A Virgin untill Marriage - Say what?. Online seduction
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    A Virgin untill Marriage - Say what?. Online seduction

    Is It possible to still lay a girl who's waiting for marriage for her first time?

    I really thought these kind of women only existed In movies.

    Here Is her profile - I changed her name to blah blah for obvious reasons.

    My name is blah blah and I'm interested in all sorts of Judeo-Christian religious excluded texts, astronomy, astrology, aneglology, egyptology, etc. I'm about to start studying at NIDA for acting and directing and I've preivously been an RNB singer and owned a record label for RNB/Rap with worked in connection with Sony Music. I'm actually quite ecletic about my music taste though and I love going to the movies, theme parks and the beach. I'd like to direct and act in a movie about the Book of Enoch which I not only find fascinating but exceptionally important scientifcally and historically. I am unique because I am still a virgin by choice and intend to stay that way until I find the right person and am married, not that I want to rush into marriage.
    I just scored her number using my own opener and methods from this forum with under 4 email msgs through POF.

    I'm going to try my best at seducing like I do with all the other girls.

    But I'm wondering If you guys have any tips I could use?.

    I'm guessing I'll have to use more comfort, but even that I don't think will do It.

    I also know when I go on the date I'll probably the whole you know I'm waiting for marriage thing.

    (yes I'm tha confident I'll get the date)

    She's quite hot as well according to 2 of her pics and standing at 5ft1 I love short girls haha.

    She could of said all of that just to weed out all the dorks on the site????

    So I'm guessing my Main question Is, Is It possible to lay her?.

    It would be a fun experience.


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    Why don't you get to know her first? It's like guys like you only have 1 objective: to get laid. And how can we (or you) possibly determine if the girl you are trying to get with is going to give it up to you simply through some sentences she wrote on her profile? Dude, you need to get to know her first and treat her with respect, instead of trying to see if you can "fuck her."

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    is it possible to take her virginity? yes.
    are you going to do it just for the sake of it? i hope not.

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    She's bringing up religion - but not really - the stuff she's mentioning - Enoch, Gnostics, etc are considered heresy - so I'm going to say she's done a lot of new age reading, and wants to know as much truth as possible about something she's interested in.

    She doesn't sound like a hardcore religious girl, but prob. knows tarot cards and palm readings.

    There's prob. some things in her background you're going to have to ask her about, someone who ran a record company got the money from somewhere, same with the school she's going to -I have no idea what NIDA is, but most people that live in LA that are getting into entertainment are in UCLA or USC, or transplants serving coffee,waiting tables and getting any audition possible.

    Tightknit family?

    It's someone that is going to take time to lose their virginity, even if she says she had a bf that lasted for 5 years, take her age into account at that time. Also, you can't always believe someone's a virgin just because they posted it in their profile. It could be a screening question.

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    NIDA is THE drama school in Australia, so good luck because you fake it EVEN A LITTLE bit in real life and she will tell....

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    I completely agree with z33!
    And don't try to bring down a girl with standards for the sake of it.

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