What does it feel like to take Viagra / Cilias?
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  1. What does it feel like to take Viagra / Cilias?

    Let's say initially, you aren't sexually aroused, but then you take a dose of Viagra and/or Cialis?

    Does it cause you to have an erection, starting from a 0 or minimal state of sexual desire, or do they only work if you are already "semi-erect"/sexually aroused and ready to have sex?

    Would an erection come regardless, because drug physically pumps blood into your member, or do you have to be already sexually aroused?

    I was always curious about this, and wondering if anyone had some insight.

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    Sorry, but we don't deal with medical subjects here.

    If you have questions about a medication, check in with your own doctor or use a website like WebMD that has the kinds of information you're seeking.

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