Any good POF headlines?

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  1. Any good POF headlines?

    Anyone know of some good headlines?

    I know several people on here use "More fun than your dad drunk", but I'd rather not use that one, haha

  2. i used to use that lol. now i use 'Without me its just awso'

    profiles more important anyways..

  3. Try and adapt these - credit to Copy Paste and Bang! book

    1. Hot PORN STAR seeking co-workers
    2. FREE MONEY just open this email
    3. Will work for FOOD
    4. Future ROCK STAR seeking one special groupie
    5. MIGRANT WORKER seeking beautiful English translator
    6. HOMELESS man seeking spare room
    7. CAB DRIVER seeking my “FARE” lady
    8. BURGER FLIPPER seeks nice buns

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    grandma's boy line

    "I've been thinking about getting robot legs. Risky procedure, but it'd be worth it."

    If that fits, I'm updating my profile with it tonight. Should get the attention of any stoner girls who love Grandma's Boy

  5. "Come in a mess, go out in style."

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    "If you had robot ears you'd like it!"
    or "I wish girls would stop treating me like a piece of meat!"

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