Future Bootcamp - Los Angeles, March 2010

I attended Future’s LA boot camp this past week with Big Business and Bonsai. Great weekend, and I was able to make a lot of progression:

The boot camp’s seminar was on point. It’s very clear that Future has been doing this a while; the scheduling is pretty much down to a T, and everything flowed along nicely. I have been through many university courses with some very smart old dudes who could learn a thing or two about lecture layout from Future.

Day 1 started with an overview of general theory and opening/transitioning, followed by opening exercises with the instructors. Beyond the mechanics of the opener, the advice on “how to get good quickly,” and “8 things you should know about learning game,” were money. One of the key points about keeping the conversation train plowing forward literally unstuck one of the biggest sticking points I’d been having in attraction.

Day 2 focused on attraction, escalation and qualification. Big Business taught attraction/escalation which was awesome. The way he breaks down attraction into the 10 themes of disqualification is money. I really like how the teachings did not focus on routines, but rather the mechanics of how each type of disqualification worked. Throughout the weekend I found myself creating teases on the spot, which fell nicely into the 10 categories, and generating some really powerful attraction… fast.

Day 3 focused on comfort and a number of electives (i.e. day game, dates etc…). Comfort was where the seminar really had a chance to shine. As many people know, Future is known for his “comfort airstrike,” and his understanding of the topic is exceptional. Moreover, he truly believes in forging a connection with girls, and it really shines through in his teaching. I will definitely be looking back at the notes for this section, and I don’t think there was anyone in the room who would doubt the strength of Future’s comfort game.

The comfort talk made me all hot and bothered to take Future’s Breakthrough Comfort seminar. I’m a sucker for knowledge, and if the comfort lecture was any indication of what’s to come in the Breakthrough Comfort seminar, it will be powerful, powerful stuff. Anyone can teach opening, transitioning etc…, but to really be able to teach the later phases in the emotional progression model well (particularly qualification and comfort), it helps to have the years of field-work and reference experience Future has.

It’s no surprise Future was voted the #1 instructor at last year’s Super Conference. This was a truly top-notch, well-run, comprehensive boot camp.

The in-field was great on both nights. Future, Big Business and Bonsai were extremely attentive to the students, and everyone got a whole lot of attention. From talking with the other students, no one was left wanting more, and everyone was happy with the instruction they received. As a good instructor should, the guys were able to point out errors in seconds, just by looking at the sets. Good shit.

Future was also great at being a ninja in-field. Even when he wasn’t working with a student, it seems like he had stalker cameras everywhere, for he’d be able to come out of nowhere and provide on-point feedback. Like I said, I was able to unstick a lot of my sticking points, providing me the opportunity to hash out new goals in the course of the 3 days.

The guy’s game is stuff of legends, and he is absolutely hilarious. Some of the demos he performed throughout the two nights of the in-field literally had me to the floor laughing. I have nothing but good things to say about the instructor team. All the students made remarkable progress, and one was even able to pull a girl back to his hotel! Good shit.

By the end of the boot camp, it was clear everyone was leaving a changed person. For some, entire demeanors and outlooks on life changed, and others, at the very least, had a clear road map on what it would take to really get good at this stuff.

Lead Instructor Review
So the above is probably typical of what you would read in most boot camp review posts. It makes sense: Love Systems hires the best, and when it comes to its programs, it’s fair to say that they’re all very, very good.

Here’s what made this particular boot camp unique:

Future is a badass mother fucker. Period.

I went into the boot camp knowing a bit about his background, but not too much beyond the fact that he’s an O.G. (right up there with Mystery), was voted #1 at last year’s Super Conference, and that he is the engineer behind the blueprint of love that is Breakthrough Comfort.

Over the course of the weekend, as it tends to happen with boot camps, I got a really good sense of who Future is (23 hours in 3 days in quite a bit of time). The guy is a legendary teacher, and the truth is, he really needs to get his name marketed more within the community. There is absolutely no reason an instructor with that much knowledge and experience, and that much fire behind the smoke, shouldn’t have a legion of followers. My business sense tells me it’s just something that comes down to marketing – something I get the feeling is in the process of changing over the next few months.

What particularly struck a chord with me was that Future is a living example of how becoming good at “game” transcends game itself. He is an embodiment of a life of experience across such a wide range of topics… and it shows. The way he is able to speak to things, and to provide advice, which often goes past the barriers of “this is what you do to get good with women,” is something that can only be done by someone who has been out there. The guy has truly made an effort to live his life to the fullest.

I suppose similar to his style of game, Future displays a wide range of personality, from funny to intellectual to serious, in a way that is natural and congruent. The guy has built up a bank vault of experiences and knowledge, which serves as the foundation for his game, not vice verse. Why does Future have such sick comfort game? It’s not because he has secret voodoo spells (well… possibly), it’s because he is an interesting person, and there is actual substance for the girl to dig into.

This is precisely what Mr. M’s talks about in his concept of Supernova – that is, when a person is on their path and purpose to fulfillment in all areas of their life, they become a naturally attractive person, and others are drawn to their gravity.

By this point, I’ve met a good chunk of the LS instructor team. The junior instructors are awesome, cool guys, but I’m only starting to realize the reoccurring trend with all the lead instructors I’ve met. It’s not just that the lead instructors have epic game (many of the junior instructors have monumental game as well), it’s that they have the ability to inspire others through their very being – essentially, a role model of sorts. And this is an added benefit students like myself are pleasantly surprised by. Students pay money to “learn game,” but at the same time it seems as though a good lead is able to provide an injection of inspiration and a glimpse of a more fulfilling life as well.

Future is the real deal. Thanks for being so willing to add another layer to my training – it was truly an epic weekend.