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  1. Deepest Gratitude

    Thank you so much Braddok and Mr. M!

    Phone and Text game has been the missing part of my game for far too long.

    I just finished reading the entire book and let me tell you...

    If Braddock and Mr. M where in front of me right now I would hug them with tears in my eyes.

    This book, along with the determination to put it into practice consistently, is all you'll ever need to get the solid phone and text game you desire.

    The above post pretty much sums it up. BUY THIS NOW if you want to find the road map to developing better text and phone game.

  2. I think it's strange that most people who've posted in this thread are people with 5 or 10 posts.

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    Phone & Text Game

    Ho-ly shit , this ebook is fucking awesome. Braddock and Mr M are huuuge names in this community so it was no surprise to me that this book blew my mind.

    Phone and text game has been one of my sticking points for a while.. if I manage to get a date with a girl, I think it's usually because our interaction went pretty well so there was less work to do on the phone.. I could never use phone or text game to turn a lame interaction into a date but reading this book gets me that much closer.

    Braddock is a comedy genius and itís easy to tell that heís always had a naturally well developed sense of humour when you read some of his transcripts. What I found really helpful in this book was the text examples given everywhere by LS instructors.. One that I found really interesting was some dialogue between Big Business and a girl that was a lot like some of my text interactions with girls who arenít that into me.

    Guy: Something funny
    Girl: Nothing or dismissive reply
    Guy: Something else funny
    Guy: Push for date
    Hereís where it gets different..
    Girl: Accepts date. Wtf?

    The difference is that Big Business actually got the date, which seemed weird if you just read through the interaction on a verbal level, but itís obvious that some more principles were being applied on a deeper level, so Iím looking forward to trying out these techniques with future numbers I get.

    Phone and Text Game is FULL of awesome techniques, one of these being Ďfusesí which I had never heard of before.. but makes so much sense if you find out what it is and how it works.

    Iíve seen some products from other companies in the industry such as RSD and Brad P, and these programs are awesome, theyíve helped me out a lot in my game, but thereís so much that sets Love Systems apart and this is one example.

    At first when I saw how long the book was, I thought to myself ďWtf, how can you write this much about using your phone to get a date?!Ē But I was wrong.. Like all the other areas of game, this can be perfected, which Mr M and Braddock have obviously done for themselves, and there is a lot more to it beyond the surface. Game continues to amaze the shit out of me.

    There is huge similarity between this book and Magic Bullets (which I think should definitely be read before Phone and Text Game just for a more solid understanding of the EPM), and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game.

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    Is there any talk about releasing this in Kindle form?

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    Phone & Text for Kindle

    Hey man,
    They've already got it for sale on the Kindle store: The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game eBook: Braddock, Mr. M: Kindle Store

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    I just bought the book a few days ago and must say I was amazed by the results. Just by reading the first few chapters, I can already tell this a must read for anyone to want to improve their game and relationships with women during the hardest part, the texting game. Kudos to Braddock and Mr. M for writing this.

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    Got the ultimate guide the day it came out and have been applying its principles to all my phone interactions. Thanks to its content, I just had a girl offer to get me a ticket to a show via text. I had only chatted with her in person for five minutes so virtually all my game has been over the phone. Perhaps I'll write a detailed review soon, but I can say so far it's helped my phone game out a lot.

  8. This book is fucking AMAZING!!!!!! Just reading some chapter and is AMAZING!!!

    I really liked the dynamite theory!!! I have had many of this situations... it was like HAHA... moments....

    The most amazing thing is how well explained it is... and how well it translates real life events and explain it...

    I must say that even though i can relate to what is writen... i could never explain that way....

    Gonna learn alot with this....

    Just one word.... wait for it....... AMAZING!!!

    I am Saving up for inner game and social circle.... now i cant really wait for them!!!!

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    I've read some of the texting guide from other PUG and this one is the most comprehensive and gives you a clear road map since. Must buy if you sucks at phone game.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game By Braddock Co-Written and Edited by Mr M

    There have been lots and lots of discussions and threads here about what to text or call a girl and when. There have
    been threads about flaking and anything else related to getting girls out on dates.

    The problem has always been that all the information on it has been limited. Sure there have been some great posts on it but no
    one has really delved deeplyinto what is going on and why.

    This book does it over 166 pages and 3 bonus chapters. It is alot of material. This book has helped me lots - just from the second
    chapter on how to avoid flaking has made a huge difference to how solid my numbers have been.

    Call-back Humour

    Tips such as saving your name in the girls phone and using call-back humour are obvious but are explained so well that it makes
    total sense. The best new technique is to text the girl while she is next to you and flirt using your phone as well as in person.
    It is a lot of fun to do...

    Of course the very first chapter is very much on the spot - flaking happens mostly because of not having the best first
    interaction you could. So the first chapter makes sure you do everything right and briefly goes over the Love Systems model
    so make sure you have a great interaction.
    Personally I have realised that most guys who aren't very good don't emotionally stimulate and escalate enough. I have seen
    it with wings plenty of times - open and tell a story and go for a number and its a flake. Sure the girl was having fun but you
    never showed any interest and you never took a chance. That is hightly unattractive and something I have been changing in
    my game and which has tied in nicely with the material in this book. So start off solid. Don't friend zone a girl as soon as you
    open and always be progressing the interaction fowards.

    Then comes the parts about how to actually make sure the number is solid using the aformentioned techniques and there is even
    an exercise to do with call-back humour.

    Call or Text First?

    It then goes on to explain if it is better to call or text first and how to approach it. This again is important information that lots of
    guys get wrong. The book explains that humour is always great by text and that is a powerful positive emotion. Lots of guys send
    messages that are way too serious as a problem.

    Dynamite Theory

    Then the book talks about "Dynamite Theory" - this is how some girls are super into
    you and others aren't and some barely ever reply. It discusses techniques that help you "burn her fuse down" so that you can get
    a girl who wasn't that into you intially wanting to meet you and have a date.
    This section is probably the most important for guys of an intermediate level who can get numbers but can't convert them to dates
    (although I can't stress enough that the initial interaction probably didn't go that well if that is the case!).

    The book says when is best to text and/or call and talks about every situation you can imagine.
    The number of text message examples by the instructors is enormous and it gives you lots of ideas of how the various fuses should
    react and of how humour is best used. Those are invaluable plus there are plenty of awesome fun messages that you will want to
    use yourself.


    Chapter 8 talks about "sexualisation" - this is another problem guys have - they don't go sexual enough and escalate the messages.
    They treat the girls like friends and wonder why they don't want to meet up! It explains the four levels of sexual baiting and examples
    so you can see how you can get a girl begging to have you do bad things to her by text. This for me was never a problem but again
    it's an area that lots of guys never use and the example conversations are invaluable.

    Finally the book discusses a few meetup strategies. I have only briefly covered a few of the areas of the book lightly. The truth is
    there is so much in this book that I need to read it a few more times to totally absorb it all.

    Don't be confused this book won't help you convert girls that gave your their numbers out of being nice as that is bad game
    but it WILL help you convert those girls that you really ramped it up on (exception being day game quick closes) into dates.

    It has dramatically improved my night game results and I really can't thank Mr M and Braddock enough for writing it and
    putting it out there.

    Awesome Book! Thanks.

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