Helicase 1 on 1 - Chicago, February 2010
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    Helicase 1 on 1 - Chicago, February 2010

    This is actually the second one on one I have done, and this one, I
    have to say, may have been the best money Iíve ever spent. Helicase
    not only is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable person I have ever
    talked to about this subject; he was able to take my sticking point
    and develop a plan for me to get it handled. We spent several hours
    discussing it and going over theory and material. He was great at
    identifying my problems, and developing a personalized plan for me.

    The guy is truly unbelievable in-field; Iíve never seen anyone so
    fearless in my life. He took me to some of the most awesome venues in
    Chicago. A couple were venues that are very hard to gain access to. He
    is definitely hooked up in Chicago. At the first venue, he approached
    three of the hottest women Iíve ever seen in my life, and before we
    left, he had them following him like kittens following a mother cat.
    He got phone numbers from all three, and they wouldnít leave him
    alone. Man, the stuff he teaches is money. I find it almost
    unbelievable that he had trouble with women at one point in his life.

    Not only that, I believe he related to my problem, and honestly, I
    think he genuinely cares about his students. I think it gives the man
    satisfaction to know he makes a difference in so many peopleís lives.
    I could go on and on; I have nothing but great things to say about the
    man. It was a great experience, and I believe, money well spent. In
    fact, whenever I have another problem and need a phone consult, one on
    one, or whatever; I will tell Jeremy that Helicase is who I want to
    work with. If anyone here needs a one on one, Helicase is the man. Iíd
    recommend him to anyone.

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    Thank You

    Appreciate the review buddy!
    I like whiskey, fast cars and women.
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