Should I stop watching porn?
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    Should I stop watching porn?

    I am pretty new to pickup, it has been an evolutionary process, I have dated and fucked a HB 6 and an HB 8 so far. Also dated a HB 6 before discovering pickup.

    Should I stop watching porn? Seems like every porn star is a HB 9 or 10 and it is making my standards really high, so much that when I am with some girls who qualify as a 6 or 7 I DONT GET HARD unless they really turn me on by touching me in the right places.

    It's almost like having whiskey dick, and it is not good not being able to practice before I myself ring a 10...

    Should I stop watching porn or is it already too late?

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    There's a lot of debate about this. If it is truly the source of your issue, then, yeah you probably should cut it out - or at least cut down from six hours a day

    It can't hurt to stop watching porn, but it may not be necessary. Be sure not to become a porn addict, like is so easy to do with the internet. That will definitely screw up your head. Use it more as a motivator. And if you only get off on 9's and 10's, then get your game to where you are only bringing home 9's and 10's! Although when you find your penis in the mouth of a 7, I'm sure you will probably find that you don't mind it so much

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    Girls who go into porn usually left Alabama at 18 to go to LA. Some girls used to go into porn because they couldn't get an acting job, nowadays they get into porn to be a porn star.

    Sometimes I've known guys who weren't even going out to meet girls, yet had tons of nude photos put up in their room. They did little to nothing to work on making themselves appealing, or want to do anything much except hang out in their room and preferred to fantasize about women they saw in a movie or magazine, and not go out locally (or an overnight trip) to see what was out there. It isn't just about meeting girls, it's being in a social setting.

    The question is if there are any HB 9s and 10s in Huntsville, or within a hundred mile radius of where you live. You have to work with what's there...local models, socialites, actresses, strippers, uni students, etc.

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    This is actually the thread I was going to write. . . almost.

    The reason I stopped watching porn was because I couldn't get a boner both times I had sex. It sucked. When I do watch porn, I don't use lotion, or lube, cuz I'll probably get a better reaction to blowjobs that way.

    Secondly, I think about my oneitis every time I watch porn, so it sucks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make that thread.

  5. If you are getting influenced to the point where 'normal' 6s, 7s, and 8s aren't doing it for you, may be it's time to take a break from porn. Can you go without porn for say, 5days?

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    I think the simple fact that this is on your mind at all means you should explore it and see where it leads.

    Since you're already wondering if porn is affecting you, that means you already know on some level that it probably is, at least a little bit.

    Give up porn on a trial basis, say, for a month or two, and see what happens?

    After all, what's the big risk in that?

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    I had the same problem i was watching to much porn and masturbating.. I found that when i stopped all this madness i could keep my dick hard longer!!
    Porn is evil because its fantasy land and when you are in setting with a girl in real life its way different then the sult that rips your pants of in a slutty outfit and sucks your dick right away.

    Just my two cents.. my advice is to not watch porn and cut it down and focus on your game! Once you get all the computer fixed sexy sluts out of your head then you can focus on the amazing real life sex, that porn doesn't show a person.

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