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    My Current Styles

    Okay, so I've been working on getting some styles down
    First is casual:

    Before anyone says it, the beard must stay, I will trim but if I lose it I look like I'm 12. Hair looks best at a medium length but this is a tad long for best look. Will post a better pic of this style and a formal style tomorrow. Any advice is welcome. I get checked out a lot in this stuff so it works pretty well for me.

    To be clear, I'm going for a 90s grunge look.

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    clothes dont fit right
    and fix ur stance playa

    and "style" is also off go back to taking notes

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    Oh shit, I think I'm going to take a great deal of heat here. Thanks, that's why I posted.

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    Okay, no offense, but I don't feel like you really have any style. You look like an average guy who can't dress. Not that you stand out in a bad way, you just don't stand out.

    Let's go over this picture:

    I don't know what those shoes are. If you want to do sneakers I'd do something like classic chucks though (google chuck taylor converse if you don't know what they are). One of the few sneakers that aren't atrocious in my opinion.

    Jeans: Make them darker, and far slimmer fitting. You don't have to do skinny jeans, but go for a straight leg at the largest. Avoid boot cuts and relaxed fits. Straight, slim, or skinny- depending on what your tastes. They may feel a bit weird at first, but you'll get used to it.

    T-Shirt: Graphic tees are generally not looked on too favourably. I have a few I wear once in a while, but not often. Get some slimmer fitting blank v-neck t-shirts in flattering colours. American Apparel has a ton, as do all the places like Zara, H&M, and even brands like Hanes (though I've never seen them so I can't comment on the fit).

    Flannel: Just drop this kind of item all together. If you want to layer, go for a jacket or possibly a cardigan. A casual corduroy blazer, a leather jacket, an open cardigan. Not an open button down.

    Necklace: not bad, but I'd get a cool pendant or something. A plain chain is too boring in my eyes.

    Hat: No baseball hats. A hat is not necessary period, but if you get one, don't get that. Some beanies can be okay, some fedoras if that is your style (but I would leave these alone until you get some basics down---chances are you won't pull it off). I'd leave the hat for now.

    Also, if you can, consider trying to grow stubble sometime and see how it looked. It may add some age to your face in a more flattering way. Shave it below the jawline of course.

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    Funny you mentioned stubble, I just shaved it all off for interviews.
    What brands you do recommend for jeans? I wear a 30x36, and I know this doesn't say much but it is nearly impossible to find pants that fit.

    I have a gecko with a pearl on the necklace, probably just can't see it though. It comes up a lot in conversation so I know what you are talking about with the pendant.

    Flannel, just started wearing it again yesterday, guess it's going back in the closet. I've got some stuff that might be okay.

    Shoes are one thing that I don't do for how they look, I have messed up knees and need to have shoes that are force good foot position.

    Now for something I just thought of, I have a limp, quite a prominent one. Is there any reason that would be a bad thing. I mean I have an interesting story for it when it does come up but does it make me stand out in a negative way?

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    Are you sure you are a 36 inseam? How tall are you?

    In your picture your jeans look like they could be a bit shorter (though I am not sure, can be hard to tell with the general bagginess). I would at least try on a 34 inseam, which is far more standard, and see if they really are just too short.

    As for brands, I'll admit I am not a denim connoisseur. Diesel has some nice things that are pricier. Same for Seven For All Mankind I'd assume, though I've never worn them. You could go by a winners if you have any in your area to see if you can get a deal on them- I got my $200+ Diesels for $100 there. I also own a pair of jeans from Zara, not high end designer denim but I like the fit...all their pants are a 34" inseam though. APCs I have heard nothing but good things about if you want raw denim, but they are pricey and I haven't had a chance to try them yet. If you go that route though, size down 1-3 sizes depending on the make/fit you like- they are vanity sized. Levis also probably have some good basics, though again I haven't actually bought them. If anyone is more knowledgeable about branding feel free to jump in.

    I can't see the necklace, if it opens though then it must be working.

    I am clearly no doctor so I can not give a medical opinion on your knees. You may want to see if you can look into insoles to let you mix fashionable shoes with knee safety, but I'd ask your doctor first.

    As for the limp...I would say that it probably is a negative on it's own. It's not going to be a deal breaker for most women I don't think, and you may be able to turn it around for a good DHV story (though social convention may bar a lot of people from asking what caused it anyway). I assume there is nothing you can do about it anyway, so don't sweat it. Insecurity about it will cause more problems than it by itself ever will.

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    Those are 36 inseam bootcut, I'm 5' 10.5''

    I'll look into levis, I'm wearing Arizonas now, love how they feel but I agree, not dark enough.

  8. I mean this constructively, but you look like you're from south of Columbus. I love the days of Nirvana but the train has long left the station. Look up the Kings of Leon and the Strokes for style and fit inspiration if you want a more contemporary rocker look. Look at pics of Chris Cornell after his Soundgarden days - jeans and T Shirts, but the way they fit on him is key .

    Get some Chelsea or Blundstone boots and a pair of dark Levis 501s. Dark T-shirts.

    That said, you have lots of potential. Keep at it.

    YouTube- Chris Cornell - Burden In My Hand (Live @ Mexican TV Show)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOM View Post
    Those are 36 inseam bootcut, I'm 5' 10.5''

    I'll look into levis, I'm wearing Arizonas now, love how they feel but I agree, not dark enough.
    I'm 6'1 and I wear 34" inseam. You may wish to give it a shot at least. And I'll say err on the side of slimness here.

    Here is a random example of some well fitting jeans:

  10. Id say you have the style, but you just need mess with the fitting.

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