did I do ok with this FB messaging.

Background: i'm at a local bar with my friends and its later in the night when these two girls that are noticeably drunk come sit at our booth. I recognize them from a party, they say a few incoherent things and leave. I add her on FB like a week later. sorry if this is too long
Me: Hey didnt I see you at x bar last week? I know we know eachother from somewhere. Do you know X or x?
Her: omg yeah I know x you probably remember me from his new years party when I went a little out of control
Me: O yeah i was there but what could you have done that was so out of control that I remember you? you dont seem like that kinda person
Her: well I did this this and this and dont rememeber. Me+ Alcohol doesent mix well lol
Me: Well its if you dont remember it didnt happen! BTW how did u get into x bar underage and what do i have to pay you to give some of my friends the secrets?
her: I never get carded anywhere and ive been like 30 times ! although i did get kicked out of x the other night
me: Wow you are so lucky that your a cute girl and not one of us guys that would never work for us. where is x?

So I basically dont ever use FB to talk to girls( I know my name is facebook1 but that is just sarcasm about how popular social networking is) am I doing the right thing? should I not be complimenting her looks so early on?