UofT Puas? AT any level? (University of Toronto)

I actually live in Scarborough but downtown is totally fine for me. The ideal would be to get a sarge group going in St.George or Scarborough. A way for us to grow as a group and help each other. Msg if you're interested.


Hey guys. I'm Fluid. Well Iím trying to be. In the past I have read Magic Bullets and David Deangelo, and psychology associated with business, children, and salesmen. I have recently JUST begun reading THE GAME. I am at a point in my life right now where I am leaving a depression and just want to have fun and live in the moment with patience. I love psychology and talking to girls so I am trying to follow my bliss through this arena. I am a virgin but NOT a loser.

I am a Toronto university student who is enthusiastically looking for teachers and sarge buddies!
I'm interested, wise, mature, intelligent, have a lack of social fear, and am articulate. My problem I think comes from body language and by not knowing what to say I unintentionally create awkwardness.

I don't have much money to invest in a teacher but I am the type of person who pays people back DOUBLE when they help me and that's the truth. I would not be a selfish wing. I need practice in the field and would love to have people with whom I can dissect sets with in person.

Why donít we meet and see if we gel together? I am looking for either a teacher, someone at my low level with whom I can grow with immensely, or someone obsessed with the game.
I want to learn. I want to do.

Msg me here or at Kevin@kevinsingh.ca

See ya then,