Nor Cal Money Game - How Good is Your Game?
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    Nor Cal Money Game - How Good is Your Game?

    Went sarging with a few "experienced puas" and was disappointed. There was way too much approach anxiety with the guys I sarged with and it really killed the momentum. Too many excuses and not enough action. I spent too much time as a coach rather than picking up on girls.

    Here is a game that can keep sarging fun and will help to ensure results. My goal for creating this game is to reduce approach anxiety and have consistant results during each outing.

    I have not coined a name yet but for now, I will call it :: drum roll:: "PUA Casino"

    Here is the breakdown:


    1) You and your wing take out $500 each out of the ATM
    2) Each time you approach and open a set successfully, your wing gives you $20.
    3) If you open and successfully hook the set for more than 3 minutes, you keep the $20. If you get blown out under 3 minutes, you give the $20 back to your wing.

    Whoever is more motivated wins more money. Singles, 2 sets, mixed sets are all fair game.

    Off limits are: married women and sets with only guys.

    1) Same rules apply as in the Newbee game with the additional added bonuses
    2) HB Successful Opener (girls rated 8-10 agreed upon by both you and your wing) $40
    3) If you move the target within the venue (ex. from the bar to your table), you win an extra $20
    4) Number close = $20
    5) Kiss close = $40
    6) Same night bounce to a location outside the meeting location = $60
    7) No bonuses for date closes. Due to high propensity of flakes, it would not be fair. Just confidence points here.
    7) Sex = no bonus. Hey, you got laid! That's reward enough.

    If your game is tight, you can earn nearly $200 per approach. First person who runs out of money loses. Winners to buy losers drinks and food at the conclusion of the night. Everyone wins playing this game.

    Wing Rules:
    1) He who opens the set, leads the set.
    2) Your wing should be prepared to help during a 2 or mixed set until isolation is achieved (disarming obstacles, cockblockers, AMOGers, etc.).
    3) Observe your wing's approach and be ready to offer constructive criticism. Even the most experienced PUA still makes mistakes.

    Although this game is competitive in nature, I designed it to keep gaming fun. The ultimate goal is to help all of us improve our game and success ratio.

    If your game is tight, you should be able to approach dozens of sets that night and take home a respectable profit for your efforts. If you are nervous or scared, a lighter wallet should motivate you into action.

    This game creates a healthy sense of competition and will help you push through approach anxiety. When money is on the line, it seems to motivate us to work harder.

    I know money is difficult for some people so you are free to use any denomination. However, I find that $20+ at each of the above levels seem to work best. This will also be the minimum denomination for the upcoming game I am planning.

    Think your game is tight?

    Put your money where your mouth is!

    I am organizing a game of "PUA casino." Those who want to play, bring your wallet, a positive attitude, and be prepared to have fun.

    Wings will be matched up according to skill level. However, all of the above rules still apply. No excuses!

    Those interested in playing should attend a pre game meeting (will take place during a weekday and at my office). Here, we will discuss the venues we will hit, routines used, accomplishment introductions, etc. You and your wing will also practice and internalize canned material prior to going into battle. For rusty PUAs, I will take extra time to mentor you at the pre game meeting. All I ask in return is for you to give it your best effort when we go out into field.

    There will be a maxiumum of 6 players.

    First game to be held in Northern California. Inbox me for additional details, date, and location.

    Talking a tight game on a forum is weak. Time to step up your game in the real world!

    Killer Will
    P.S. Upcoming games will also be planned for Reno and Las Vegas during July and August.

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    I have not coined a name yet but for now, I will call it :: drum roll:: "PUA Casino"
    This game was described in the original Venusian Arts Handbook back in '05.

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