Psychic seduction
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  1. Psychic seduction

    I stumbled across this ebook, "Psychic Seduction 4" Can't find the name of the author, but basically what the book talks about is getting into a meditative theta state and focusing on the person you want to seduce. This will somehow make them become attracted to you...I don't know if anyone in here has ever tried it?

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    Sorry to be the one to drop the one-liner:

    That sounds like a triple distilled bottle of pure bullshit.
    Are you sure this isn't some mumbo-jumbo that includes the cosmos, magnetism and numerology? Sounds like it, tbh...

  3. Hello TheLoveBoat and Loma,

    that kind of technique does exist, and is quite effective if applied consistently.

    TheLoveBoat, the author of PS4 is Joseph Plazo.

    Here you can find a free article that covers that topic:


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