dealing with asshole friends
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    dealing with asshole friends

    hey guys i know this is not really on the topic of pick up but i have to ask. I have this asshole friend who ive known for a few years that always keeps dissing almost everything i say or do especialy infront of our other friends.

    i dont know what hes problem is he seems to geta kick out off putting me down infront of the rest of our freinds maybe it makes hem feel better or something.

    Now i try not to get upset over it and i usualy just laugh it off but its really hard when he just keeps at it. once i got real angry and we had an arguement and i ended up looking like an idiot just because i got mad!

    The worst part is that hes not even a cool guy or anything i mean hes 20 years old and a virgin and really a negative guy in general. so does anybody have any idea how to handle this prick so i dont have to argue with him all the time?

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    Why do you always have to be around this negative person? Roommate, friend? What is it, It seems he doesn't seem to respect you so why do you even bother to be around the guy? I mean if you've told him how you feel about it and he doesn't care then forget about him.

    Just ignore him until he realizes how big of a dick he is and not a friend. I'd just say fuck you and i'm out.

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    well he seems like hes not your friend, jus tell him to fuck off n dont be friends with him anymore

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    You can dump friends too, you know! Either quickly, or over time so they get the message.

    I've done it quite a couple of times. The last thing you need is that sort of constant, negative, influence in your life.

  5. Man up and tell him to fuck-off. Forget about this fool.

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    I had a problem just like this a few years back. A friend of mine came from very humble beginnings and now has a ton of $ and is very cocky about it. He is very nerdy and not successful with women but always puts others down and feels good about it. He would never do it to some of our other friends that are much bigger than him but always did it to me. One day he made a comment about my sister that I didnt take kindly to so I dragged him outside and gave him a black eye and told him I didnt give a shit who he was he cant talk to me like that. Hes one of my better friends now lol. Sometimes you need to put your foot down and put these people in their place. I am not suggesting violence I am merely telling you how I solved my problem.

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    thanks for all the great advice guys! sounds like i would be much better off spending alot less time with that idiot,

    hey |||||||| that was a great post by the way i recognize alot of the behavior you describe in some off the people around me, that i havent noticed before

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    He's critical and prob. can't take criticism, and is smart enough to win an argument.

    Limit how much time you spend around him.

    Your friends are sort of encouraging the insulting he does, because he's saying things they wish they could say, but don't have the balls to.

    I don't think he realizes his friends are using him as the guy who will DLV himself but say what's on his mind, no diff. than the main guy in "Superbad".

    Don't get mad at him, the friends are the ones encouraging him and keeping him going. Maybe he's funny at it,and you don't find it's funny, because it's being done at your expense.

    Have you and him ever hung out alone together? That might be the best place to start, because it's when he's in a group he gets away with talking shit about you. But odds are, he's the most honest out of your friends. It's the ones who don't have the balls to say what they think that you should be more concerned about. Especially the ones you're closest to, because they're the most likely the ones encouraging him to say things about you. If you're pissed off at him, they're fine with that, because they can get away with it.

    You have to always be careful about who you're confiding in. I look at it this way - you KNOW he's an asshole. To me, that can be a huge asset, because he knows who in your social circle is the biggest gossip. He doesn't need to talk behind your back, so respect the a-hole friend,because he might turn out the be the one that's the most HONEST.

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    Im just starting out so im a total newbie at the game ive just approched a few sets and they actually went well . Yeah most of the guys in my social circle are kind of afc and dont have much going for them with woman or otherwise.

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    Just keep working on game, and when he's hanging out, give the girls a heads up about how he's a cranky jealous virgin and needs a wild chick to screw him so he can stop being a they have any friends who would be interested?

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