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    Hello all, I have recently been given the go ahead to draw up preliminary plans to do a large-scale review of popular literature within the seduction community and compare some of the current teaching with contemporary theories in evolutionary psychology. The current idea is for myself and two other psychologists (both of whom specialize in sexual selection/mate preference theory with wide interests in evolutionary psychology). I didn't have to fight too hard to get them interested in this still largely underground community but I want to make sure I select literature to review that is influential. Both of the PhDs I will be working with are widely published in well-respected journals in social psychology, sociobiology, and anthropology. A review article with their names on it could very well serve as a catalyst to further empirical studies of the seduction community.

    What I came to here to ask is for suggestions on literature to review. I already know all of the products that lovesystems offers and we have already made an effort to purchase most of them. Being that lovesystems is arguably the most popular outfit, it wasn't a tough decision including much of their material in our study. Are there any other books out there, aside from the Mystery Method, The Game, and David DeAngelo's materials that you would consider largely influential in "PUA" circles today?


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    Check the Reviews section.
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  3. The Venusian Arts Handbook is one of the classics

    It's hard to say tho... there are definitely different "sub-sections" within the community, different people gravitate into different groups with different theories

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