Richard La Ruina... is full of shit.
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    Richard La Ruina... is full of shit.

    Have you guys watched some of his videos?

    I remember him talking about how he "developed" a certain method after his years of sexlessness. To those who are familiar with conventional PUA wisdom, we already know that Mystery has come up with all that stop God knows how long ago...

    He instructs his students to keep your hands on your center and keep them gesturing while you talk to the girl so that the boob kino will feel more natural. WTF??? 3 things are wrong in that thing. First off, body language should ooze openness. Letting your hands get in front of you is PUA taboo. Keep them gesturing?? Come on man. He who moves the least holds the most power. I's almost the equivalent of telling someone to "peck" while opening to an HB10. Boob kino?? At the early stages of the sarge? Dude, touching a girls boobs will trigger her LMR. Do you really want her to say "hey, I don't wanna have sex with you" at the opening?

    He also made this crap about the "domino effect of elbowing three girls."

    Plus... he also instructs his students to grab women's crotches... and no. He didn't tell them to do it in the sex location.

    Somebody should ban this guy's products. No wonder they're free...

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    don't agree, he knows what hes talking about

  3. Ive had a mail of his stealth attraction thing and watched a bit of it, and the stuff may work imo, I heard his book is pretty good also so don't know

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    I disagree. Gambler definitely knows what he's talking about. His stealth attraction material is pretty amazing by the way.

  5. He he moves least has most power? Gesturing is alpha.

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    I know where you live...

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