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    Hey all! Hope that we can pull together a nice size community in Beijing. I've seen some posts a few months old but I don't know if anything materialized from that. Let's see if we can start something going with meet-ups to go sarging, share material, or just swap war stories.

    A bit about me... you all can call me Roadracer as I race motorcycles frequently back in Chicago. I'm a 27 yr old laid-off computer programmer who is applying to Tsinghua University to go to grad school here in 2010. I'll be in Beijing until April and will return on a more full time basis in Fall. I do speak Mandarin completely fluently (as in no accent, no hesitation, it is my native language), but since I moved to America when I was 4 years old, I never learned formally so my vocabulary is extremely limited. Still, good enough to pick up plenty of girls especially if they are college students or grads who know at least a little English.

    I've just learned about the whole pick up artist community and the seduction art a couple of days ago when trying to figure out how to up my game. I've been getting lots of results lately just meeting girls online but really prefer to try cold approaches in public too. I figure I'm doing OK and am on and off with about 5 girls right now (couple of MLTR's and one long distance girl in Qinhuangdao), but after reading some of the stories here I know I can do more and better! I wanna date more HB8's and 9's and fewer 6's and 7's I tried a couple of cold approaches a few days ago and even though they were complete failures (one girl turned beet red and wouldn't even look at me after I asked her name) I got a rush and a big boost of self-confidence just making the effort.

    Problem is I'm always solo or with a date, I don't have any male friends in Beijing. I would love to meet any of my fellow PUA in Beijing and go sarging, or even just to meet some new people on a non-PUA basis

    Guys, PM me or get in touch another way. I use QQ (1247151232) or MSN ( I know there have to be plenty of AFC's around in Beijing who would like to poke their heads out of the shadows!

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    Sup dude, just shot you an email, should def meetup.

    But, seriously? are there no one else here in Beijing?

  3. Woops, sorry, I never check my hotmail email account. There's actually several of us here. Me and MisterK and JaggedG from this forum have been having a great time the last couple of weeks dating and picking up girls from bars/clubs/internet... great times.

    Anyone else in Beijing interested? Plenty of Western bars around and you can assume the girls will speak at least enough English to hold some basic conversation.

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    I'm in BJ looking for a wingman (foreigner or Chinese), and will stay here for at least another 2-3 months.

    I'm 29 years old, from Denmark, and I've been in the game for two years and have had some success, especially with direct street game in Copenhagen, where I used to live.

    I speak enough Mandarin to sarge and 'close'. Is anyone interested in hooking up sometime and go out? I'm into both day and night game.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone interested, so send me a pm!

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    I am in Beijing now (Foreigner) and would absolutely love to meet some guys to go sarging with. We can go for a drink, discuss game, strategies and routines and hopefully hit the clubbing scene here. I have been in the game for a while now and have done pretty well so far, although there are lots and lots of concepts that I would love to field test and a wing would be awesome. Drop me a PM wth your MSN or skype and hopefully we can take it from there.

  6. I just currently arrived here in Beijing a week ago, and finally settled down, I've been in the game for a year. I'd love to meet some of you guys to discuss game and go out sarging. Drop me a Pm with your msn or cell and hopefully we can meet up.

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    Going out in Beijing

    I'm new to Beijing and will be here a long time.

    Looking for a good group of guys to go out with regularly, have fun, and of course always improve.

    I'm no AFC, but I'm not a pro either.

    I'm 28, Caucasian, from the USA, and speak pretty good Chinese.

    There's a lot of good times to be had here in BJ, let's get on it!

    My qq: (909837241) - be sure to tell me you saw me on the attraction forums or I may ignore you

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    Hey guys, do you find friends to wing & go out pick up girls? I'm a native Chinese and spent several years in US for school. So fluent in both English and Mandarin. Although I've been studying games for two years, never made effort practicing it since I had a stable relationship during college.

    Right now I have to start everything from scratch here. I'd love to meet anyone who's interested in making friends, go out sarging, day & night game, give feedbacks to each other.

    Also if you want me to help you with some Chinese routines, definitely no problem. drop me a line at . I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I want in. I'm also Chinese American, fluent both ways. My office is in Beijing. Need regular wings to sarge with. I'm done with relationships for now.

  10. Me too. I'm a german student and will stay here for half a year. Would like to meet some pu guys and see where and how they're playing here...

    p.s. can speek only few words in chinese...definetly not enough for a normal conversation...

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