She'll only do anal!

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  1. She'll only do anal!

    I've been going out with his girl for three weeks now and she will do ANYTHING except for regular vaginal sex. She is Catholic. However, she says that is not the reason?
    I even went as far as breaking up with her a week and a half ago and she let me fuck her in the ass, and has since (anal is over-rated)!
    She's been telling me that her past relationships have turned into just sex and nothing deeper, which is what she is looking for. I bring up the fact that I've already fucked her in the ass and she responds with stuff that is totaly ilogical.
    HB-" it's just different" "or Special".
    She is a great girl in many other aspects and can rock-climb at my level (which is a rare find in a girl), so I would greatly apreciate any advice. I am also wondering if you guys have any thought on why she might be like this, perhaps she had some bad past experiences or trauma?

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    She has a dick inside of her vagina and does not want you to feel it.

    Fuck, you've got me stumped.

  3. No, she will do everything except vaginal.

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    Heres what I did one day to bypass resistance. Get on top and start rubbing your penis against her vagina and say it feels good but dont get it near the whole so she isnt paranoid.......annnndd oopps it went in.

    Anal only haha fuck I know some guys who'd love a girl like this.

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    People are ridiculous. Just disrespect her for her behavior but also be willing to let her talk about it and lay out the issue for you, but don't accept the situation. Eventually she'll feel bad about it and become apologetic if you hold your ground and fold.

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    So she's already had vaginal sex with other guys?

    Also, if this was me, I'd take a look in her medicine cabinet next time I was over.

    She would do anal over intercourse because:
    She's only been with you for 3 weeks, and doesn't see anal as a big deal.
    She may have had a pregnancy scare and doesn't want to go through that again, with someone she just met.
    She may have an STD and isn't ready to tell you until she knows you better.
    She sees intercourse as something special and wants to make you wait, but in the meantime she's offering everything else up except that. She wants that first time with you to be meaningful.

    But whatever you do, don't assume she has an STD. If you accuse her, say goodbye to her. She sounds like fun, you and her have things in common, so don't bring it up until you're ready.

    I'd say "I had an appt to go see my doc for a routine physical, prob. going to get some bloodwork done, usually do it all at once, even all the usual sex tests.It's been a few years, so for piece of mind I'm getting it checked out. (Note her reaction) what about you, when was the last time you were looked at - anything I should know about?" Keep it as a casual conversation, not a "we need to talk" serious convo. If she tells you, don't say anything at that moment, because you will need time to think about it. Also time it before she has her period, this way by the time you get the tests back, her period will be finished, and she can't use that as a reason not to bang her.

  7. go outside the game

    I think a lot of this stuff can only take you so far. You obviously got the girl and she wants to trust you, but she isn't there yet. Maybe try stepping out of the game (since you already got the target and had sex with her anyway - anal counts) and thinking about what would establish trust in the relationship.

    I was recently dealing with a girl that had a 4 month time period where she wouldn't have sex with a new guy (ie, wait 4 months for sex). I worked every angle and nothing worked until I found a way to make her believe I was different than the other guys she dated. Suddenly that 4 month period was reduced to that night. But the solution wasn't in the game I was playing, I had to go outside of it.

    Forgive me if this is useless, I'm a bit inebriated and checking the forum on my phone.

  8. Thanks for the advice guys. I've already tried rubbing my dick above and doing the slip-in method, but she is on that like a hawk-haha. She will clench up right away and not let me in.
    She has only had sex with two other guys and complains that those relationships turned into just-sex and that she wants something more meaningfull with me.
    She even goes as far as saying that she will not have sex till marriage(doubt it's true-shit test?).
    I reply by telling her that she has already had sex with other men and only some loser is actually going to wait till mariage to have sex with her and I also go into telling her how sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship to me, but it still matters and I tell her how I want to have an emotional, spirtual and sexual connectivity with her.
    We had the STD talk as well and she said that she was tested after her last sex(boyfriend) and I do believe her.
    How long do you guys think would be an appropiate amount of time for me to keep on waiting: she is a great girl in most other regards.
    IE: cooks well, intelligent, athletic and she can take care of things for herself.
    I have other options that I want to move on if she doesn't get over this soon.

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    3 months, maybe 4 - long enough that she feels things are going good. Do an overnighter out of town (being that you do rock climbing, that should be easy to do, or just somewhere nice to spend quality time with her..nothing too expensive though.) make it a romantic night out, get a room... don't make it out to be that she has to give it up just because you are spending a little extra, but just make it about how good of a time you and her are having. Hopefully she'll be hot and bothered to let you stick it in her sooner. Just don't beg her for it, but when she's ready she should be the one begging you to do it.

    Next big holiday is Memorial Day (end of May), 3 day weekend, and people get out of town anyway. That's just under the 3 month mark, but that should be enough time to know. She might also figure out why you're doing it, but ultimately, it's the quality time together that matters.

    If you see her as relationship material, might be worth making it come across as a special night or weekend out.

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    She associates sex with breakups (falsely but that doesn't matter to you). Unless you are a NLP expert don't try and help her with that false neuro-association. She thinks that if you guys have sex then you'll break up.

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