Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - Miami, February 2010
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    Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - Miami, February 2010

    Day 1 - Seminar
    Saturday started off with the daygame seminar. It was great finally meeting Soul in person after having seen and heard so much about him. As the various videos floating around the web suggest, he’s a really down to earth and genuine guy. The junior instructor was Pendrixx and the approach coach was Howard.

    The seminar began with an overview of theory, including general rules, inner game mindsets and attraction switches. Then, Soul spent time going over the mechanics and subcommunications of the opener, followed by qualification theory. The last major piece was on conversational mapping, which is really where the meat of day game teaching was. Awesome system which is perfect for day game, and something I can see being useful in deep comfort during night game as well.

    The seminar wrapped up with a brief Q&A session and a short piece on SCM and physical escalation. The group then went out for lunch, and since the weather wasn’t that great, Soul was good enough to reschedule the in-field for the next day. Turned out to be a great decision as it was really warm the next day and the girls were abundant.

    Day 2 – In-field
    The next day started around 12:30, and I was paired with Soul and one of the other students. The first set I opened turned out to be a Cuban model. She was actually really receptive and the conversation that was there went well. Closed her number, and Soul gave me some really relevant feedback to make the subsequent sets even stronger.

    Throughout the day I opened more sets and had the chance to watch Soul instruct the others. I realized that body language and thin slice have a lot to do with day game, and Soul has got this down! Moreover, the guy is able to pinpoint the most detailed things about a student all within seconds of watching his interaction. He clearly has the experience and knowledge people would look for in a lead instructor.

    Midway through the day, Soul showed a demo, where he went up and opened a true 10. She was probably the best looking girl I saw all weekend, and she as loving him! Soul practices everything he preaches, and he is living proof of his methods.

    During the later afternoon, Soul also ran everyone through an exercise which allowed students to practice transitioning into a mastery topic, and also gave him a chance to critique the dialogue students were using. The conversational mapping tool, as mentioned by other people before, is really powerful and effective for day game.

    Approach Coaches
    Howard is the man.

    I was having problems with some of the higher-level elements of day game, and he ran an exercise to help me get to the heart of it. The attention and dedication to teaching really blew me away… at times it was hard to tell that he was just an AC, and not another instructor! As with all really good ACs, Howard went beyond the call of duty of just pushing students to approach, and was able to give advanced, detailed feedback. Good stuff man.

    Another note, the guy is inspiring to students in the sense that he has a certain energy about approaching sets. No matter what self-doubt he may have, he casts all aside and literally approaches any girl he is attracted to. More than anything, this serves as a good role model for others to emulate. It comes down to… “man, look at Howard go, I really need to step it up.”

    Thanks again man, it was great getting to know you.

    All in all, the workshop was really good. Soul lives up to the hype, and the day game workshop really teaches you a lot. I have absolutely no regrets being there for the weekend, and really owe a lot to the guys.

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    What is 'thin slice' ?

  3. The company Love Systems, formerly Mystery Method Corp., held a “Day Game Workshop” on February 27 at the South Seas Hotel for frustrated men who wanted to pick up ladies during the day. The program included four hours of lecturing and four hours of in-field training where students casually chased after gorgeous women down Lincoln Road. The staff was not with us when initiating conversation, which forced individuals to gain confidence, and their critiques were spot on from evaluating the body language of students and the hot targets’ reactions at an inconspicuous distance. The main instructor Jeremy Soul has the swagger and voice of Jude Law in addition to the looks and light-heartedness of a more scholarly Kal Penn. He opened his lecture by saying “I do what I believe in” and as a source of encouragement, reminded us that “failure weighs ounces but regret weighs tons.” I had my initial doubts about the program, but what quickly became clear was that Jeremy really cared about the subject and offered sincere insight about his experience with women. He also owned up to his prior failures by admitting early on that he used to be a close-mouthed introvert and never caught the attention of women when he was a teenager. However, for the past five years up until now at age twenty-six, he has made up for lost time by striking up methodical cold call conversations and getting laid more often than most. There’s an algorithm to attracting women that is explained and applied in far greater detail than Neil Strauss’ “The Game,” and while I can’t explicitly reveal any tricks due to contractual stipulations and to protect my own game, the plan is ingenious and works more often than one would guess. The root of one’s success with the opposite sex and life generally boils down to having confidence, being genuine, and creating an adaptable strategy. Is the program worth the asking price of $1,500? While it is a steep barrier to entry for the strapped college student, those who attended had more disposable incomes and recognized an area in their lives where they wanted improvement. Nearly everyone, including myself surprisingly, was content with the lecture and the feedback received from the instructors and as a result, the information gained is invaluable.

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