Asking date for same day?
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  1. Asking date for same day?

    So I have been gaming this one girl but we have always ended up just getting together for drinks and going to bars. And one time we ended up back at her place fooling around.

    I want to ask her for dinner to change the context of our relationship. Should I give her like a 1 day notice or can I call her earlier the same day I want to take her out.

    I was thinking about just calling her up and being like "Hey tonight lets go to such and such restaurant" or will this most likely not work?


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    I personally wouldn't take a girl out to such and such restaurant until we've been seeing each other for at least 3 weeks. The relationship should also be sexual!

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    I personally wouldn't take a girl out to such and such restaurant until we've been seeing each other for at least 3 weeks. The relationship should also be sexual!
    Well I meet this girl in class and I don't want to just be the random guy she goes out and drinks with, and drunkingly hooks up with. This is a college situation btw... Isn't it a good idea to break apart from that whole club thing and get the girl to hang out in another context?

    O but as far as my question is concerned... im completely new to dating and such and was wondering if its frowned upon to ask on a dinner date the same day? Should I ask her for tomorrow instead?

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    See below
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    Day 2 ideas

    Hey Bro,

    I suggest you forget the dinner date idea and go with something more fun that shows your personality. Women like a man who is different from the rest and she enjoys hanging out with; taking her to a restuarant is shit for multiple reasons:

    1) It's VERY formal
    2) It's difficult to have fun
    3) You are sitting across the table from her so physical escalation is difficult
    4) You HAVE to think of things to talk about the entire night otherwise things get awkward.

    Instead I suggest one of the following ideas:

    Lie on your back and imagine what shapes the clouds look like.
    Eat a bubble gum flavored ice cream cone.
    Slide down a slide or swing on a swing.
    Look for the rainbow after a rain.
    Go roller-skating in the park.
    Make a dandelion necklace.
    Run through a sprinkler.
    Drink Kool-Aid.
    Make mud pies.
    Count the stars.
    Play hopscotch.
    Visit the zoo.
    Fly a kite.
    Jump rope.
    Rent Cinderella.
    Build a sandcastle.
    Skip down the street.
    Jump into a rain puddle.
    Try to step on your shadow.
    Make a wish on a falling star.
    Sit under a tree and read a book.
    Run barefoot through wet grass.
    Go to the park and feed the ducks.
    Lie on the ground and watch ants at work.
    Eat a popsicle real slow so that it melts and runs down your arm.

    The idea, is to be DIFFERENT from every other man she has dated and you do this by not doing what every other man has done; and the restauant is on that list of done dates.

    Oh and as to how you go about asking her, it's simple. Just ask her what she is up to later on in the week (don't say that night because you want to be seen as though you have a life outside of waiting for her to say yes to your date). Say Thursday afternoon or Friday night (change accordingly) and then say you want to hang out. Keep it light, casual and informal... if you do this, she'll come.

    Good luck with your date,

    Mr One Two

  6. Thanks for the advice man... ya I called her up and she was busy tonight and I didn't really suggest another time. It seems like she is always busy or some shit... but says stuff like lets hangout soon so maybe she really is just busy.

    Whats the best way to set something up with her so it doesn't seem like I have no life?
    I don't want to be like ... what about tuesday, well how bout wednesday, etc etc.... you know? I believe she really is genuinely busy because she is a high value girl... and I thought she was attracted to me but I dono... any ideas?

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