Just some fun sexual, text game, push/pull. let me know what you think
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    Just some fun sexual, text game, push/pull. let me know what you think

    Some text game, push/pull sexual bantering.
    Heres a girl Ive closed from school, I was working on getting her in bed again since the first time we were pretty intoxicated. Let me know what you think. I thought I was on a role!

    Me: U were lookin cute today!

    HB7: Lol aww thnks boo!!!

    Me: Too bad ur still a brat. Lol

    HB7: Lmfao ur just a hater!

    Me: Lol im a lover not a hater!

    HB7: Lol u sure are

    Me: There u go thinking bout sex again!!! Is that all u females think about? Lol

    HB7: Lmfao u always make me seem like the bad one.
    HB7: I was an good girl b4 u came around

    Me: Oh come on u expect me to believe that? Miss I'm a professional alcohol consumer!!

    HB7: Lol are u calling me an alcoholic?

    Me: U can't be a good girl if u drink boys under the table!!
    Me: No not an alcoholic but u n my dad would get along real well! Lol (dad is an alcoholic)

    HB7: Haha I bet! Will he try to throw my pool game off like u did? (pool game turned into sex)

    Me: Lmao there u go again!!! Why don't u come over n get ur fix so u can stop thinking bout sex all day long

    HB7: Lol I really can't

    Me: ?

    HB7: Cnt stop thinking about sex

    Me: Lol for real????

    HB7: Yea lol call me a nympho if u want

    Me: I like sexaholic better!

    HB7: Haha

    Me: So what boy toy number am I???

    HB7: I didn't have n e boy toys b4. Cus I was focused on school n work.

    Me: Should I apply the rule of genders?

    HB7: Lmfao no girls either! I dnt swing that way

    Me: Lmao hahaha that wasn't what I meant but a funny ass answer!

    HB7: Lol ooo ok good

    Me: Rule of genders is whatever number a gurl says u add three and then u have the real number. For Guys u minus three. So if the rule applies it means u got 3 boy toys n I'm number 4

    HB7: Lmfao no no no. That doesn't apply to me at all. I really haven't don't ANYTHING since december -_- but the real question is what number am I?

    Me: Wow since December? That's an extremely long time for a sexaholic! How have u managed that?
    Me: We'll get to me in a min.

    HB7: Smh the alcohol
    HB7: Oh wow. This should be interesting

    Me: Wait a sec.... So u replaced sex with alcohol? Don't those two usually compliment each other?

    HB7: Lol not really. Depends the place n the people. But I was working really hard and keepin busy with other things that's why it really wasn't that big of a
    deal to me. Plus sex is overrated

    Me: Do other things come from the xxx store?

    HB7: Lol no

    Me: Sex isn't overrated, it has positive health effects! Lol

    HB7: Lol I guess..... But back to U! How many girls are u sleepin with?

    Me: U the only one


    Me: Yea right now u the only one... Lucky u!

    HB7: Lol. N whens the last time u slept with some one......n DON'T lie

    Me: Why u gotta capitalize DONT? Lol. U hthink imma lie? It was before March, not sure when exactly... It's been a lil while

    HB7: Ok good. Lol I just had the emphasize the don't to make sure u got my point

    Me: Lol ok. I'm not like other guys, I have no reason to lie.. If I had a chick last week I would tell u bout it! Me: No shame in my game hunny. Lol

    HB7: Iight just making sure
    HB7: I've been working on #7 since 11:20 -_- (Math class assignment)

    Me: Lol i know I've been distracting u. Can u tell I'm gettin nothin done on my work?? I haven't even opened the book. I really don't feel like it!

    HB7: Lol dam boo. The test is monday and u have to finish the review

    Me: Yea that's not a problem I'll get that done before Monday. I'm not stressing math. It's the two ch tests from my other class due tomorrow that I don't feel like doing

    HB7: Lol ima need for u to hop on that asap

    Me: I would but ur there and I'm here. Plus I wouldn't hop... I would just get on top

    HB7: Lol ur horrible

    Me: I can see u smiling from here! Calm down baby
    Me: Yes I am!

    HB7: Lmfao

    3hrs later:
    HB7: Hahahahahahahaha I got the answer!!!

    Me: Congrats it only took u 3hrs! Lol

    HB7: F!@# U! Lol

    Me: Lmao
    Me: Hater!

    HB7: Lol why would I hate when I got the right answer

    Me: Cuz it's only gonna take me 10 min at most. Plus u just a hater!
    Me: I love my haters! :* lol

    HB7: Ooooooooooooooooooo phooey!
    HB7: Haha real cute

    Me: Haha Ur fun. I like messin wit u!
    Me: When are u gonna beat me at somethin?

    HB7: Lol so I'm ur lil toy now?
    HB7: Lol when u stop cheating

    Me: Lmao I don't even know how to answer that question. Give me a few so I can think of something witty to say! Lmao
    Me: N I don't cheat!
    Me: All skill baby!

    HB7: Hahah .... Finally I won @ something. I got u speechless

    Me: Hahaha
    Me: U right that was good!
    Me: Ima leave that one with a flirtacious smile and no answer. I'm stumped for words! That was money!

    HB7: Finally!
    HB7: Lol

    Me: If that's what u wanna be! Who am I to kill ur dream! Lol that's the best response I could think of

    Next day:

    HB7: Miss u

    Me: Hey sexaholic what u up to?

    HB7: Nothing really. Just getting ready to do my hair. What u doin?

    Me: I've been workin on my website info for my business. Get ur hur did real nice so I can mess it up later!

    HB7: Lol nooooooooooooooooo its going to STAY nice

    Me: Hahaha so what am I suppose to grab onto??

    HB7: My booty! Lol jk

    Me: Lol no ur not!

    HB7: O yes I am

    Me: Wanna ride? (motorcycle)

    HB7: Right now? Lol hunny, I'm doing my hair

    Me: Later?

    HB7: No sex. Lol

    Me: Lol I'm talkin bout the bike nympho!

    HB7: Lol after the bike ride! (she knows whats going down next time! Lol)

    Me: Ur so ex rated
    Me: Lol
    Me: Lmao how bout some alcohol?

    HB7: Lol NO!

    Me: I'm playin.... There's people at my house anyways. No private partys lol

    HB7: Lol noooooo more private parties

    Me: Noooooooo fuuuuunnnnnnn!

    HB7: Lol no more fun for u. U don't know how to act

    Me: Hahaha
    Me: There will always be fun for me. Even if I do act up! Lol

    HB7: Lol ur horrible

    Me: Just no more on pool tables!!!!! Ouchy
    Me: Lol

    HB7: Lol yea no more pool tables.... Maybe pools (Sounds like an invitation doesn’t it?)

  2. Thats awesome text game. Let us know how things go with her.

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    Haha that was great.... now back to studying.

    Im not sure if this is happening or not, but make sure your not always replying to her convo initiations.

    Get ur hur did real nice so I can mess it up later!
    hahaha line was gold

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