Plenty of Fish - My Profile/Advice - How to use it Successfully
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    Plenty of Fish - My Profile/Advice - How to use it Successfully

    Backstory:Hey guys! Wow. I haven't been on this shit in forever! If you don't know me, I got into seduction a few years ago and have fallin away from studying this stuff for a long time. I was reading way too much into theory. I got out of here because I wanted to get out of my head and stop over analyzing everything. What has brought me back here is something I want to share because it has been working so well for me. I created a Plenty of Fish profile. I tried the Myspace & facebook without much success. But POF has almost single handedly changed how I meet women. You guys need to get into this, its like shooting fish in a barrel. Enough back story, lets get into it.

    Plenty of Fish:
    I'm not going to theorize or speculate on why it does or doesn't work, cuz honestly, who gives a shit. The point is it works and I'm going to show you exactly how I do it. And thats about as deep as we need to get into theory.

    Plenty of Fish is a free dating site that has millions of people on it. I've tried Adultfriendfinder,, and Those sites are whack and full of fake girls who do web cam porn and are just trying to lure you in to pay chat with them. Lame. I'd rather suck a cock than waste any more of my time with that site. Anyways.

    Lets get started:
    The biggest thing about online game is obviously your profile. Your profile is imporant why? Because these girls are getting 20-50 or more messages a day from guys and you're profile makes you different. Your description is much much more important to your profile than your pictures. Being a guy with a 6-pack in pictures is less effective than a solid description for sure. Girls WILL read about you. In contrast, you will likely be more interested in their pics then their descriptions. We are just different like that.

    After you message a girl with someting that catches their attention, they will usually check out your profile before they reply. How do I know? Because you can tell when someone has read the msg you've sent them. It says "read". AND, it shows you who has "last viewed" your profile. We'll get to what to send them in a second, but having a solid profile is what gets you a response.

    Your Description"
    My ex-gf lives with me and she's shown me a bunch of guys that have messaged her and I have seen how lame the average profile is. My buddy and I actually got stoned and sat around viewing guys profiles because it is so funny to see how "Average" people really are.

    Your description should NOT have the following:
    1) "Hi, my name is"
    2) "talking about myself is wierd! haha"
    3) "I am looking for"
    4) "If you want to know anything about me, just ask!"
    5) talking about what kind of girl you are looking for
    6) talking about past relatonships AT ALL (ex "just got out of relationship")
    7) "I'm new to this site"
    8) "just trying this site out"
    9) "Just want to see what happens"

    God, the list goes on and we'd be here forever. All of that shit is gay. Don't have an agenda. Just be funny. If your profile doesn't make them laugh when they read it, you fucked up.

    My Description:
    I lost a needle in a hay stack once and found it. When I go to Wendy's, the entire menu changes to 99 cents. My carpet vacuums itself. Everyday is my lucky day. I'm 6'1" on paper but 6'10" when you tickle me. I have more fun then my roommate, except when he is having a LOT of fun. When you meet me the pleasure will be all yours. I hate fantasies because they always come true. I don't pay attention to fashion because it is always a step behind. I once climbed Mount Everest, Mount Kilamanjaro, and K-2 using only one bottle of oxygen and a sack of trail mix."

    My Buddy's Description: (another good example)
    I party like its 1999. i am americas next top model. i never perspire. my strengths outweigh my weaknesses. i am constantly caller number 9 and win tickets to all the best shows. i bat 400. i have made extraordinary four course meals using only a spatula and a toaster oven. im a stellar hugger and a world class cuddler. i dance with the stars. i consistently beat Chuck Norris in arm-wrestling. i once read paradise lost, the odyssey and war & peace all in one day and still had time to refurbish an entire dining room that evening. i shower daily. critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear. sushi is my favorite food group. i bake 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes flat. moms love me and children wanna be me. i know the exact location of every item in the supermarket. i always pick the most fullest and symetrical christmas trees. on wednesdays, after practice, i repair electrical appliances free of charge. i eat soup, i'm a go-getta. i sleep once a day. basically...i rock

    First Date:
    Under your description there is a box to talk about what your ideal first date would be like. You can choose to leave this blank if you like. I was having a lot of success when it was blank. I chose to add something to it and it has worked the same as before.

    My Ideal First Date:
    I want to stare in your eyes like a wierdo. I want to kick ur feet and try to trip you when you walk in front of me. I want you to open the doors for ME and whenever I enter a room, you whistle the theme song to top gun.

    Sending a Girl the 1st Message
    I use the same first message everytime.

    Subject Line: "Do you like milk with ice?"
    Content: "Hey there"

    Thats it. If you don't have a good subject line, you're message will be skipped or drowned in the long list of other losers who msg'd her while she was offline.

    I keep the message short as "hey there", because I think anything more than that is giving her too much attention. Your first message should be a feeler message. As in, here ya go, I'm gonna send you this real quick. Don't put too much into it. Girls do fortunetely have the option to only accept messages that are a certain size (longer). This is fortunate because now you can skip over this lame bitch and find one that isn't asking for you to write her a love letter right off the bat.

    Because of my profile and my super random subject line in my first message, I seriously have like a 90% response rate if they are online when I first msg them. If not, I still get like 25-35% responses.

    Important: Make sure to send msg's to girls when it shows them as being "online now". I do msg girls who are offline too, but you'll get way more responses from girls online at the time you msg them. Why? because if you message them and they don't check it until next time they come online, you're message will be somewhere in a big pile of other msg's and she may just choose not to read them all. I wouldn't.

    After Getting the First Msg:
    The whole point of POF and messaging these girls is to either get their phone number or their facebook. And Facebook is only so you can chat with them and show them more about you. Never invite a girl out through anything other than your phone. If you POF msg them and ask if they want to meet, it'll never work. That is skipping too far ahead. They will want to talk to you first in real time to make sure the conversation wont be awkward. Here are some copy and pasted converastions I've had on POF:

    All of the following messages start at the end. Sorry for that its just how the site does it. So you'll need to scroll down a bit to see he beginning and then read upwards.

    Example 1: (Result: txt'd her, called her, fucked her on the first date and stayed the night at her place)

    Her: 916-2XX-XXXX. Lindy... the name is Lindy
    Me: A war veteran? nope. do i look tough in my pics?
    Her: Wait a min, are you a vetran?
    Me: chrisXXXXXX. yahoo msgr
    Her: Thanks for the advice... I'll be sure to avoid dirty floors. Got Yahoo or Skype?
    Me: Just don't lay down on the floor if it is dirty. Chris
    Her: Lindy. What's yours? I'm sitting here in what I like to think of as an Ambien stupor... it's so... strange I just can't bring myself to lay down!
    Me: haha =P ur cute. whats your name?
    Her: Wow. You've got to be joking!
    Me: depends? u sound indecisive. thats unattractive
    Her: depend on my mood.. but usually with. It breaks up the intense chocolate taste.
    Me: missing out and then some. do u like brownies with or without nuts?
    Her: I haven't had milk with ice. Am I missing out?

    From: Skrolls (View Profile)
    Subject: do you like milk with ice? Sent Date: 2/15/2010 8:45:51 PM

    Hey there

    Example 2: (Result: had to msg her a bit on FB, got her number, txt her, called her, met her for a real date, fucked her the same night at her place. txt'd another POF girl on the way home, ended up being a "cuddle buddy" for another chick that same night. All from POF).

    Her: haha!! Found ya!! oh no!! Now you're in for it!
    Me: ya. search for chrisXXXXXXXXX
    Her: Emotionally available?! hahahhaha!!! UM....I dont give my phone number out to just you facebook?
    Me: are u emotionally available for text msg'ing
    Her: thanks! :-)
    Me: ur a cutie
    Her: Why do I feel like I just walked into a filthy trap on this one bud!? :-)
    Me: make sure u wash ur hands before u eat it
    Her: hahah!! On no!! Brownies are for fat kids and special ed students!! jk! um....WITH ice cream!! MMM! But the brownie has to be warmed up!
    Me: doh. strike one =P do u like brownies with ice cream or without?
    Her: Milk with ice?! hmmm.....can't say I have been down that road... :-) why do you ask?

    From: Skrolls (View Profile)
    Subject: do you like milk with ice? Sent Date: 2/16/2010 11:10:45 PM

    hey there

    Messaging Thoughts Continued

    You can see through my messages that I am not even sending them that clever of stuff. It is just whatever comes off the top of my head. I don't think to much about it. I'm sure there are a ton of guys on here that are funnier and wittier than me, so if its working for me, then you'll be cleaning up shop easily. Also, there is tons of material on this forum that you can use that I'm sure would work great. However, I think it is always important to remember to worry less about your material and more about just getting it done.

    All of my conversations on POF have these things:
    1) starts with "Do you like milk with ice?"/hey there
    2) second reply asks "do you like brownies with or without nuts?"
    3) depends on her replies
    4) "ur a cutie" (always show some kind of interest in her at some point)
    5) either "do you have facebook?" or "are you emotionally available for txt'ing?"

    Final Thoughts:
    Phone game, dating, and txt msging are all things you can figure out on your own and not covered here.

    This site has changed my lifestyle in a great way. I used to mainly meet girls while going out on weekends. And I always was hit or miss and if I didn't have a good night I'd be pissed and waiting for the next time I go out to have a chance at meeting someone. Now I do it every day, at anytime I'm in the mood.

    I still go out. But when I do, I go with no goal, expectations, or agenda. It allows me to have less pressure on myself and more fun when I go out. I can stop looking at the clock every night I'm out and stop thinking "ok I have 2 more hours to close a chick". I have POF setup with my blackberry email, so I get msg's all day long and reply too. Therefore, I can get new girls phone #s all day long without doing shit or spending any money on cover charges to clubs/bars, $$$ for drinks, etc. I just call, msg, txt them when I feel like hanging out with someone.

    I almost always fuck on the first date from POF girls. No specific reason. I just make that point because you may be thinking that meeting them in person (not online) gives them more comfort and it doesn't. You'll still have to run game whether you meet them online, through a friend, however u initially found them is irrelevent. POF is just a really really really easy way to find girls that are interested in dating, fucking, whatever. And being that it is a dating site, when you do meet them, your intentions are usually more clear and assumed (i am here because I am interested in you).

    If you're interested in viewing my page, you can search for my profile if you like. Just don't leave me any dating testimonials lol. Search for the user name "Skrolls". Thats me.

    Hope you enjoy.


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    Great post man. Everything you said is money.

  3. So I am just curious..

    You take these girls out.. Where are you usually taking them to? How are you f-closing so easily?

    Secondly, are you MASS messaging girls, or selective in who you are messaging? Whats the threshold..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whereyoufromlol View Post
    So I am just curious..

    You take these girls out.. Where are you usually taking them to? How are you f-closing so easily?

    Secondly, are you MASS messaging girls, or selective in who you are messaging? Whats the threshold..
    First off remember I am not trying to teach you how to be a cool guy. I am just saying this is how you can get a girl's # and work it from there. For me, it isn't hard to get a girl to fuck me. I just am at a pretty good place in my life and have had plenty of experience with what kind of guy not to be.

    Well, after I get their phone numbers, I messaged them and got them to send me pictures so i know what they really look like. Its common for me to txt them "take a pic of urself and send it to me. i want to know what you look like at X:XXpm on a tuesday".

    Then I call them and just talk and go from there. I didn't really plan out a date with either one. The first one ended up being a legit 9, fake boobs an everything. I met her at her house, hung out at her house for a bit, got drinks/chips/salsa for 2 hours ish at a mex food bar, she decided she could not avoid seeing Shutter Island, went back to hang out at her place (i drove 30mins to meet her), told her i needed to sober up a bit before driving home, it got heavy and i took her to her room and fucked her with minimal resistance and she asked me to stay the night. I did end up getting some resistence from her fucking her the second date. I had to work through that a bit and now its all good.

    Second girl I met in a parking lot the first time joking that "we'd meet by the freeway incase i have to run away fast" and then went back to her place just to chill.

    Yes i am mass msg'ing girls on POF. I search for and send out messages whenever i see a girl who might be worth it. Not really a quota or anything that i try to hit. After you send your first 30 msg's or so, you'll see that you start to run low on girls that live within XX amount of miles from you. It really depend on how far you want to travel. I personally don't mind girls who live far because its a good excuse to go to their house and "sober up". They also don't take me as serious as a BF because of the distance which i think makes them easier to fuck. But new people join every day so i just send when i have time.

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    I just tried this opener and got a response "i dont get it". I guess she thought it was supposed to be a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidazia View Post
    I just tried this opener and got a response "i dont get it". I guess she thought it was supposed to be a joke.
    there are 2 things.

    1) what does ur profile look like. Does it look like ur a fun/spontaneous guy? maybe that is why ur response wasn't playful. Sometimes, I get responses like "no", or "i hate milk".

    2) you got a response. so what r u going to do with it?

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    This is so money... and I believe it can be useful for facebook too.
    I like your style.
    Thanks for posting.

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    This is GOLD!

    love it. I really dig the casual "whatever" playful attitude. This is good shit. going to try some of it out.

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    My header for my messages is 'hehehe hello hello snicker snicker' just to set me apart. Then I either point out something in their profile and make it really funny or if their profile is boring then I just say 'You're a cutie'.

    If they think I'm attractive they read my profile and respond back. If not then its on to the next one. I've made a recon profile before and I got a lot of 'hey theres' and it really is boring. I'm surprised you have a high response rate.

    Then again I have on picture with my shirt off haha. Supposedly internet dating suicide but not quite.

  10. Cane has really hit upon something here. The odds are stacked against you when it comes to online dating. If you don't have a profile that screams I'm clever then you will end up getting no where.

    One of my friends told me back in the day that the more "goofy" you act (as in outside the norm) the more likely you are to get girls and good looking ones at that.

    I'm in North Jersey and I can't tell you like how many lame ass profiles I see on these sites, POF, OKCupid, etc. I'm sure the same goes universally.

    A piece of advice. Don't RUSH your profile. That's the biggest blunder you can make. The key is to really tailor it to something unique, clever, and fun. Girls LOVE mysteries. It's not really a big secret. Remember, the more out of the ordinary your profile is, the more likely you are to get a date. I think after that, getting laid will be even easier.

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