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    Orlando florida

    I'm looking for all pua's, social artists, and single dudes to at least report to this thread and let me know that your here. I dont care how much experience you have -- if you would like to get out more and entertain the idea of talking to girls and having some friends to get 2gether with that have similar goals -- shoot me a line!

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    Re: Orlando florida

    wassup rock I'm interested in meeting some focused guys...h3nrylouis@gmail hit me up

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    Yeah man, I'm in the area and always looking to link up with like minded guys.

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    Not in the area but vacation there a lot... FYI if you don't go out a lot: The are tons of underage girls at the clubs, so be CAREFUL

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    Looking to get get a regular PUA get together downtown at least once a month. Would like to use the time to compare stories, notes, tips, and then put it to use in the field. I dont care if you are a n00b or a seasoned pro. Would just like to meet others in the area. Let me know if you have twitter and I will add you.


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    Re: Orlando florida

    hero what's up add me @the_cool I'm looking for a solid day game wing that I can go out and destroy Orlando with.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm so glad to find a community here in Orlando that shares the same interests as I do. I'm looking for people who understand those certain social dynamics and want to destroy this town (th3_cool, I like that comment)! lol

    I'm 23, and I try to go out at least once a week. We do mostly downtown area. If anyone is interested to sarge, hit me up: wilku03@yahoo.com

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    Sorry to have neglected this thread. One of the big reasons guys in this community do not have success is because they do not get 2gether and take this on together and meet up and organize stuff. The reason for that is because we have busy lives and often we don't know eachother and it can take a lot to get everyone together. Once we do things go very well. The hard part is taking the steps to make it happen.

    I am currently looking into relocating to the area. My goal is to be there by the end of this month (march 2010). I'm trying to find a good situation or a place with good logistics to a popular night venue.

    For now I am a 50 minute commute away. I will be responding soon to all those who PM'd me regarding this soon. Forgive my absence, I have been battling a nasty cold/flu and am over it now and ready to get this show on the road.

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    Diamond_ Guest


    I live in lakeland, which isn't too far from orlando, I am looking for some people to go out with a few times a month. I got into this in hopes of going out with some friends and enjoying picking up chicks but sadly all of my friends are too introvert to handle this stuff.

    I am still new at this stuff, haven't had much in field experiance, so if your going out sometime and don't mind having a noob along for the ride send me a message. @jddiamond1 on twitter if you have one.

    Also, I'm eighteen, so I don't mind being a DD if anyone needs it.

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    Re: Orlando florida

    contact CooL

    gtalk- h3nrylouis@gmail
    Twitter- the_cool
    aim- phiya17
    Facebook- h3nrylouis@gmail

    day game Orlando free weekends mostly

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