How do I know if the girl Im talking to is attracted to me?

OK, so this seems to pop up a lot on here and in seminars etc so I thought I'd write this up.
Its something we've been teaching for a while, and I know is its really helped guys who struggle with trying to figure out if the girl they're talking to is attracted to them.

It is important that you understand that the woman in question should know you're hitting on her - if she doesn't, then you may be mis-interpreting an innocent gesture.

But, if she knows that you're actively pursuing her, then she will do certain things consciously - this test will help you determine if they are innocent gestures, or genuine IOI's...

The 'Gay Bar IOI' Test

So you're out at a bar and you're talking to a girl. Things are going pretty well from your point of view; you've opened well, locked in, and have started to try and build attraction.

Along the way, you are trying to figure out if shes into you or not. At some point she does something you think may be an IOI (indicator of interest), but you're not sure...

Lets say she squeezes your knee as you make her laugh with a cute joke.

Form this picture in your head:

Imagine you are in a gay bar: A gay guy is obviously hitting on you.... Would you squeeze his knee as he makes a cute joke...?

Hell no right...??!! And WHY?



If a girl is doing something to YOU that you WOULDNT do to a gay guy trying to hit on you, then chances are extremely HIGH that it is an indicator of interest i.e. SHE IS ATTRACTED TO YOU!!

Some examples of things a girl whos into you may do, which you sure as hell wouldnt do to a gay guy in a night club;

* She squeezes your knee as you make her laugh
* She bites her lip as you tell her shes sexy
* She plays with her hair, caresses her neck & smiles with deep eye contact as you tell her a story about your time in Thailand
* Shes STILL talking to you after half an hour, giving you her full attention
* You smack her ass & tell her shes naughty and she giggles