wussy to boyfriend...!?! a quest lol

hello, this very attractive girl i met some years ago, came to me for help, she is away from her country and struggling to start a life in another place, alone "in love" for someone else. She asked me if i would marry her to sort out her documents which at the time i thought it would be a nice deal, as we would need to live together for sometime, that would help me to move out of my parents house.
its being thought because she cant find a decent job, and i ended up having/wanting to help/support her because she really cant get money without a job.
now i understand that there is only one way to look at this situation, if i helped her in the first place was because i was found of her although we keep talking about it in a "helping friend" way.
I been doing it all (wrong) money, friendship, emotional support you name it i done it, now, i cant change nor i want, to stop helping her she needs someone to help her for the time being.

now i have the intention of changing our relationship to something more.
Being a wussy its done although i regret it i cant do nothing to change what ive done, its been a learning experience and im glad for that.

but i need your opinion on this, understanding that doing something for her wont make her more found of me it will actually make her repel. what is your advice? is it doomed? should i change my way immediately? i have the intention to marry her to give her her documents, its something we agreed on and i dont intend to fail. But what should the next step be? any advices?

by the way the motive for this is that i just payed her rent, and borrowed her some money (the old me), the new me just started to watch David DeAngelo work two days ago and im desperate to change my way from being a wussy to being an Alpha (hahaha), so what should i do? wait for her to be settled on her own and then start behaving like a man or is this relastionship doomed to fail?

best wishes, goodbye!