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    Taipei wings

    I am in Taipei now and looking for good wings. Have been out from the game for about 2 years due to a LTR, but want to get back in and improve my game.

    PM me if anyone is interested. I am 25 years old and European.

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    I'll be in Taipei early next month.

    The trip dates aren't finalised yet, probaly last week in Jan through most of Feb and I have Taipei for a week, Hong Kong twice, Tokyo, Kyoto and I think they are trying to squeeze me in to Seoul while I am out there.

    I'm up for a couple of nights out when I'm there if you can deal with an old wrinkly - actually I'm far from it...

  3. Are you guys still here?

  4. I will be in Taipei for 5 months, if anyone is interested please contact me I'm 21 European, I'm stuck in HB8 girls, here are hundreds of beautiful girls especially in metro so PUAs got a lot work to do here I cooperate with my friend here, we are both students.

  5. if you come out to taipei, hit me up, i hit the clubs couple times a month. when friends visit, i go on a weekly basis. my

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    I just got here myself from the U.S., looking to go clubbing 1-2 times a week - PM me if interested...

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    Are you still in Taipei?, i am also returning to the game after some years of LTR, I am fluent in english and spanish and manage after 1 year of clases my mandarin.
    I like to do clubs, bars and even bookstores...
    I have heard that wednesday nights in deep pasion gets very good with locals, are you interested?
    PM if interested, or if you have other plans.

  8. Wednesday night is ladies night

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    In taipei now.. been in the game for a while looking for a wing to night game with.. luxy, room 18, spark, etc

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    I'm heading to Taipei Feb7 until march 5. Looking for local PUAs who know the scene well.
    I do a lot of indirect game, but, with taiwan game, I have the capability of going direct speaking the little mandarin I know. I can even sing a few songs pretty well in mandarin.

    Yeah. I'm very stoked for this trip. I'm currently looking for a place to stay.
    I am a 27 year old canadian who has some knowledge about game.

    Yeah man. I heard taiwan girls look at caucasians as if we are diamonds. Is this true?

    Anyway. I'm very social and easy to get along with.

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