Best Online Game I've Ever Pulled Off
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    Best Online Game I've Ever Pulled Off

    The scene: Me, hot 20 year old military male. Her, hot HB8, 35 years old. The game begins when I message her, she reads my message and doesn't reply. Then she views my profile on PoF...

    Me (Opener):I can already tell we'd fight too much.

    Haha made ya look!

    I'm only on this site on the off chance that I can find a woman who is smart, funny, and mature (and also totally smokin' haha)

    Seriously though, I'm not gonna waste your time by pretending this is anything other than yet another message in your inbox. The only difference is, THIS message come from a guy who's amazingly smart, charming, witty, and full of humility :P

    Me (After she viewed my profile AKA damage control attempt): I totally caught you, ya dork!

    That's right, I totally caught you window shopping on my profile! What's the matter, too intimidated to send me a note?

    Fortune favors the bold, missy!

    Her: Sorry, you're too young for me xo peace

    Me: Oh puh-lease, don't tell me you're really gonna let something like age stop you from flirting with a super-charming, devilishly handsome guy like me :P

    Her: Uh yeah, actually I am

    At this point, I thought the jig was up, my ass was fried. Still, time left for one Hail Mary...

    Me: Ooh DENIED! Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some

    Her: Yeah, mad props for your persistence though!

    What's this, signs of life? Let's see where this leads...

    Me: Would it help if I sent you a one line message consisting entirely of "hey wutz up. ur cute how was ur new years?" ? Apparently those are all the rage these days...

    Her: Not really, I like your approach better. the yonger girls must go ga-ga over it! seriously cute. are you in marketing? you should be.

    Me: Marketing? Not even close. And who says it's only the younger chicks going ga-ga for me?

    Her: Well, you are clever. You must be totally I right? I heard those Army girls are easy ;-)

    Me: Nah, it's the Air Force girls who we call Marine Pin Cushions :P

    I actually stay away from military girls, as well as girls my own age.

    Her: That's funny. I stay away from guys younger than 27 ;-)
    Where are you from?

    Me: Good thing I'm closer to 27 than you are

    I'm originally from Utah and Nevada, but since I joined the Army I've been all over.

    Her: Yeah you are, ya jerk! hahhaaa....
    Cool you are getting some world travel experience! Thanks for protecting me ;-)

    Me: Haha move over, grandma, there's a new, sexier generation taking over! :P

    No problem, ma'am *saves cat from tree*

    Her: Oh yeah...they call my generation pumas...not yet a cougar.
    Hope you meet a cool chica on here sweets.

    This is like the fifth time she's tried to end this interaction haha

    Me: Haha pumas, that a good one! You're pretty bad at your job though, you're supposed to LURE hot younger guys IN, not them away!

    Her: I have a hot younger friend...he's 24...not much in common except the sex. My 27 year old friend...well we have more in common and lots more to talk about...but guys have a lot more living to do and a lot more loving to give. I'm looking for the whole yeah I have to turn you guys away.

    Me:So first ya said 27 was your limit, now 24...Why not just make it 20 and keep flirting with me :P

    Face it, your reasons for cutting off this conversation are as bad as the pickup lines you get all day haha just let go and embrace the big bag of fun that is ME :P

    Her: HAHAHAAA Big bag o fun! You meetin' any chicks on here for real though? I think this site is kind of a joke. I met some dude yesterday, but I'm kinda over the dating thing...
    This is the first free site I've done and I'm finding it quite hysterical.

    Me: Haha oh crap, here I was, thinking you were legitimately enjoying this conversation, and now I come to find out that I'm just a monkey dancing for your entertainment :P Haha I'm gonna need a few minutes...

    Her: I'm not into wasting time...but you are a pleasant waste of mine. Really its a joke the dudes that send me emails. The emails are like "hi you are cute, wanna get together?"...I'm like WTF are you for real? Is that how these free sites work? Hi, wana f*ck? Well yea...basically...that's what I think it's like.

    Me: Nah, you're being too harsh. It's mostly a collection of guys who never figured out how to be good with women, so they don't know how to go about it. It's kinda sad that they don't teach social skills in schools, because it leaves these guys out to dry. There's reason that 10% of guys get 90% of the women: guys like me, who know how to talk to you people :P

    Her: I'd agree, and you are charming and an admirable way ;-)

    Me: Oh, stop it you! Look at me, I'm blushing :P

    Her: ;-)

    Me: Tsk tsk, you should know better than to be sending me suggestive winky faces this close to my bedtime

    Her: What is your name soldier? yeah...fb...ill friend u...tell me ur deets.

    Me: Haha that was the most 14-year-old thing I've heard you say. "ill friend u...tell me ur deets" What a dork!

    Haha Beckstcw. My real name is Beckstcw's Real Name, but I changed it on Facebook for...job related reasons :P

    Now I gotta go delete all the embarrassing stuff really quick...

    Her: HAHAHAAA I'm 14? You are closer to 14 than I am...ha! Gunhold...who is 14 now? Stay tuned you little sh*t...

    Me: Rawr, I love it when you talk dirty at me

    So she added me on FB, and then sends me this message...

    Her: You...are soooo young, and I am sooooo old....but I can't help but like you...damn you and your boyish charm!

    I was surprised when I looked back and saw how cold she was when I opened, and so taking her from that to a Day 2 (day 1? Haha) this week is something I'm really proud of. Comments?

  2. Good job man. I personally would have quit long before. I guess persistence pays off!

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    good job. congrats. it was interesting.

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    HA! That was soooo money dude. Good for you. You definitely tickled her vag through the screen.

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    LOL @ tickled her vag through the screen. Stolen.

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    why do you think it worked though?

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    you were funny and unique definately. i like your material. and also, you were confident. she tried dismissing, but you knew that you could fuck her, and she found that attractive.... what is your current progress with her ... have u killed the cat yet?

  8. very good. Very good. *applause*.

    Not to derail, and no, the age isn't as great but I've had experience when 22 dating a 30 y.o.

    She said: aren't I too old for you? I should hook you up with my sister she's 20.

    me: Oh. But I want to date your sister's sister.

    We ended up dating.

    So, you did exactly what you shoulda done. You were obviously a man. She telling no, you plow forward yet maintained composure and were still polite. Rudeness will get you nowhere.
    You toned down the cocky toward the end but were incredibly confident and answered her questions.

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    SO did you anal her yet>?
    "Keep it tight, and Fk the world.. whoever ends up with me that's one lucky girl" - Silkk the Shocker

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    ok theory: present strong, attractive frame, and maintain it long enough, and with enough persistence, to plough through any resistance, which will build more and more attraction over time.

    Is that right? This amazes me, I love it. I might also interpret her whole side of the conversation a test that you passed with amazing colors.


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