How do i get my girlfriend in the mood for sex?
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    How do i get my girlfriend in the mood for sex?

    Its been a long time since I've had sex, and I'm a little nervous. This girl, while technically not my girlfriend (7/8 out of 10) often comes around to stay, we lay in bed and kiss passionately on the lips, but that is all. I try to get the ball rolling by kissing her passionately on the neck, or running my hand up and down her body, but she seems a little unresponsive. I would feel a bit AFC if I asked straight up about it, i would feel like the 'nice guy'. In my ideal world, she would be the one wanting to instigate the sex, and be literally jumping on me. Any ideas on how I could escalate the sexual tension? is there any cheeky games I could play to start the action?

    She says she really likes me, and she teases me by sometimes pulling her lips away, I do the same to her and it frustrates her I don't want to end up in the friend zone, as she says she's more honest with me than anyone she knows, and with most guys she's been with- its just gone straight to sex with none of this confusion.

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    Stop fucking around. She wants dick. Be and man, and make a move. You don't live in your ideal world, and your pussyfooting is going to lose you the girl.

    Do what you want. Kiss her neck, rub her pussy, driver her crazy with need. You've seen enough porn to have an idea of what to do.

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    Alright brother, here is what you do.

    Take her to a fancy dinner and a nice movie......... I am about to throw up writing that. But this chick probably has you thinking thats what you need to do.

    Life is too short to get blue balls everytime this she knocks on your door. So lets pretend to be a pua. If you pretend to be a pua she may never know the difference. Take this shit to the next level. Like my man above said BE A MAN. Don't drag her by the hair, ok maybe tug on her hair a lil, but take charge.

    The problem is you haven't had sex in a while. It's like riding GOD's bike man. Let's do this next time she walks in the door, grab and shove her against the wall and start violently making out with her and taking her clothes off. It will shock her because you have been so weak sauce before that she will eventually rape you, thus you wont have time to be nervous. Do this brother and you shall be a born again virgin no more.

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