""What's your work schedule?" - No Text Back
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    ""What's your work schedule?" - No Text Back

    I'll try to make this post as simple as possible.

    • I've been acquaintances with this girl for about 3 years. We hardly had chances to speak because I transferred to a different school. I stayed in contact through the internet but we never dated (read acquaintance). Whenever we did speak, however, it was very lengthy and interesting.

    • At the beginning of January, I finally got a cellphone, and we've been building a stronger friendship through texting.

    - She is usually the one to text first. I replied to her texts fairly fast (about 10 minutes.. newbie mistake?).

    - We're both out of high school. Our texts consisted of future plans, her aspirations, and a lot of smiley emoticons.

    • I finally got a phone call with her about 2 weeks ago (her cell cant receive calls so she uses her family phone).

    - During the call, I mentioned going to an annual concert last year and she abruptly said she'd like to go with me this year. She also mentioned wanting to go to the mall with me but couldn't due to our work schedule.

    - We spoke again on the phone last Wednesday. She said I should come by her place so I asked for a good time (Note: I have college on all 5 weekdays).

    - She said she wouldn't get her next work schedule till Thursday. I asked what her schedule was last Friday but I haven't received a response.

    And here I am now. She obviously won't text back any time soon and I don't want to look even more needy than I probably already came off to be.

    How do I work from here and what should I text back? (I plan on going out tonight but maybe asking if she'd like to come is too rushed?).

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    Don't overthink, her cell might just be dead.

    Hang on and take it easy ; don't rush it for tonight. She will have her new schedule this week and YOU might make room for her on your schedule.

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    What do you suppose I do if I don't get a text back within the next week?

    I have a feeling asking for her schedule again will be annoying.

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    "She is usually the one to text first"

    Hang tight.

    If she doesn't txt you back withing this week send her something funny. I could write something for you but I think you are in a better position to know what will she laugh about.

    Oh. Don't forget to go out and meet other girls because it will help you get her off your mind and act less needy.

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    Her phone dosn't recieve calls? ok, at one point my cell wouldn't recieve calls because the voicemaill was full, but I think she is messing with you. next time you see her, look at if her phone is a piece of crap. If not, you should call it while you are hanging out with her.

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    Thanks for the input so far.

    On an instant messenging client back in October, she mentioned her cheap cell phone that could only text before I started texting. I'll keep the possibility that she is messing with me in thought.

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    This isn't the first time I have heard of girls who have text only phones. Don't worry about it to much, remember you are the prize. You have better things to do then wait around for her to text back. What you are doing now is solid(10min is a good amount of time to wait to text back regularly)

    At my old job I never got my schedule until Sunday night sometimes, so don't sweat it. If you don't hear back from her just text with a DHV story about how you were busy all week and never got a chance to text her or just text something funny(check the text thread in the phone game board on the forum for ideas)

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    "...you are the prize"
    Wow, that makes me feel terrific! Haha.

    I just have a strong feeling that she is avoiding me due to a somewhat nosey question. I'm leaning towards texting a standard greeting just to see if she still wants to communicate because I'm afraid starting out with a text aimed to make her laugh will add to the annoyance and won't get me a text back.

    A "Hi" followed by a wise crack sounds like the right approach but I'm still iffy due to some annoyance factor I may have caused.

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