Breaking up with sex buddy without hurting feelings?
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  1. Breaking up with sex buddy without hurting feelings?

    i already told her the first time 'i am not lookin for anything serious'

    but lately shes starting to tell me things like 'i miss u' 'i ve started liking u' etc.

    i aint attracted to her anymore..and wanna get over with it..

    whats the easiest way to do it without hurting feelings?...she is 20.and hope i dont mess her up mentally .

  2. Who cares if you hurt her feelings. The best way is to be honest and direct without being rude.

    I know what you mean though, I went through the same thing. The flashing red light was when we were on the couch cuddling and she squeezed me tightly and said she would hold me there forever in a playful way.

  3. theres no easy way unless u plan on faking ur own death haha. just tell her how u feel and hope she doesnt hate u.

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    Get out of there now. The more you prolong it, the longer you prolong her pain. You didn't do anything wrong, but she is young and naive. Let her down easy, and be sympathetic. Don't let her use her pussy to manipulate you.

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    "I'm starting to like you", "missing you"

    What would I say?

    "Thanks! So anyway this guy at work, you got to hear this its so funny, he said to the boss...."

    Darthwayne unless a woman says "We're Dating", "You're my boyfriend" then you have nothing to worry about.

    You're fucking, its platonic- you didn't say anything else right? Right?

    If thats the case why throw away a perfectly good Booty Call.

    I had this Booty Call I dumped- but only because I (personally) wasn't Attracted to her at all and after 3 days I couldn't care less. I'd rather jerk myself off than have "bad sex"* (*read No More Mr Nice Guy for a definition and how to get Good Sex).

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    Make it short and sweet...

    and don't play her afterwards. If you want it to end don't let it drag out, otherwise it's worse for both parties. She may be hurt in the short term but she shouldn't feel like you've been using her if you've been honest with her so far, so she'll get over it, probably pretty quick.

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    start telling her that you find it cool that she has her own life that she goes on with, without you, that you really respect that. Keep reminding her (through text works fine). Then be like i like fucking you, but i cant do this with you right now. i know that because ur independant you can handle this and that makes you really cool and different from other girls.

    and that should do it. idk where i got this method but its from one of the LS instructor posts. i think bradock. anyway it works really well. ive used this structure recently to setup a biweekly bathroom blowjob lol

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