Braddock Bootcamp - Washington, January 2010
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    Braddock Bootcamp - Washington, January 2010

    It took me two years to save up enough to go to this bootcamp, really it just took that long to justify it to myself though. By the end of the first day of class I knew I had already gotten my money's worth. Then we went out and I realized they could be charging 10K for this instruction and it would still be worth it.

    Of what I read, so much is written from the perspective of a specific guys game, which is great if you want to be that guy, but you don't. Braddock went through and helped each of find where we could improve ourselves and what little pieces were missing, or needed removed to complete the best you.

    Braddock is incredible at seeing people for who they are and picking up on the deeper needs of people simply by talking to them. Besides having a great attitude about people and life, he has a great direction in teaching, he lets and wants you to make things your own so that you can be comfortable with it. Memorizing some pickup lines is as he put it, like training wheels, they just keep you from being afraid to do it. Braddocks inner game is legit. He can talk about very personal things with more peace than the Dalia Lama. Braddock made a huge difference in the club by keeping you in sets, (points through your body at set) "There, open that set, NOW", loved it!

    Daxx has some killer stuff on shit tests and push/pull. Great notes on text game too. He really made clear the importance of moving a girl.

    Dubbsy was huge on teasing and a smooth escalation. His game was hilarious in set, body language was spot on. I cant wait to work with him on some College game stuff.

    Calabrese was an inspiration, his stuff on direct approach was worth gold. Probably one of the funniest people you will ever meet.

    Hammerdude, or whatever his handle is, had some huge input! He was really good about finding you in the club and coaching you.

    A final note: This was as much about growing as a person and becoming comfortable and confident in your skin as it was about game. Braddock peppered the game talk with complete self improvement, and at least for me, that has the course for carving the life I want to have.

    Thanks guys

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    Night 2: I see a girl that I REALLY want to meet

    Me and 11 other guys who wanted to up our game, get better with women, met up in DC. The students were just normal everyday guys you'd have as your friends. It wasn't like revenge of the nerds or flashy freaky dudes or anything. These guys and I were serious about learning and growing socially.

    I have a life coach who helps me plan my future, a real estate mentor who helps me buy properties, why not a dating coach? It just makes sense. Well, that is if these dating coaches can deliver the goods.

    The first day we had class and I realized Braddock has been doing this for awhile. He's studied this stuff deep and long like a mad scientist on adderall.

    He knew ahead of time not to overload us the first day. He gave us actionable info and a focused game plan. So, that night we go out. Yeah, it's nerve wracking to approach complete strangers (hot strangers, hehe!!) and start conversations. But, the students and the instructors, we were like a band of brothers, all of us encouraging the others.

    Guys who had never approached women before were approaching and getting into fun conversations. I was very proud of my new friends and enjoyed their successes and they enjoyed mine. When someone was struggling with confidence (which was me once) or if a set didn't go well, we'd drag them into a set one of the other guys had already opened and was going well. I learned how to seed conversations so I could re-open later and bring friends in. Ask me about it if you're interested, it's easy.

    Braddock, Calabrese, Daxx, RedHammer, Dubbsy, and Kreeper kept an eye on us the whole time, giving encouragement, counseling, and pushing us out of our comfort zones. One time Braddock tapped a hottie near by on the shoulder and said, "He thinks your cute" and pushed a guy into a set. That was hilarious, but the girl was like, hey this is fun, and the conversation got underway.

    I can't say enough good stuff about Braddock. He is down to earth, a real guy. Easy to connect with and has mad understanding. His life story is the story of an overcomer. He's worked his arse off for years studying this stuff. Studying the brain, social issues, but here's what sets him apart. He's not some ivory tower know it all, he put his book learning to use and gained experiential knowledge. Yes, he knows more theory than he could teach us in 3 days, but he knows how to use it, how to teach it. More like a true coach than a professor. Ask yourself, would you rather a professor who tells you about the game and how his theories should work or a coach who puts you in the game, sees your strengths and weaknesses, and tweaks you to be the best in the position that works for you? (and has a history of developing champions)

    I would invite each of these guys into my inner circle of friends if they were around me more. Calibrese is fricking fearless and funny as hell. Daxx is this good looking chap with solid inner game, if only I could understand what the f* he's saying through that British accent ;p he taught us about two birds with one stone. Red Hammer is a guy you want in your corner covering your back. Dubbsy is so chill, but the stuff he comes up with, you can't keep a straight face. Creeper is intense; he won't let you nurse your fears when there are women around.

    Night 1: After a few beers and opening 4-5 sets I was settling in. I'm packed in a crowd trying to get a beer and see a hot short blonde next to me. Braddock told us to just have fun this night, just open and transition, no agenda. So I opened her, transitioned, then the funniest thing happened. This girl was just into me. So, I started telling her I was gay and introduced her to another student there who was ahead of us in line. After she chatted with him for awhile she turned back to me and asked, "Are you really gay?" I answered "No, but my boyfriend is!" (credit: daxx I think) She laughed so hard and started flirting with me hard, then turns her back to me and dances back into my arms, her bottom bumping my... well you get the idea. I wasn't really trying, but Braddock said not to be surprised if girls get turned onto us. She basically forced me to take her number. I'm a shy guy, errr... used to be a shy guy.

    Night 2: I see a girl that I REALLY want to meet. I'm a very picky guy so this is a BIG deal. It was early in the night and my balls were too small at that precise moment to "hi" to her, so I told another student. He looks at her and says, "You're adorable, I’m yyyyy" She smiles and says "Hi, I'm xxxxxx" He says, "Here, meet my friend" and passes her over to me. I almost jizzed my pants, haha. So, I've been practicing my transitions all thru night 1 and just transition her into some attraction stuff that I enjoy. She is getting attracted; I can see it in her body language. I take a moment and look into her eyes, I thought she was beautiful before, but now I'm inches away from her, holding her hands in mine doing a finger length routine, I can smell her, we lock eyes, omg she has the most beautiful eyes, I tell her without shame "you have the most beautiful eyes" she blushes, I go back to the routine and tease her a little to allow her time to regain her composure. She was there as a birthday girls sister, when I looked for here later she was gone, there was some family blow-up, drats!

    I meet a 6'3" hot blonde with 2" heels that's a Steelers fan. We flirted over the course of the night. I find her on the dance floor later and she grabs me into a hug and grinds with me, I had a face full of sweet woman breastage. I think she did that on purpose.

    I met two totally hot Indian lesbians. I figure they are not lesbians, but just messing with me so I play along. I try to guess their occupations and which one is dominant. I did figure out who was dominant. The submissive one is an opera singer. Now I'm realizing they are truly gay, but I challenge the opera singer to prove she can sing. I put my arm around the dominant one and we lean in close to hear the singer. I close my eyes as the singer starts to sing, chills go up my spine, the dominant one and I hug tighter in bliss as the other performs a movement from Carmina Burana. Her voice completely raptured me into some alternate reality of beauty and warmth. I'm a musical artist and kind of a snob in that way. I appreciate the finer aspects of muse and technical ability. When the singer finishes the dominant one is still me holding me tight, looking into my eyes with an “I told you so” look. We all 3 hug, I kiss their cheeks and move on.

    Hey, I didn't really know what to expect other than that I would learn and grow and have a great time. In that sense I was not let down. Thanks instructor people mentioned here and Savoy for creating a business so this sort of thing can happen for guys like me.

    Thanks for starting this thread 0311. Write up you SNL from the other night in the field report, bro. Let people know what happened.

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    Love Systems Bootcamp Review - Braddock, Washington D.C. January 15-January 17, 2010

    Before I jump into my review, I'll address the concerns you may have that will prevent you from signing up for a bootcamp. These are the statements that went through my head before I broke down and decided to sign up for a boot camp.

    I don't need to pay $3000 to learn this material. I can learn it by myself.

    You can't learn this material by yourself because what you read in the books and articles is generalized information designed for the masses and it is not focused to correct your own individual problems. By reading the information in a good book or article on attracting women it can help you get better but if you smile too much when talking to women, talk too fast, don't touch enough, etc. you are not going to know it and that could be the thing that is preventing you with having success with women. On bootcamps, instructors point these flaws out to you so you can correct them.

    Second, taking a bootcamp will force you out of your comfort zone. A lot of times you may go out to a bar or club wanting to talk to a bunch of women but you don't because you are scared or nervous and you end up talking to no women or talk to a few women, have bad interactions with them and then go home feeling defeated. When you are on a bootcamp you basically have a support group. You have other students just like you trying to get better with this material and you have instructors that are there to help you and literally push you into sets if need be. By pushing you out of your comfort zone and have you approach a lot of sets or say something bold to a girl, you are able to do these things when the bootcamp is over.

    Third, the information you read in book and articles on meeting and attracting women is clarified. For example, I now have a better understanding of the attraction phase of the Love Systems model. You do not have to be a comedian but have mostly normal conversation with occasional spikes of comedy. If there is any aspect of the Love Systems model that confuses you or you need clarification on, the instructors explain it to you.

    Fourth, by talking a bootcamp you can develop your own style that fits your personality. Based on differences in personality, body size, voice tone, etc. no one style fits everyone. By taking a bootcamp, the instructors can help you develop your own style based on your personality to attract women. By this, you can "be yourself" and still attract women.

    $3000 is too much money to pay for this

    $3,000 is a lot of money to pay. But most of what I learned over the 3 days of the bootcamp I would never have by myself. In my opinion, if someone came to me and told me they could teach me the skills where I could consistently meet and attract beautiful women, and they unquestionably had the ability to do so, I would consider that a good deal. I do not regret taking this bootcamp and, in fact, I wish I would have done it sooner; it would have saved me a lot of frustration. If you are serious about improving your dating life you will sign up and take this bootcamp.

    The seminar portion is basically a rehash of what you can read in Magic Bullets

    There is enough new information taught during seminar portion of the bootcamp that another book could be written from it. The seminar portion clarifies and explains the concepts learned in Magic Bullets. Even though Magic Bullets is a long book, it doesn't explain everything concerning the model. I did not feel that the seminar portion was a rehash of Magic Bullets. In fact, I felt overwhelmed by all of the new information. A lot of the information stated in the seminar is not in Magic Bullets or in any other dating book I have read. The seminar is far from being a rehash of what you have read in Magic Bullets. I would recommend reading Magic Bullets before going to a bootcamp because you will be overwhelmed by the model and all of the information.

    The instructors are naturally good with women and this stuff can't be taught. You are either good with women or you aren't.

    During the first day the instructors made clear that they didn't start off being naturally great with women or to the extent that they were good with women, Love Systems made them a lot better. People generally don't lie about being bad with women and they seemed to be totally sincere when speaking about their experiences. After following the Love Systems method, during the in-field portion of the bootcamp, I approached a lot more women than I ever had, stayed in sets longer and received better reactions. Although these are not skills you will learn over night, you can become better.

    These guys and Love Systems in general are one big hoax. The instructors aren't that good with women and the Love Systems model is nonsense.

    The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable about the Love Systems model. Further, they seemed to know what every individual student needed to improve on. Personally, I found that when I listened to the instructor's suggestions my interactions with women went a lot better. And although I did not watch the instructors open a lot of sets because I was focused on opening my own sets, every time I looked at an instructor talking to a girl, the girls were laughing and having a good time.

    I look back at all the experiences I have had with women I liked and why they failed and when put in the context of the Love Systems model, it makes perfect sense why it didn't work out. Furthermore, when I tried the suggestions stated in Magic Bullets and what the instructors suggested, I became more successful. The Love Systems model can help you become better with women.

    This material will not work for me.

    By following the suggestions in Magic Bullets as well as that of the instructors, I did better in a club environment this weekend than I ever had before. All the students in the seminar group mentioned that they improved as well. If you follow the suggestions and put effort into this material, it can work for you.

    Now on to the review.

    What Made Me Sign Up For a Bootcamp

    On Sunday, November 19, 2009, around 1:30 am in the morning I went home feeling defeated, angry and frustrated. That night I had approached 5 or 6 sets at the bar and we blown out by all of them within 5 minutes. That was basically the last straw of years of defeat. From January 2005 until that date I had struggled incessantly to become better with women. I had made some major improvements. I went from being incredibly shy and too scared to talk to a woman to being confident and able to talk to most people. But this was not sufficient. The vast majority of the women I was interested in had boyfriends or was simply not interested in me. A lot of the women that I thought were interested turned out to be flakes. And the rare occasions that I did go on a date, it would rarely lead to a second date and never to a third date. To add insult to injury, during that entire night I saw guys who I felt were not as impressive as me with girlfriends. I was tired of doing all of this work and not getting anywhere, especially when there were guys out there not working nearly as hard as me getting success with women. I was tired of not getting the girls I wanted and having to take the girls I could get. It was incredibly frustrating and I had no idea as to what I was doing wrong.

    As I was heading home I thought what I could do to correct whatever I was doing wrong and I immediately thought of a Love Systems bootcamp. They were the first company that popped into my head because they sent me an e-mail a month ago wishing me a happy birthday. I had known of such bootcamps since June 2008 but never pursued them because I thought $3,000 was a lot of money and I could teach myself the material. Besides, it was probably a hoax anyway. Over the next few days I tried to convince myself that I was making the right decision by signing up for this bootcamp. I read several of the other reviews of bootcamps, I watched clips of Love Systems on Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil, articles and reviews of journalists not affiliated with Love Systems, etc. and they all presented a positive view of Love Systems. I think what won me over was reading the profile of some of the Love Systems instructors and how Love Systems helped them overcome their problems with women; many of those stories were very inspiring. I thought to myself that "this has to work" otherwise I am doomed to live the rest of my life being unsuccessful with women. Fortunately, this bootcamp put me on the right track to being successful with women.

    Day 1

    The instructors for the bootcamp were Braddock, Daxx, Dubbsy, Calabrese and Red Hammer. There were 12 students for the bootcamp, so overall, a good student to instructor ratio. Upon a cursory glance the students seemed like normal guys who would not have any trouble meeting women. After doing a roll call to make sure everyone was present, Braddock started the discussion by encouraging us to create narrow goals, stating that repetition is what leads to mastery and to master the basics. During the first day we covered Opening and Transitioning. Braddock thoroughly explained direct openers and indirect openers and how to do them and what are the rewards and risks of doing them. He also spoke about the different kinds of transitions you could do to lead to a normal conversation. I thought the most important part was when we broke off into groups of 3-4 students and 1 instructor and practiced opening groups, opening an individual person in a group and breaking away from your own group to talk to a target. This exercise helped to eliminate any personal problems such as talking too fast or being too quiet. The session ended at 7:30 and we were told to report to the first venue of the night at 10:30 pm.

    When I arrived at the first venue at 10:30 pm, most of my peers from the bootcamp were already there. After warming up for 30 minutes, I approached sets like I had never approached before. The first few sets were awkward but after a while I was getting great reactions from the sets I approached. Some of the girls would introduce me to their friends while other girls were really engaged in my conversation with them. I could have number closed from at least a couple of sets but I usually ejected because I would run out of things to say and I wanted to open as many sets as I could. Around 12:30 am we changed venues and remained at the second place for the rest of the night. I continued to approach sets until the point I was physically tired of talking to women. It was a good night. I probably approached over 30 sets which is the most I had ever done. Not every conversation went well but I had performed considerably better than I had ever done in a bar or club situation. I thought another benefit was having the other guys from the seminar there as well. They would provide verbal support throughout the night and sometimes serve as wingmen. Since I was so busy focusing on approaching sets I did not focus too much on asking for help from the instructors but they would occasionally see how my set went and provided feedback for improvement. I left the club at 2:30 pm feeling physically exhausted but ecstatic over the improvement I had in just one night.

    Day 2

    We started with a debrief from the night before where everyone in the classroom stated an important aspect of game that they realized from the night before. The seminar portion for Day 2 felt like an information overload. Braddock talked about winging, kino, routines, different types of attraction, teasing and role playing. We took minimal breaks for it seemed as if Braddock was trying to fit in as much information as he could. The seminar portion ended at 7:30 pm and we were told to report to the venue at 10:30 pm.

    We stayed at the same venue all night. I liked it more because the venues the previous night were very loud. This night I approached approximately 26 or 27 sets.Braddock, Daxx and Dubbsy gave me incredibly helpful advice as far as opening and transition. They told me to slow down and speak louder. Even though I did not feel that I did as great the night before, I had accomplished my goals and that was the important part. Braddock made a point of stating that you will not have huge spikes of improvement every night. He stated that your improvements will be more minimal as you improve your skills but that does not mean that you are not improving. He set the frame of looking at goals by focusing on what you accomplish and setting small goals each weeks instead of focusing on what you did not accomplish and feel that you were not getting any better.

    Day 3

    This day we talked about how to set goals, the right psychology you need to appreciate the goals you have accomplished and to push further to achieve goals you thought were impossible, qualification, comfort, sexual hoops, seduction, phone and text game and same night lays. Similar to Day 2, this felt like an overload of information but it was information I probably would have never known if not for this seminar. We started at 2 pm but the lecture did not finish until 8 pm. From 8 pm to 8:20, the instructors told each student what they needed to work on and recommended an interview topic from the Love Systems Interview Series for each person to listen to.

    The Instructors

    The instructors were some of the coolest guys I had ever met. Braddock is incredibly knowledgeable not only when it comes to game but for setting goals and helping you achieve them as well as psychology and human interaction. He was hilarious as well and I did not feel bored at all during his lectures. I felt that each instructor gave me helpful advice to help me correct the deficiencies in my game.

    The Week After

    I have had positive results during this past week after taking the bootcamp. While riding the bus one night I saw an attractive girl, did a direct opener, moved to qualification and at the end of the conversation, she was suggesting that we meet for coffee, which had never happened before since I am usually the one who suggested going to dates. This past Saturday, I went to the same venue I had gone to on Saturday, November 18, 2009 for I felt it was a fitting place to return to since it inspired me to take a bootcamp. Although I did not open 25 to 30 sets as I did the previous weekend (since I left for home around 1:00 am), I opened 12 -15 sets and they were much better quality than the sets I opened during the bootcamp. The conversations were longer than the week before and I got a solid number, which was huge for me since I hardly ever get s number when I go to the club.

    In Conclusion, What a Bootcamp Can Do for You

    A Love Systems bootcamp will not automatically make you a master at attracting women over the course of three days. It will not automatically "fix" you; you will have to do consistent work after the bootcamp. A bootcamp will not allow you to get any woman you want. As the instructors explain, no one, not even themselves or any high status person, can get anyone they want. A bootcamp will help you stop doing behaviors that will hold you back with women and show you what you need to do in order to reach success. I feel that what you can learn at a Love Systems bootcamp will not only help you become better with women but with your life in general. A bootcamp can:

    • Push you out of your comfort zone and make you approach more women, get longer conversations, say things to women you did not think was possible and have it work. In other words, be a more confident person.

    • Learn techniques where you can improve your conversation skills and become a funnier person.

    • Eliminate certain habits that hold you back with having success with women. If you speak to fast, have a feminine voice, are monotone, etc., taking a bootcamp can help you with this.

    • Inspire you to go out and meet women. After taking this bootcamp, I feel like I want to approach every woman I see. While I used to dread going to bars and clubs, I feel excited and cannot wait until the Friday and Saturday so I can practice the skills that I have learned.

    • Develop a game plan so you can reach your goals

    • Teach you information that can help you meet more women, get more dates and have more sex/a girlfriend or whatever your particular dating goal is.

    • Teach you information where, if you practice enough, you can become better than "naturals". A lot of naturals make a lot of mistakes with women but they do not find the need to correct them since they are already successful with women. By working on your own flaws you can become as good as naturals and surpass them since they will make mistakes that you will know not to make.

    A bootcamp is essential if you want to improve your success with women. Reading and trying to teach yourself is not sufficient. A bootcamp can help you no matter your skill level. I strongly recommend taking a Love Systems bootcamp.

    Thank you Braddock, Daxx, Dubbsy, Calabrese and Red Hammer. I feel that the advice you all have given me will help me attain the dating success that I have always wanted.

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    Braddock Bootcamp - Washington DC, January 2010

    The Best of the Best…

    I’ll start off by introducing a little about myself in order to give you an idea of the invaluable information Braddock and his team of mad-scientists provide you with (and how well it works).

    I’m 21-years old, attend college full-time and work part time as an intern. When I’m not at school or work, I’m usually locked in the library or watching pornography on the internet. Though I do have a great group of friends (making friends was never hard for me) I have never had success with the opposite sex. Much of this, whether or not people admit it, is perhaps due to a combination of me being a soft-little idiot who once believed that if a guy were to emotionally-connect with a girl (like they do in those cheesy romantic films) then she’d instantly fall in love with him! Unfortunately, that’s not the type of connection that helps attract women, rather, it is a guarantee of landing into the cohesively-infinite friends-zone, something that’s been plaguing me since I was the quiet/shy creepy kid on the playground.

    Another factor that’s led me to have horrid luck with women in my life is the fact that I am short. And no, as I will further explain, it’s not that I’m short per se, but because my height has always attracted the attention of belligerent assholes at bars and school who pick on me to demonstrate their manliness (oh what men they are: may as well go fight an old woman using a walker…sheesh) which has pushed me into a whirlwind of depression, hopelessness and absolute resentment of the opposite sex as being mindless, soulless and disgusting creatures who only want bullies that are 6’28 and pick on kids in wheelchairs… And here is where Braddock stepped in and kicked the cynical bitch out of me…killed my former self and helped create my new alter-ego, BiggieSmallz (no, I am not schizophrenic, I talk the way I do because I’m a geek who reads a lot of comics…sue me…).

    I will start off by saying that these guys are the mother-f’ing deal (inside joke) who teach things that one cannot put a price on. Though $3,000 is a lot of money (I’ll be broke for a long time to come), you simply cannot put a price on what Braddock and his team – Dubbsy, Daxx, Calabrese, and Redhammer have taught.

    Each man taught with their own style, yet had a consistency and demonstrated brotherly-love that I will never forget. Their personalities were all so amazingly-refreshing, different, and definitely helpful.

    The things you learn, while I will not go into great depth (I’m sure you guys have a general gist of things) are so precious and are taught by Braddock with such passion. He’s not teaching because of the money, that I know for sure, he’s doing it because he believes in it, because he loves it, because his beautiful (yes, the man is beautiful and so are his eyes) light up when he saw me make a personal breakthrough led me to tear up later that night in absolute appreciation for what he and his amazing friends instilled in me. They taught me to value myself. Each and every one of these guys are amazing, in their own ways.

    I cannot stress enough the absolute value of this seminar. It’s not just about picking up women (though that’s the obvious main thing about it) but about how to provide your self with the value that every decent person deserves.

    Society isn’t easy on us AFCs. It is a materialistic world, and yes, my height is and will always be a disadvantage. But at the very least, I know for sure that I’ve been given the power to understand, and with some more practice, utilize my own value to be able to attract the girls I want. No, I’m not saying you’ll come out of this thing being able to get any and every girl (nobody can, not even Style). But what I am saying is that any guy is capable of attracting an attractive girl. Yes, this is true and has been proven. If anyone can prove it, it’s me, a 5’0 little geek who managed to attract a beautiful (and considerably tall) woman from Berkeley, California (and even managed to get my first kiss).

    There is much more to be said, and I can honestly fill a page on each guy. I don’t want to seem like I’m skimming over anyone, because each of these guys are amazing to be around, amazing to see in action, and each have their own personalities. What’s also great is the students are all really good men to be around and for those three days we were together, we certainly formed a bond, a band-of-brothers-type of union, which we used when going out to the chaotic club scenes. We battled our way into demonstrating to hot babes that we, with all of our imperfections, were just as awesome as your typical leather-wearing, wife-beating, secretly-gay bully/jock asshole.

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    If there is one review that would have me dole out $3,000 beanos... This is the one. As a fellow five-foot nothing college student who occasionally puts two chairs together in the library to catch a few hours of shut-eye here and there, it's time for me to start a Lovesystems fund.

    Very well-written and inspiring.

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    Trust me dude, it's worth it. But you HAVE to be ready to study this afterwards as well, make sure you get the big-picture of what they're teaching because that is critical.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandelay View Post
    If there is one review that would have me dole out $3,000 beanos... This is the one. As a fellow five-foot nothing college student who occasionally puts two chairs together in the library to catch a few hours of shut-eye here and there, it's time for me to start a Lovesystems fund.

    Very well-written and inspiring.

  7. Braddock Bootcamp-Washington DC, Jan 2010

    Attending a bootcamp is expensive, but it is worth it. I read The Game for the first time a few years ago, but never forced myself to actually get out in the field and practice. A bootcamp is different, because you have some of the best instructors in the world giving you their attention. I opened 14 sets my first night, which is a big change for me. Seeing what good looks like and receiving individual feedback from the instructors is crucial.

    All of the instructors are awesome and Braddock is amazing. Every instructor is different and it helps you to understand that you aren't just memorizing a bunch of lines and spitting them out, but developing a type of game that fits you.

    Overall, I am glad that I went through the bootcamp. It gave me not only the tools to pick up girls, but the social skills that I needed to do well in life.

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    My Stepping Stone: 1 Month Later

    [CENTER]***Notice: title clever reference to great metaphor and awesome song from classic hardcore punk band, Minor Threat. All rights reserved, please don't sue my ass...***[/CENTER]

    Updated Feb. 15, 2010:

    Well, it’s been a month since I took bootcamp and I thought it would appropriate to let you guys know what my progression has been like.

    First thing’s first – I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not you think I’ve progressed good (that’s your opinion) but just know this: A month ago, I had never even kissed a girl. Nor have I had experiences attracting girls. I thought that was something that only douche bags with generic hair cuts and bad music tastes can do.

    Jan. – Braddock kicks me in the balls really hard

    After growing a new pair of testicles, I must say things have been swell!

    - I have not only now kissed-closed girls (I did that first night of bootcamp!) but I have recently done two most awesome things in one night:

    (i) I end up going out with the housing mentor of my dorm, a HOT 26-year old graduate student who gets hit on and has told me “you undergraduate guys, sooo out of my league.” This is a very sweet girl, very bright, but she likes older guys and can get fired for being with the students, as she is a councilor of sorts (and graduate student). I stayed over her place until 2:30 AM, just for the record… J
    (ii) After leaving from there, I get a text from this girl who goes to my school (but never met her in person, she was facebook friends with me for some odd reason). I was ignoring her texts when I was with the RA but when I replied, I was in bed and unexpectedly she said she’d come over (this was 3:30 AM on a school night!).
    Within 25 minutes of her coming over – with lots of alcohol – we were making out. Oh, and we didn’t even touch our drinks.
    Needless to say the chick has a boyfriend and I think she feels guilty about that night…so she stopped talking to me, ha ha

    My main point is this: No, I have not lost my virginity. No, I have not had many make-outs, at all. No, I do not consistently get ALL girls to like me at one venue. And yes, OH YES, I GET BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.

    But had you told me a month ago that I could legitimately attract BEAUTIFUL women without lying about my status or wealth I would have laughed at you. I would have laughed at the thought or idea that a Law Student (hot one) from one of the most prestigious law schools in the world would be all over me just by me acting gay and telling her I liked her boyfriend. I would have laughed if you told me that on my way to a club, with my friends, during the metro ride a MILF (also graduate from a prestigious university) with a wedding ring began talking to me, and with 3 friends there (I was talking the less) she was literally looking at me as if she wanted to fucking rape me. She ended up debating going out with my friends and I or going home to her husband and children. I told her to choose the latter, I felt bad and wanted to party.


    Yes, I have A LOT to learn. Yes, it gets frustrating. And yes, I’ve had bad nights…really shitty nights. But even those nights I hook at least 1 girl.

    Look, many guys might give up. Guys, if you took the classes especially, DON’T GIVE UP because if you do what our instructors have taught us, that is, make goals, practice, write and create ‘screenplays’ of pick-ups, map-out strategies, algorithms, and all that.


    And yes, douche bags at bars still pick me on. Whatever! Those guys have small cocks. I don’t. It’s all about frame.

    I shall keep you guys updated more. I know this update has been everywhere but I have 200 things on my mind for work and school so I wrote this in a rush without much thought.

    Till next time,


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    This is an update: Above, you guys can see my story and how it began. I never kissed, or had a real kiss, before January. Finally, I lost my v-card:

    Lay Report – Biggie’s 1st Fuck-Close! Biggie’s V-Card Was Taken! I’m a V No More!

    I’m writing this in the style of Extramask’s LR as published on page 67 of The Game just because I thought it was pretty hilarious and was, like mine’s, a first report on getting laid and yet not being able to cum.

    Also, before I begin – I’ll briefly tell you that my story is somewhat unique in some ways, is definitely one that many can identify with. I am a 22-year old college student who’s very short. Literally, I am only 5’ tall and before January 2010 have never even kissed a girl. In fact, women were pretty much disgusted by me up until that point. I was introduced to the Game last summer after a friend handed me the book and took an actual Love Systems workshop in January. Since then, I’ve made out with literally more women than I can remember. The journey continues, and this is only the beginning. May my story inspire you all…

    The story…

    I had briefly met this tall blonde with huge breasts (HBDD) during finals week in May. She was studying with two of my friends and I had gone up to their study room to ask them to join me for a cigarette outside. I noticed her but didn’t say much (though was like “damn, she’s fucking fuckable as fuck” in my head.

    NEXT DAY, I’m at my friend’s dorm waiting for him to come outside and upon lighting our cigarettes I casually ask him who that blonde chick was.

    Biggie: yo dude, who was that cute blonde with huge tits you guys were studying with last night?
    Friend1: dude, she’s nobody man…
    Biggie: well, she’s hot and I want to try to hit that, if you don’t mind…
    Friend1: Biggie dude, not worth the try man – she’s a bitch, alright? Just don’t…you don’t have a shot with her dude – no offense, she’s only into tall guys…
    Biggie: why do you say this?
    Friend1: look dude…after you left the room last night she made a really fucked-up comment about you…about your height…and it pissed me off. She’s a bitch…w/e man, she’s not worth it bro
    Friend2: Yea Biggie, we’re sorry, but we both got pretty angry when she said that.
    Biggie: guys, don’t you know what this means? I bet you I can get her to become attracted to me…just give me 15 minutes with her alone…just 15 minutes is all I ask for.

    So that night in the library, Friend1 and 2 call me outside for a cig. They say they’re going to Starbucks but had left HBDD on a bench by herself; they winked at me, said good luck and off they went; Gotta love good friends. J

    I approach HBDD with a bit of animosity just because of the comments I had heard that she made about me… I decided “fuck it, this girl is going to get pwn3d and n3gg3d like there’s no tomorrow.”

    Biggie: hey, you must be HBDD, Friend1 & 2 told me you’d be here alone while they’re getting their coffee. What’s up, I’m Biggie
    HBDD: Oh hey…what’s up?

    We talk. I begin re-framing every piece of conversation she tries throwing. This girl brags a lot. But so do I. I owned every topic she started. Then I got into the height issue, indirectly…

    Biggie: you know, I love tall girls… in fact, I only date tall ones. They’re just so hot, it’s like I’m conquering an amazon. My last girlfriend was like you…except more feminine than you are…
    HBDD: well, I have a rather deeper than usual voice for a girl and I work out a lot so I’m fit…
    Biggie: no, look at you, omg! You have muscles! Haha, that’s kinda hot…but I’m not into guys…haha, kidding.
    HBDD: eh, so many guys are intimdated by my fitness, but w/e…I’m still girlie sometimes… (HER TRYING/BEGINNING TO QUALIFY HERSELF)…umm, would you like to come upstairs with me to get my stuff from the library…I want to go to the dorm and sleep – big final tomorrow (GOOD SIGN THAT SHE QUALIFIED AND BECAME COMFORTABLE-ENOUGH ROUND ME AFTER I DISARMED THE SHIT OUT OF HER)
    Biggie: yea, why not – nothing else to do… hey, you’re right though, you are girly but overly aggressive – lots of testostrone in you (I RUN FINGER-LENGTH ROUTINE)
    HBDD: I’m usually girly and cute! (QUALIFYING AGAIN)
    Biggie: not cute, I’d say that you’re more handsome if anything!

    She laughs. I joke about her looking better with glasses. As friends come back and we go back downstairs to meet she begins qualifying herself like crazy and asking them about how she looks. I clearly disarmed the hell out of her. I tooled her like crazy.
    I find out this chick is still in DC for classes and to do personal training (she’s a personal trainer – and a fitness freak. I add her on facebook, establish a day to meet up and we begin texting…all day. We plan to meet at her dorm and she says that she’s at the gym and will shower and then cook us dinner. In my head I’m like “fuck yes, I’M ABOUT TO FUCKING GET LAID, FUCK YEA!”

    All morning I spend time trimming so that she doesn’t get hairball in her throat during the blowjob process. Afterwards, I head over and read over some patterns and material that Quickkill had taught me. I mean, MM-style is good for disarming and attracting but I needed to be sexually threatening, dominant and persistent. I also needed to know seduction patterns.

    I make my way to Quickkill’s place in VA. I’m a nervous wreck. He hands me a deck of hand-writing analysis cards (which I knew she’d dig since she’s also a psych. Major). I’m sweating profusely like a pedophile in a school bus but Quick’s devilish charm and hypnosis calm me down.

    I make my way over to DC to her dorm. I’m peacocked a bit with a fitted pink dress shirt from Europe, a fo-hawk and bracelets. I make sure that I had gum in my mouth. I call her to have her come get me from outside and while I do that, I light a cigarette.

    What happens next is pretty important. She comes down and we hug and chit-chat while I smoke a cigarette. A group of popular and good-looking guys with their girls come out and all run and circle and surround me, pushing HBDD out of the circle.

    Popularkid1: Biggie – I was told what a fucking pimp you are – Friend 3 told me you fucked a married chick!
    Popularkid2: No, Friend3 said he made out with her and her husband came from behind
    Biggie: oh, YEA, we’ll talk about that later, haha (trying to act nonchalant)
    Popularkid3: dude, you look really nice – come out to Josephine’s with us tonight bro, come on!
    Biggie: eh, I’ll be promoting next semester, the club scene is beginning to bore me

    We finish, I go upstairs and she’s just looking at me probably wondering “how the fuck does this dude know all these people – and wow, he must be a fucking player”

    We’re upstairs at her place. It’s really nice. Her roomie isn’t there.

    We have a LITTLE to drink and take some Valium. She begins showing me her bikini collection. I tell her to change infront of me.

    I begin owning and re-framing and connecting with her world, just like I did with HBAngel from the week prior. I tell her “isn’t it interesting – I bet most guys are so intimidated by your height, aren’t they?” she agrees enthusiastically, and I then say “and I’m willing to bet you that most guys don’t realize that girls have it just as hard, if not harder, finding partners…not because you can’t but because you don’t want people to think you’re a slut and guys talk…”

    HBDD’s: wow, I didn’t think you’d know… most guys have no idea. And yet, you do, unlike other guys. No wonder you’re such a lady’s man…you’re so different

    She’s shocked that I know all this. That I am connecting with her. She begins breathing heavily after changing into a sexy outfit again. I mirror that (credit Quickkill). I then find and use trance words on her. Anchor the shit out of her trnace words and introduce enough state breaks to leave her wanting more.

    Biggie: you should try that on for me…right now…
    HBDDs: I’m not wearing any underwear…don’t look…
    Biggie (with a smile): oh, I might peak…

    She gets close after she wears it and we are on the bed together. We talk bullshit, psychology, bullshit, more psychology, friends, and finally sex. I get her to tell me about her all lesbian 3-way experience during camp. I then run the instantaneous-connection routine on her when the time was right (credit, Quickkill).

    I ask to smell her perfume (trigger word – thanks Braddock) since she told me she’s obsessed with scents. I begin kissing her neck. Then I move to her mouth. I lay her down, go down to the her chest and begin kissing in between her breasts. She’s loving it.

    I move down to her belly button, I kiss that, I move up to her lips, then back down and then I eat her out and make her cum. I’m thinking to myself “I THOUGHT PUSSY TASTED BAD…THIS ISN’T BAD AT ALL…WTF, THIS IS AWESOME”

    She cums. I get on top and kiss her. She says “we’re not fucking…” and I say “I know” while rubbing my cock against her clit” and then she says “don’t stick it in” and I Say “oh, I won’t” and stick it in anyways. I begin fucking her. She’s wet as fuck. I’m like “this is sex…wtf…it’s ok” I’m plowing away at her cunt and then I begin to suck on her big tits. I couldn’t CUM. WTF!

    WHY COULDN’T I CUM! I’m just pumping against her fucking wet cunt for a while yet I’m not even getting tha turned on. Jerking off feels better! I stop and tell her to blow me. She doesn’t want to. I’m thinking “umm, bitch, I just ate your cunt and fucked you” but said nothing since she was tired. I left her room for a cigarette and came back. She was in bed and I turned off the lights and we cuddled in bed. I told her “tomorrow, we’re fucking harder, and you’re going to blow my cock – ok?” She agreed.

    The next morning she did so. She gagged all over my cock. Deep-throated it. God, that felt so good. I Fucked her again and again, different positions. Still couldn’t cum. Then I lost my boner. WTF! I lost my fucking boner!

    She sucked my cock to get it up but it wouldn’t. She said “workshop’s closed” and got up. Then said “it must be my fault…” I said “no no, it’s probably the valium…”

    I fucking doubt it’s the valium. Wtf, why did that happen. I wasn’t nervous. I was fucking. Yet my cock wouldn’t get hard. I gave her another hickie (after she told me not to..but then said it felt good and turned her neck) and got hard again. It’s like…foreplay makes me hard…sexual talk makes me hard…but fucking, the ACTUAL PROCESS OF FUCKING doesn’t?? wtf?!?!

    I kiss her goodbye and head home. She said she wants to see me the next day because she wants me to teach her how to approach guys. I asked her if was her type. She said that not really but that I had filled her with lust. Therefore, I seduced her. And so it begins…I’m a man now.

    Thanks to all who helped me through this process. From the dudes over at Love Systems to Quickkill’s workshop, to the forum members and community itself which had it not been for you guys, I would not be anywhere near I am today. Thank you all.
    I don’t repress, I progress and when I do, I manifest myself onto achieving another level of greatness.

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    Congrats on your success!

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