LR: Bartender HB 7.5

Last weekend I layed a hypersocialized bartender who worked at a top 10 bar in a major city and I made out with her at the bar on a busy night, came in on a slow night to scope out the venue for a weekend of sarging. I played with her ipod as there were 12 people in the bar on a wednesday, got her to recommend a bar which would be good (again i was looking to figure out where i wanted to sarge that weekend) came back told her it sucked and bought a drink for my wing and i talked about how i knew this drink because i knew lots of bartenders (unique drink) i talked to some of the people working at the bar and got very in with them showing them how to run things and asking questions about what they did (i've been a bouncer and a dj).

so that weekend we went sarging and she asked some one to come find me on another floor in the bar when she saw me she was drunk and some total asshole was verbally abusing her at the bar as he wanted a free drink, I tooled the shit out of him and she told me she only gave free drinks to those she liked after he was gone, i told her to buy me my wing and herself a shot, we kinoed eachother and then made out across the bar it was a busy night but it was right at closing so there was maybe one person looking at the bar, called her and talked about how she's not hot but is fun on the phone, (a frame, she's pretty hot).

I took her out on a date on her off day, she walked into the bathroom as soon as we got to the restaurant, so I flirted with the girl that was seating people and she walked up on me and the seater drawing things on the kids menus with crayons, she girl-amoged the server by doing this weird thing where she hugged the other girl and was super nice to her until she left, I suggested we go to her place after eating and a few venue changes down the street, we were out for a while though, we went to the supermarket to buy coffee stopped by a closed coffee shop and checked out a closed book store, and had a cigarette.

At her place we spent 2 minutes watching something on her computer before i fucked her. She said that she didn't want to go home with me so early in our relationship but she couldn't refuse and the sex was too rough. Basically a HB 7.5 was picked up and barley decided to fuck me after she got jealous of a girl that wasn't into me at all but was humoring me as a customer at her restaurant.