weird text, weird situation...
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  1. weird text, weird situation...

    So, here's the deal. My high school school prom date's (now ex-boyfriend) boyfriend goes to my college, but she goes to school an 8 hr bus ride away. She's visited him a couple of times, but has hung out with me both times this semester--I took her to dinner recently. I've gone to the same school as her for about 6 years, but didn't really get to know her till my junior year of high school, her sophomore year... I've never hooked up with her, yeah, fuck.

    We've kept in touch in general but lately she has been texting me, and im'ing me all the time. She's always been a little bit of a flirt, but has never shown so much obvious interest as she recently. She's also thinking of transferring closer to home because she's been pretty unhappy at her current school.

    About two weeks ago, I got a text that said "Love me." She hadn't really ever said anything like that so I was like wtf, and sent back a confused like like huh? And she sent "It's not that hard to understand." I told her again I was confused and she said whatever, bye. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, for the second time, and I--maybe stupidly--read the text as just wanting attention. Eventually, we ignored the text and have moved on. I felt like if I had made a move there it could've been awkward because I've never such a direct message from her before, but then again, maybe she was serious... I honestly didn't buy it, think it was all an attention stunt.

    She's now single and probably transferring close to where I go to school. How should I have read that text? Did I lose my chance? Where do I go from here?

  2. Clearly she was seeking attention.

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