intro 2

Hello everyone,
I've posted on here before, but here's a little update on my backstory: I'm a 26 year old Indian male, but am totally Americanized. I've recently made some changes, but I still need a lot of improvement. On paper, I'm doing alright. I'm in medical school, I drive a luxury car, and I have a nice penthouse apartment (not to sound materialistic). I have also been asked to model many times, so I consider myself good looking, I work out at least 3 times a week, and I like to think that I'm funny.
However, I am deathy shy, especially around beautiful women. It inhibits me from meeting many people. When I'm around girls I like, I clam up and barely talk. I find a lot of girls like me, but never the ones I like. Very few white girls like me, which sucks because those are the ones I'm most attracted to. Through friends, I find that many of them say they're crushing me, or that I'm cute, or that they like me. But when I actually ask them out, even just to coffee, I always get shot down.
So, basically, I'm looking for some advice. I know I need to get my confidence up and start being more of an outgoing person. I'm also in a city where I don't know that many people, so any ways in which a busy guy an meet people would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.