Mr.M Social Circle Mastery - London, March 2010

In one word: Amazing!

This seminar took place in London, March 7th.
Mr.M was amazing, he definitely knows what he is talking about.
He is also a great teacher, not everybody who knows can teach, this is not the case here. He was always very patient, taking every question that came up from the students.

What you can expect [I'm sure I'm forgeting something]:

  • This is like a super advanced and comprehensive "Revealing the Social Matrix" post. If you read, you will have a small taste of what this is all about.
  • How to create a new Social Circle [SC] from nothing.
  • How to create a Fuck Circle, a constant stream of beautiful women in your life. This is GOLD, it's not having to cold aproach ever again, unless you want to.
  • Networking, while not refered this way in the Seminar, this part was definatly gold for anyone whose busines/work depends on networking.
  • SC management, this is fixing problems in your SC, like that guy who's always picking on your, kinda like the highschool bully.

Summary, this seminar is amazing, it will help you to get constant beutiful woman without ever having to cold aproach again, at the same time it also help you improve other areas fo your life such as work, family and friends.