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    When will the E-book be released for sale? would we be able to purchase it from the Love Systems website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellipse View Post
    When will the E-book be released for sale? would we be able to purchase it from the Love Systems website?
    Thursday, January 21 at 8:59am PST.

    The first thousand guys also get THREE bonus ebooks (revitalizing old numbers, preventing flakes, and situations and scenarios) and two bonus audios - the big conference call Q&A and the interview series on Phone Game I did with Sinn.

    Make sure you're getting and checking the LSI because that's where all of the details are being sent to.

    You can also sign up for VIP pre-release access at:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_W View Post
    I was fortunate enough to receive a special advance copy of Braddock and MrM's Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game. Not since reading The Game for the first time, have I actually read a full book in less than 24 hours. No book I have ever read is 100% perfect, but this is pretty damn close to it.

    The ebook is 164 pages of solid information about how to master phone and text game. The whole theme ties back to the emotional progression model found in Magic Bullets, but takes a leap forward in several areas. It begins with a chapter on mindsets and goals, with Braddock explaining his story about how he went from hating phone game to loving it.

    The first time I met the guy, he had me in stitches as I listened to him talk to a cheerleader he just met on the phone. I think Braddock's light hearted approach threads the entire book together, making it really difficult to stop reading - this can only be a good thing. This is not to say that the text and phone game book isn't incredibly detailed.

    It is exhaustive in explaining every micro-concept in extreme detail. Real examples from various Lovesystems instructors own phone/text game experiences are continually used to cement each concept.

    One thing that surprised me early on was how much easier you can make the whole text/phone game process. By running solid game and including a few specific routines and techniques while getting number, you can set yourself up to have a much easier time progressing towards a date.

    At the end of the day, phone and text game is a tool to meet a girl you have number closer. I would therefore not recommend this book to a complete newbie. If you are struggling to open, then read Magic Bullets or take a bootcamp first. Aside from this, I would strongly urge everyone else in the community to read this book. I cannot emphasis enough how much time and effort it will save.

    If I had read this 5 years ago in College, I would have cleaned up. Incidentally, this is exactly how I felt after reading The Game for the first time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this explores dating women on a completely new level. I don't feel that phone or text game are covered in enough detail in any other product in the community right now. This fills all those gaps that you sort of knew about but weren't really sure what to do/say.

    One of the core concepts about phone/text game is dynamite theory. This is basically categorizing girls interest based on a number of factors. There are over 40 pages on this, but simply thinking about the categorization yourself clears up so many potential mistakes. I felt that understanding why girls were behaving in different ways towards me, completely changed my mindset.

    By far my favorite chapter was the Sexualization one (around 30 pages) - after all everyone loves getting dirty text messages. This is something I've experimented with a lot before. There is an awesome example of a long text conversation between Daxx and a girl in LA that is MONEY! I honestly can't wait to go out tonight so I can try this stuff over the weekend.

    I think most people who read the book will find it to be the missing piece to a, until now, relatively unexplored area of game. Again, a certain level of knowledge of game makes the techniques much easier to apply. I honestly feel that the text and phone game book is going to fly off the shelves, so to speak. It is unquestionably ground breaking and backed up with a ton of real examples which make it near on impossible to doubt that everything you are being taught works.

    Is the book only available in Ebook form? because i would love to get the hard bound version. their is just something about a book collection on your shelf vs. on a computer.

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    Alright, I have been lucky enough to read the book in preview as well (even if I'm not yet done with it I have read a substantial part of it) and I have decided not to talk about it simply because the others said about everything you will find in there. However as a review, I will tell you how it affected my game in real life situations and how reading it could affect yours.

    Alright I will start with a little background about myself, I used to SUCK not only with women, but with people in general, if you guys watch big bang theory, well the character of Sheldon was inspired from who I was.

    As I got into this stuff I turned way better at socializing and ultimately approaching women but my sticking point was that even though I could create a good momentum in a bar/club/street/mall/college I hardly ever saw again girls I took the number from because there was a big fallacy in the system, there was not concrete directions on what to do once you get the phone number, the old school theory says "try to time bridge and get to meet her again". what Braddock and Mr M did is fill the lack by writing this book.

    Now what I'm gonna do is give you an example of an interaction I had today through txt msging :

    This girl is a girl I met through social circle, I had a fairly long interaction with her but it was more of a group thing and nothing personal between me and her, I tried to time bridge but it didn't really hook, today I txt her :

    Me : I just saw your twin in Paris Today.
    Girl : Really ? I didn't know you were there, how is it ?
    Me : Cool, I'm warming up for Oslo Tomorow, how about you ? Still dreaming about American Sandwiches ? (call back humor and possible under meaning)
    Her : I only dream about French Sandwiches now, I'm in the most boring class ever, please kill me
    Me : Oh Wow, you took HouseKeeping 101 ? We might hang out more in the future.
    Her : Haha, you're so ridiculous, when are we having dinner ?
    Me : I'll see depending on your txt msg flirting skills, so far you are 4th on the overall rankings but if you cook we might work smthing out.

    Then she texts me and we agrees to meet me when I'm back.

    This might look random for comfirmed players but I swear I was a complete newbie at sending flirting txt msg 3 days ago before I opened the book, as you read it you will understand many concepts I used in the previous example. Txt and Phone game by Mr M and Bradock is a MUST READ if you have the same problems I used to face, it is totaly complementary to the already classic Magic Bullets and could also take your online game to the next level if you are into this. To me this book had the same feeling as reading the Venutian Arts Handbook which was the first Pick up book I ever read, this stuff is ground breaking, you just wish you could have more details on actual calls as the book is mostly focused on txt messages.



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    Phone & Text Game hard copy

    Quote Originally Posted by PlayerWithFlavor View Post
    Is the book only available in Ebook form? because i would love to get the hard bound version. their is just something about a book collection on your shelf vs. on a computer.
    Starting Thursday, you will be able to purchase a hard copy of the Phone & Text Game book on our Lulu storefront: Love Systems's Storefront -

    Keep in mind, however, that it will not include the eBook or the extra goodies provided when you purchase the book from our main site.
    Love Systems President, Program Leader

    1 - Read the Magic Bullets Handbook - it's the bible of the Love Systems community, answers 90% of the questions here, and saves you years of time re-inventing the wheel.
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    First of all, the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text game is not a product for those new to the "game." The concepts detailed and talked about in the book suggest that you have had some basic experience with playing the field and that you've read some books or been to a seminar. A good companion to this book, I'd even say it's a necessary prerequisite is LS's Magic Bullets.

    With that aside, let me just say that as a guide this book is amazing. I feel as if some of the content and ideas in this book have been done before, but not nearly to the extent and wealth of information that this book provides. It provides an introduction to phone game and why it's necessary, dynamite theory and gauging the interest of the girl in you, and most of all strategies and tactics of how to win the girl over.

    Best of all, the book is loaded with examples of conversation following concepts described. It provides the reader with not only a model to follow, but a better understanding of the ideas previously mentioned.

    At first looking through the book, I was skeptical as to why so many pages had to be written out about one topic such as phone game. Previous entries about phone game that I had seen from other products only included a paragraph or two, and at the most a chapter to the skill. But I can see how Braddock and Mr.M have taken what was once a small subject (and cause of many problems) and magnified it to such an extent that they have identified all the pitfalls while providing solutions that has given so many players headaches. Having trouble getting the girl to answer your texts? It's here. Can't get the girl to come out with you? It's here. Want to learn how to turn up the heat so you can get in those jeans? You bet your butt that's here too. In fact, the chapter about sexualization is a fantastic read and just well done overall. You'll find yourself looking back and rereading chapters as this book is divided into sections so that you can look at what stage of the interaction you're at with someone.

    In short, the book is gold. If your the type of romeo that's had success at getting numbers but is finding trouble where to go after that then this book is definitely for you.

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    Haha, I've just read mid-book, and like Mark_W says, that's the kind of book you find hard to close.

    Part of the reasons is that I am in fucking stiches ! Braddock is brilliant at teasing, and having a look at his text archives is like getting a feeling of how he comes up with these gems.

    What's super interesting as well is the structure it gives you, like Magic Bullet would give you with the EPM. Hey, texting and phone calls are specific, in the way that you can't have any physicality involved, which is making it tough to have any sort of emotional progression. So, either you have solid skills, or you don't.

    Anyway, now when my friends are turning to me for advices, I do not give any "I'm certainly not an expert in this area"-disclaimer anymore, before addressing the phone-text issue. Because this book taught me a lot, so far.

    I heartily recommend the book !

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    “Hey what’s up” was the first text message that I sent to Marta just before Christmas. “Nothing” was the response. “That’s cool” was my witty comeback. I had met her the other week at the high school where I was teaching constitutional law. She was a math teacher, 22, a stunning Portuguese girl. Over several days I was able to charm her to the point where she was pining to give me her cell phone number. We made plans to get together at some later point, and I walked out, feeling like the proverbial shit.
    Except that over the course of 2 weeks (I met her right before Christmas break), she no longer had the same intense interest to get together. At the time, I had no idea what had happened: my charming attitude had (I thought) conveyed well over text messaging, and I was keeping her ‘warm’ through long, AIM-like text strings. All I knew was that when I got back, she went cold. I have come to realize that the vitamin P repellant was shitty, terrible text game.

    A bit about where I stood before picking up Braddock & Mr. M’s advanced copy of Phone & Text Game: I had spent months getting really good at in-person game through Project Rockstar. My approach was quite good, and my ability to convert off of dates was even better. In other words, I wasn’t good enough yet at SNL, but I was getting phone numbers easily. But it always felt like it was an enormous struggle to keep the girls interesting between Point A and Point B, the date.

    The overarching theme of this book is encapsulated early on as ‘boiling the frog’: what this means is that for most girls, there has to be a gradational increase in her attraction to you, especially if she’s beautiful. Having good text game requires you to ‘ping’ her (dropping her non-committal text message to remind her of your existence) in order to gauge her ‘Fuse Length,’ discussed later. This was initially counterintuitive for me: I had initially brushed this tactic off long ago as needy and validation-seeking. But what Braddock & Mr. M present here is that the most important use for the cell phone is to get her to see you in as quick a time as possible. Captain obvious, I know, but still something that I had ignorantly been doing incorrectly for years.

    Mr. M & Braddock spend a considerable amount of time discussing “fuse lengths” and how best to tackle them. Fuse lengths, in short, are a woman’s readiness to see you after you first get her phone number. In an encounter where you spend several hours with a girl, developing deep comfort and cultivating attractiveness in her eyes, you will (hopefully) have a short fuse: she responds quickly and reflectively to your texts, and insinuates that she wants to get together. If on the other hand, you get a woman’s phone number in 10 minutes, barely developing enough attraction to keep her attention … you’ve got your work cut out for you. Here, you have a long-fuse: you have to gradually make her more receptive to you through a (sometimes) lengthy time of unanswered texts, phonecalls that don’t get returned, and uninvested replies. Most phone numbers will fall between the two polars, in medium-length. She’s receptive, but you get the feeling that if you stopped texting her she wouldn’t blink an eye.

    It is in this concept, that of fuses, that Phone & Text Game truly reveals its worth. In the past, I would often allow my ego to get the better of me in these situations: who is she to not respond to me? and the old standby, “fuck her”. The message that Braddock & Mr. M preach though, is that Phone & Text game is sometimes a marathon, and sometimes a sprint. If you really want that stunning blond who has 74 different guys vying for her attention, you’d better be prepared to put in the work. This lesson is illustrated in the (sometimes very) lengthy text chains in the eBook, where one of the instructors will have to work for weeks or months to get himself into a position where the girl finally wises up and gets together with him. At first I thought these text/response examples would be tedious; surprisingly, the opposite became true. A particular example: Braddock meets this girl at a club. It turns out, unbeknownst to him, that the girl has a boyfriend at the time. For weeks Braddock tries unsuccessfully to ping this girl, through phone calls and text messaging. A lesser man, present company included, would have long given up by the time she finally responds to him. And then, Boom! She goes from long-fuse to medium-fuse, and then quickly from medium to short. The effort might not seem worth the sacrifice to some, but in the end, it was Braddock that got his for the night, not the other umpteen schmucks who gave up long ago.

    Mr. M and Braddock also do a good job of marrying the Phone & Text Game concepts to the overall structure outlined in Magic Bullets. Female psychology is discussed, as is the concept of Tempo (who is controlling the emotional pace of the conversation?), baiting, and role-playing. While I think this book is far more helpful within the context of the other Love Systems material, this book can probably be helpful to an absolute novice without benefit of the other works.

    Ultimately, I believe that Braddock & Mr. M’s Phone & Text Game is a necessary addition to a PUA’s library. While it’s possible that getting good with women, cleaning up your inner game and cultivating social circle mastery will clean up your text game on their own, more often than not, bad habits die hard. I’ll be the first to admit that, despite learning from the greatest instructors on the planet for many hours a day for two months, my text game was shit. It falls into the category of ‘unconscious incompetence’: if you’ve ever had a girl flake between getting the phone number and getting the date, you’ve likely erred somewhere in the Phone/Text aspect and not realized your error.

    Fast forward nine months. Marta now has a boyfriend. The usual possessively insecure schmuck. Unlike before, I have a much better command of this area. Using lines that I yanked straight out of the eBook (and there are many), I upgraded Marta from a long-fuse to a medium-fuse. I also told her of how the other Rockstars and I are moving to Vegas this spring. I’m funny, I’m irrelevant. Most importantly, I’m not emotionally weak about the outcome. Before my eyes, I see the transformation, her increased interest. And finally, five days ago, I get the text I’d been waiting for:

    Josh: “Traffic in Vegas sucks, I’m getting a helicopter.”

    Marta: “I completely endorse this idea. That way when I come visit you this summer u can chauffeur me around in it.”

    Josh: “Only one penis per helicopter ride. I have a weight distribution limit I have to worry about. Otherwise, you’re riding hanging upside down on the landing gear”

    Marta: “Oh I don’t think that’ll be a problem by then


    Bottom Line: Get this book. It closes perhaps the final hole in your arsenal.

  9. Going from how I USED to text women to how I NOW text women since reading The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game would be similar to owning a black and white TV Set and then being given a full on widescreen 1080P HD TV.

    It was not only eye opening but extremely well written, page after page the information shared in this book bought many a smile to my face.

    I could imagine myself instantly trying out the techniques contained within this awesome E-Book.

    But no matter how much I imagined and thought of the results nothing could have prepared me for just how life changing these teachings really are.

    Within just a day of finishing the book I found my phone and text game had significantly increased...Here are some of the results I wouldn’t have been able to have without this E-Books.

    -I managed to turn a former “failed” target ( of whom had deleted my number) into a date within two days of texting. (going from the awesome banter techniques I learnt from the book.)

    -Texted back and forth with a girl I met (the night before) until she phoned me wanting phone sex. (The sexualisation chapter in this book built me up to that.)

    -Text a girl back and forth (while still out in the night club) and turned our brief initial meeting into a make out.

    Also right now as I type this I have received a text from a girl who is out with her friends saying “Man my friends are soooo drunk, what you up to?” my next step will be getting her to come round to mine after she is done with her friends

    All in all I have to say this is yet ANOTHER great Love Systems product and just adds to the reason why Love Systems are at the forefront of dating science.


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    Braddock's Phone and Text Game Book Isn't Good.


    I'm sure you saw that coming.

    There are tons of articles out there on phone and text game. Almost every lair and board out there has its resident text and phone game guru or a section online specifically for getting girls to meet up with you, get sexual with you on the phone or through text, or just not flake on you. Problem is everyone has a different idea of what works and sometimes it results in a convoluted theory that is more work to study than the results it delivers.

    Those days are dying fast. Sure they'll will be many hold outs who will think this book released by Love Systems has nothing really to offer and is all marketing B.S. And it's a shame because this is it, this book it the bible of phone and text game, the New Testament, the Revelation! Sounds like a lot of hyperbole I know but it's true. Really.

    I've taken 3 programs with Braddock – Comprehensive Boot Camp, Inner Game Seminar and Social Circle Mastery and the one thing about all of them is he is a dating coach, not a PUA, but a dating coach and a damn good one who is really out there trying to make this stuff a lot simpler and get real results. Why? Because he's not about idol worship. He wants his students to become normal, cool, guys. Instead of trying to teach guys a 9 step procedure with 80 routines and 34 lines for every possible contingency – which as we've learned over the years – some of us the long hard way, can't be done in a HEALTHY manner – he's out there teaching guys to grasp the underlying principles of what it is to be a man who naturally – no let's not use naturally, that word is way too loaded in the community anymore – let's say instinctively, a man who instinctively has women in his life or has the one woman he wants in his life. A man who can then go on living his life, instead of constantly running around asking other guys on internet boards why so and so girl didn't call him back or laugh at his joke or fall for the 35 DHV spikes he had in the awesome Himalayan ski adventure where he discovered a frozen woolly mammoth and wrestled the abominable snowman.

    A phone and text game book written by Braddock with a little help from his friend Mr. M that delivers with nothing less than the clarity and precision I've come to expect from Braddock when we're talking about game – and more importantly making game an unnoticeable part of your life, not something you continue to spend year after year thinking about.

    That's what you get in this book.

    One of the first things I noticed about the book, and applauded, is that it sets a realistic expectation for what phone and text game delivers. Flakes. You will get them. Even with the knowledge in this book – except you'll get less than you've ever got, provided your live game is on point. This book doesn't promise you'll turn every number into a meet-up or booty call. Makes sense as Braddock never teaches things or makes promises that are unrealistic.

    This book is the most comprehensive of its kind out there. May even be the only one of its kind. It covers everything from the mindsets and basic concepts to have, to strategies to use, and how to apply said strategies and concepts.

    You'll learn 3 common mistakes to avoid when initiating that first text. How to make the decision whether to call or text first. How to build attraction, including the very interesting idea of tempo in aid of doing that among other concepts. How to sexualize by using false barriers, implementing the powerful idea of sexual hoops, as well as booty call texting as a specific application.

    Of course there is plenty about how to get the Meet Up. Which after all is the GOAL of phone and text game and what this whole book was written to do. I've known a lot of “PUA's” who have great, witty, phone game but never get the girl to meet up with them.
    Remember the proof is always in the pussy - er pudding.

    The elegant innovation of this book, however, in my opinion is Braddock's Dynamite Theory. This alone is worth the price of the book, and to me, the underlying principle that is the secret to learning how to calibrate in phone and text game so you'll always know how to respond to a particular woman. The truth of phone and text game (and live game itself) is that there isn't a one size fits all approach. This was a problem I had for awhile. I'd have a couple good stock text lines programmed into my phone and some women loved them others went dead air – Dynamite Theory explains why and offers the solution. Calibration is key, everything else is a suggestion.

    Dynamite Theory will also show you the secret of life and make you ripped so you never have to go to the gym!


    Again Braddock has blown open the possibilities of game and made it EASIER. Gaming shouldn't be hard and convoluted with a million different tactics. You shouldn't have to save 20 text lines in your phone and then always guess which one might work. With Dynamite Theory you will know what each particular women responds to because you're calibrating that response to her interest level and with the rest of the book you will be able to tailor your phone and text game to your unique personality.

    Like he did with his Trigger Words that make “natural” game easy to learn and instinctive ( he only teaches those on his boot camp though, sorry) Braddock has, paraphrasing Einstein, “made things as simple as possible, but not simpler”. In this case – phone and text game.


    And your phone and text game is DONE!


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