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    dhv sex locations

    last night i met some girl who asked me, "where's the craziest place you've ever had sex?" i gave a couple answers but nothing that really made her go

    after thinking about this all day, and asking a few other people, i realized a good answer/ story to that question would be a massive dhv... and its a good question to get a sexual convo going.

    so what would be a good answer?

  2. For DHV, I used these stories and they worked out well. On a bridge in daytime, near houses, maybe people could see, maybe not. In a car, parking lot of a museum during the daytime, people walking by 20 feet away, may have glanced in. Daytime semipublic places are DHV in my opinion. Here are some other locations that are probably DHV to most girls....golf courses, airplanes, boats, etc. Anywhere fun, and not sleazy (public restrooms).

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    Best answer: "Right there" and then point somewhere within the location. It's funny, and it'll get her thinking about it even more. And, it's BETTER if it's a public location.

  4. You have to create a story if you don't have any good ones. Make it on a beach in Hawaii or off a forest trail with hikers walking by. I have my own sex stories some did happen others are bullshit.

    Depending on the girl you can tailor the story to fit her personality. If she is wild and out going make it in a public place you could have gotten caught. If she is more reserved tell a secluded place that was really intimate.

    This one happened to me. Had sex on a beach in Spain with people walking by. I can turn that one line into 10 minute story and have the girl wanting to fuck me then and there.

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    Hahaha tell her "Everywhere!".

  6. My "in a pool", while only half true, gets a good reaction. As does the totally true "I baptised my ex's parent's house".

  7. Right here

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    right here....
    den grab her and fuck her

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    DHV sex locations? private helicopter, then take her for a sight seeing tour of the city, your own private island, on top of the hotel you own.

    Ones that are true and have worked for me. At a school pep rally, during halftime, in the band rehearsal room.

    On the schools football field after hours on a weekend.

    Behind the football stadium, just before the time in the band rehearsal room. (yes the door was unlocked), (yes, we were freaks! and could hear people walking down the hall)

    Behind her church, during a service her parents were at. (we had to leave early to go to one of her orbiters birthday party) I still laugh about this one to this day.

    In front of her ex's house, with the dome lights on. found out later he wasn't home.

    Just off a busy trail, near a creek, close to my house.

    Her family room couch while her parents were at the store, with a younger and older sister somewhere in the house. (different girl that the last ones) (she blamed the wet spot on the couch, on one of her cats and her parents bought it!)

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    "Well that will be where I'm heading after this with you. I'll show you then."

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