.
    - And am always ready to party like its 1999
    - And if you couldn't tell... Very sarcastic, but I can also put on a pretty convincing 'good guy' show for your mom

    About My Match:
    - Likes hot jeans and rocks them well.
    - Loves sushi.
    - Likes to go out for dinner, drinks and to get their dance on.
    - Not afraid of a little adventure.
    - Probably has at least one jean skirt/wifebeater combo that looks good on them.
    - Has a job.
    - Has a car.
    - Has real hair and fingernails.

    Think you're a match? Then hit me up...

    In my own words:

    for fun:

    Music, cooking out and Ravens Football (have season tix). I attend a few charity or other business events per month.

    If you are going roll with me then you probably should love sushi and not be afraid of a little red meat.
    my job:

    I run a successful, high growth internet marketing company... There is no 9 to 5 for me... But I do set my own schedule.

    favorite hot spots:

    Nashville, Miami, Vegas, Chicago, and New York are some of my favorites. In Baltimore, you can catch me bouncing around from Fed Hill to Canton... Love to go from dive bar to a nice lounge.

    favorite things:

    Please don't tell anyone, but I am always down for a Golden Girls marathon...

    last read:

    Probably one of my cousins books.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  8. I'm on match, too. I'm not really sure how it plays out, but your profile is highly sarcastic, which can be attractive to someone who wants a funny guy, but IMO, could be detrimental to reaching someone who is a little more serious about meeting someone. They may just consider it a big joke and move on.

    That being said, a couple comments on your messages:

    1. I think the "are you as interesting as your profile leads on" is a little too non-specific. I kinda went "huh?" when I read that.

    2. Mentioning the Golden girls may sound funny, but you run the risk if they don't 'get' the joke, they will just think you're gay. Not good.

    I'm not sure how my profile stacks up, just because I'm not currently following the "rules" here to a T. I went more of a serious route, and when I send a message, I keep it a little longer than just a one-liner, but short enough to keep their attention. I also try to think "what would some other guy OBVIOUSLY" write to this girl, and then I try to stand out from that. Girls get too many messages, and although a subject line of "hey, look at me!!!" might get them to look for a second, if what you follow it up with is just jokes, and a weak one-liner question, they will probably just pass.

    It could be your looks, too. No offense, but us red-heads (yes, I'm one, too) catch a lot of flack for our pale skin and hair color. You might want to ditch the facial hair unless you are dead set on it. I have found I get a lot more attention and look younger (I'm 32) without facial hair. Hope that helps at least a little.....

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