When To respond/not respond/text to her?
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  1. When To respond/not respond/text to her?

    I'm pretty good at the text game, except one thing, responding and alone time. I'm someone that loves to text, but just the same like to have my own space, a lot of the time without even acknowledging my phone, let alone texts. When I do text back its usually 30 min - 3 hours, give or take. I'm currently seeing someone and its getting serious, and going extremely well. So my question when is it ok, if it is, to just ignore a text, even when she texts first. Or when its ok to just break conversations (not during a spike), for both girls and LTRs, could this hurt my game? Any other thoughts?

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    Don't respond too quick, but respond, do not ignore texts alltogether!

    It always depends, if your just gaming the girl, wait maybe 3-6 hours to text, dont text when you tell her you will. -> Busy Life

    If you're (getting/are) exclusive you should have enough trust and comfort to not think about that stuff.
    Text whenever you feel like it, but don't be disrespectful or an ass.


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    im seeing this girl who loves teasing men using texts, thats how she feels sexy whatever. i know this now because im her freebe and see her when she is doing it. The rule i follow and what apparently worked with her like a charm was to respond not to quickly to the first one, and then reacting to her:

    If she took forever to answer, ill use some a2 stuff to spice it up (prompting her to write back) and then wait for the same amount of time she made me wait.

    If she wrote something with lots of value (and here i mean value as in emotional value: eg: playfull, interesting, witty, cute, expressing feelings for me, etc) i would respond quickly and more fully.

    In short, following the old "reward good behavior, punish bad behavior" model.

    Hope it helps

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