she gave me her number, now says she has a boyfriend. what should i do...

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  1. she gave me her number, now says she has a boyfriend. what should i do...

    known this girl for a while and i asked for her number the other day. she gave it me and looked happy to do it. so i call once, answering machine. i text reply. finally 5 days later, she texts me saying...

    'hey im really sorry i think you got the wrong idea...i have a boyfriend. sorry for not getting back to you sooner...i was out of town. but i'll see you around.' heres the thing...i see this girl in my area many times in the week so its not like we wont be talking to each other anymore. so i nee to know how to react when i see her, or via text.

    real nice, what should my text reply be, if any...i havent texted back yet. thanks.

    i had a backup girl i was also going to ask out...but she told me right away she had a boyfriend but she said we could meet as that a test...shoul i take her up on her offer to be friends or forget her...thanks.

    also i apologize for my last thread rant, wont happen again please forgive me. im just going a bit nuts lately.

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    Since no one is replying, I will give you my own bad advice, and this will stimulate more replies:

    Next them both, unless they reinitiate contact. Say "Hi", while passing them in the street and carry on walking.

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    If you want to keep the first girl as a friend just accuse her of doing what you did and make it a joke, this will break the tension and you'll be good. "I know you like hitting on me, but I have a boyfriend, I'm sorry you got the wrong idea" she'll be like "wtf" and you'll say "nah I'm just kidding"

    With the second girl it sounds like she just wants to be friends.

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